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CoH2 Summer 2021 Balance Patch - BETA

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The CoH2 Summer 2021 Balance Patch is currently available for testing as a Beta. Full patch notes at the link above.


To access the Beta:
- In Steam right-click Company of Heroes 2 
- Click Properties 
- Navigate to Betas 
- Select "Community3” 
- Wait for your game to patch to the test build 

We will update this Beta branch with any new changes if need be during the testing period. As always, community testing and feedback is essential to help ensure this update is as good as it can possibly be. Please take the time to test these changes and provide your thoughts on the official forums, or right here in this thread.
12 Aug 2021, 21:32 PM
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No thanks, we provided feedback last preview mod and were completely ignored. Everyone was asking for Osttruppen nerfs for 3 weeks and after every preview mod there was nothing until the last second “nerf” when it was too late to make further changes and that nerf was a slap on the wrist for Osttruppen and a slap to the face for all of us.

I’m not gonna waste 10hrs of my life again testing these shitty changes at 1am games my time (cuz that’s when miragefla streams) in preview 2v2/1v1 games like I did 2 patches ago or giving Jibber 20+ preview mod 1v1s last patch so he can tell us months later that noone tested the mod. We deserve more respect than that.
12 Aug 2021, 21:40 PM
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Sturmtiger become OP, lets buff AVRE using the same mechanic which made ST OP :bananadance:

I can just feel old Relic balance team vibes. CoH2 indeed corrupt souls.
12 Aug 2021, 21:42 PM
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Oh, crap. Here we go again....
12 Aug 2021, 21:57 PM
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Saw they increased pop of German MG B-)
Then I saw they increased pop of Dshka >:(

The improved rec acc for sturms might actually make a 2nd one attractive early game to try and take advantage of Vet2 early.
Sandbags sounds like a good change, I stopped trying since shit would always miss.
12 Aug 2021, 21:58 PM
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Finally sniper nerf, took it long enough
12 Aug 2021, 22:10 PM
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Saw they increased pop of German MG B-)
Then I saw they increased pop of Dshka >:(

The improved rec acc for sturms might actually make a 2nd one attractive early game to try and take advantage of Vet2 early.
Sandbags sounds like a good change, I stopped trying since shit would always miss.

I think only .50 did not get the nerf, or maybe John forgot to add it.
12 Aug 2021, 22:10 PM
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Need to look at the fast fire bug on the Sturmtiger, where the animation begins while the Sturm is accelerating forward, leading to instant shots (you drive up, and instantly shoot the nuke). Forcing it to be stationary to start firing would be good.
Great change on the Major, no more backteching just to get some extra sight.

Not gonna test the changes as on the paper they all seem fine. Besides, there are no core changes or some big tweaks, mostly fine-print.

B4 nerf is good
Brits buffs are good, nothing game changing and yet allowing more builds with the officer
12 Aug 2021, 22:58 PM
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40mm Bofors AA Emplacement

Population from 8 to 6

12 Aug 2021, 23:38 PM
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1. OST relies too much on HMG42. Why nerfing it?
2. Triple nerf on ST is a bit too much.
3. Sniper nerf is OK.
4. Brits are receiving a lot of big buffs. I dont know!!! Maybe it is too much.
5. USF Major sight buff is unnecesary. Major has recon plane!
12 Aug 2021, 23:41 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post12 Aug 2021, 22:58 PMXARDAS
40mm Bofors AA Emplacement

Population from 8 to 6


Probably to make it easier to backtech for AA in the lategame
12 Aug 2021, 23:54 PM
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Few bits about Sturmtiger:

patchnote about price decrese:

So because it was inconsistent balance team made it cheaper
Because it had decrew mechanic it had ridiculous veterancy bonuses and shorter then AVRE (I assume) reload time.
Because nobody picked it, balance team allowed it to be build with KT.

All those downsides were removed, but non of the upsides were reconsidered, that were introduced to balance up the downsides.

I think balance team needs too look at the AVRE and Sturmtiger more closely, because those are the least fun units to play against, without an obvious weaknesses.

AVRE needs a nerf and ST needs a further nerf. Screw those units.
13 Aug 2021, 01:14 AM
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Every change for brits aside from the machine gun change is buffs. Brits are bad in 1s but they can hold their own in teamgames and lean on teammates. Some of the changes are ridiculous. Bolster buff, bofors buff, firefly buff, churchill buff, AVRE. If the goal is to make brits push the entire playerbase to coh3 and out of coh2 then this is a good start. Furthermore why are we giving pyro sections better camo detection? That's something OST needs against commandos instead of throwing bodies at where you think the commandos are and praying your 42 is setup in the right direction.


Still no changes to 90% DPS on the move pfusis which are the backbone of OKW meta, its only been overshadowed by ST since last patch. No changes to OKW elites either which all destroy sections with minimal micro input, particularly JLI. Please nerf the assualt arty from breakthrough in terms of CD. It had like a 30 second CD after the barrage has been completed. It's able to be used far too quickly back-to-back.
13 Aug 2021, 01:51 AM
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I guess it’s time to main the Brits. What the hell are these buffs? Just nerf the sturmtiger so people can quit about it. No need to buff the entire British faction.
13 Aug 2021, 02:10 AM
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I may be late to the party but I've been playing USF with the airborne commander and I'm a bit confused why the MG and AT gun are split up while Ostheer's Osttruppen commander have both the MG34 and PaK 40 together taking up only a single slot.

It might be apples to oranges but it seems like a bit of an oversight. I'm also frustrated that they cost munitions but that's a bit of a different discussion.
13 Aug 2021, 03:40 AM
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A change I would like to see considered is increased accuracy on the move for Stug III G, SU-76M and Jagdpanzer IV

Those specific casamate tank destroyers are meant to be a counter to medium tanks, but are prone to be flanked and lack mobility (as of the ability to move in any place and hit stop command knowing you'll be able to target the enemy with a turret at full accuracy). Not having a turret means usually having to fire shots on the move. Having a 0.75 moving accuracy multiplier would make them more usable in 1vs1
13 Aug 2021, 04:01 AM
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The Sturmtiger is bugged by the way, it has the wind up delay start on the move. Maybe test the unit without it before TRiPLE nerfing it back into uselessness.

The CP requirements changes is good, but I doubt that at 35 range it would be able to do anything. When it works normally it needs to arrive, turn in the right direction and set up the shot, 35 range is the basic infantry sight range
The veterancy range bonus should go, and it should be immobile when reloading, but this is killing it entirely
13 Aug 2021, 04:17 AM
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oh HELL YES. These are all the changes I wanted! ITS SO PRETTY!

All the UKF buffs are NOT focused on Sections, artillery works again, the AO is a utility machine, the Ro.Es are now more flexible. ITS SO NICE.

some pop reductions on all the armor. FINALLY.

I would suggest something for the M3 in Rifle Company, cause it seems to be in a weird spot.
13 Aug 2021, 04:23 AM
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40mm Bofors AA Emplacement

Population from 8 to 6


40mm is the affordable AA for UKF these days. at 8 pop it was a stiff cost.
13 Aug 2021, 04:25 AM
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Nice to see balance patch notes ☺️

I don't think Brit uec needs buff Vs sniper - they've got their own sniper already. Plus the Vickers upgrade melts snipers as it is.
I think only the kubel really deserves a bonus of this sort but I can see why all ulv got the buff
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