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COH2 winter balance mod - discussion

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24 Jan 2020, 01:03 AM
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Remove IR HT completely. Replace with either 250, 251 or 222.
24 Jan 2020, 01:04 AM
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this patch is meanless to UKF

Tommy dont need moving accuracy buff and still UKF late armors are trash

Mod team guys dont know what UKF have problem

I'm very disappointed and this patch won't change the current state of the UKF
24 Jan 2020, 01:28 AM
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Remove IR HT completely. Replace with either 250, 251 or 222.

Might as well, kinda. Then, IR Halftrack could be buffed and made a replacement for OKW Spec Ops Flares. It could use the same flares from Ost's Mobile Observation Posts.

ALSO: Why not have on-map firing for the new smoke barrage? It looks more consistent and allows for a more unique (slow but big) smoke ability. Most of the stuff is in the game files already, or could be copied from my mod.

I would also recommend changing the Pyrotechnics Supplies unit symbol to the one with binoculars, fitting their artillery spotting and increased sight. The current one with Lieutenant diamonds doesn't make as much sense.
24 Jan 2020, 01:32 AM
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Remove IR HT completely. Replace with either 250, 251 or 222.

Replace with supply trucks. Okw can't build caches
24 Jan 2020, 01:43 AM
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Im not liking this preview.

I see why ukf is not used in last tourney, but was it purely UP faction or just there are better more suitable factions in high stakes 1v1 ?

Is ukf that worse than wehr, in pure performance?

I thought modteam wont take small samples to guide the changes?

IS vs grens is looking worse now. Did mod team forget wehr existence? Its performance is worst in that tourny.
Even against volks, pure buff...

Ukf - pure pure buffs
Almost as if ukf is bad performance?
Now even flame arty deal less damages?
Yet okw trucks get whacked at distance?

Okw also gets nerfs here.

Usf somehow get nades buff?
Sov guards need buff while pfusilers lost snares..

Its like axis won the last tourny comfortably...and need balancing

24 Jan 2020, 01:43 AM
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Btw u must be really delusional if u think a worse kubel will ever see play

Lol says the guy who just compared himself to tournament level player...

I literally JUST said they can increase the vision, I don't know your this incapable of reading while still posting here
24 Jan 2020, 02:06 AM
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IF you guys wants to compare: the beam on live version goes up to roughtly 120 range. Don't know why they just didn't keep it the same without the X ray.
24 Jan 2020, 02:30 AM
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jump backJump back to quoted post23 Jan 2020, 19:00 PMFarlion

And now we'll have non-lmg Tommy death blobs that fire on the move. I like a lot of what the balance team has done over the last years, but this is a catastrophe.

In recent months there were numerous threads on what to do with the Brits, and those had some great ideas. But the general consensus was to do anything that does not involve buffing Tommies or the UC. This patch does both.

Why did people not want section buffs? Because we know how this story ends. The last time the balance team tried to rework sections it resulted in the Tommy death blob that was nerfed last year. And at least in that rework, when they made sections better out of cover but slightly worse in cover, they took something away from them. This patch literally only buffs sections to such a degree that it can only have one outcome.

The WASP has literally been absent from all high level play since the nerfs. So what do you suggest if not an armour buff?

The unit already needs to get practically into faust range to burn anything (Vickers can sit way back in comparison). So a bit extra armour is valid.

God some of you people just want to keep a faction people paid for down in the nerfpit to the point top britplayers avoided the faction because of how trash they were last tournament.
24 Jan 2020, 02:37 AM
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The problem with wasp is the upgrade is a bit too late. Make it cheaper and it works.

The performance is fine and dont need buff.

It also have great vets.

Some top players do use it in 2v2 i seen
24 Jan 2020, 02:45 AM
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IRHT bundle with IRstg,give a light tank or HT in OKW T2
24 Jan 2020, 03:35 AM
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I'd like to see sturmtiger to be reinstated its terrain piercing ability instead of grenade buffs. The problem with the sturmtiger it is horribly inconsistent when the terrain is marred by craters as others have stated.
24 Jan 2020, 04:00 AM
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Moderator messaage: This thread will be watched closer than normal by the mod team for anything deemed unconstructive to the discussing of the new balance mod. If you don't want your posts invised, keep it on topic and take your back and fourths to PMs. Thank you :)
24 Jan 2020, 04:06 AM
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Agree on complaints regarding OKW needing all tech trucks for tiger. Seems unnecessarily harsh when most other armies will naturally get all tiers.

Maybe add a global “heavy tank upgrade” that needs to be bought if there needs to be an artificial delay in heavy timings.

Also, the KT really needs some love. It is almost never seen anymore.
24 Jan 2020, 04:25 AM
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Why u make it soooo complicated? Why not to incrase a fuel cost for all HT and heavy TDs in the game if u want to have a bigger gap between early and late game ... Maybe after this change it will be able to see something else than t70 or one PzIV (not even that in team games) before big guys arrival ... fact is that standart OKW gameplay is early game / early game / some support units / early game / TIGER = end game / end
24 Jan 2020, 04:29 AM
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Why would we give a faction an FRP and an HT stock? Do you want them to never have to go back to the base sector after they leave it???

USF has it in the fotm of mayor+ambo. You only miss the lackluster MG from the HT, but thats not the main use of the unit though.

I dont see you complaining of USF at all...

I am pleased there is a patch after all. The game must evolve. But some changes let me down more that i expected. Hopefully playtest will show me i was wrong.

I agree ST shoud not limit KT
24 Jan 2020, 04:58 AM
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USF has it in the fotm of mayor+ambo. You only miss the lackluster MG from the HT, but thats not the main use of the unit though.

Make the IRHT 160hp and its a deal tbh.

Besides the map hack and unfixable permaspot bug the other big issue with this unit was the full HT HP and armor.
24 Jan 2020, 05:16 AM
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You only miss the lackluster MG from the HT, but thats not the main use of the unit though.

That is not true, HTs also have more health and don't have to be standing still in their own territory to reinforce

24 Jan 2020, 05:30 AM
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Also can we all agree allies have easier time to counter these heavies?

Besides okw now expensive call in.

I suggest axis cooldown timer be 20s earlier, if we don't touch the td counters
24 Jan 2020, 05:41 AM
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can i ask why brits get a 0cp 280 mp squad with 82.5 dps 66.3 dps???? while ost only get one with 51 dps????? what kind of retarded imbalance is this??? even cav rifles have less dps and still require 1 command pointsCav rifles have same dps and still require 1 cp. Like why do they get to have 0 cp 280mp units that are stronger than panzer grens.

New ass tommies vs Pgrens:
EHP: 400 v 400
dps: 66.3 v 62
vet: +40% acc -36% ra -25% cd v +40% acc -29% ra -25% cd

What the fucking hell.
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