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2 Jul 2020, 09:06 AM
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When my UC gets blown up, the announcer 90% of the time says: "An emplacement has been destroyed"
2 Jul 2020, 21:06 PM
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Minor bug but while we're at it: The OKW Announcer sometimes calls the Sturmtiger a StuG III (also confirming the stug as a cut okw unit).
28 Oct 2020, 00:27 AM
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Reconnaissance Pass in CAS has a miniscule sight cone, which makes it pretty much unusable.

Didn't used to be like this.
30 Oct 2020, 03:02 AM
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Having to order units to leave buildings twice

Having to order sturm pios twice to put down meds

11 Nov 2020, 03:38 AM
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My 3 men SVT con merge into a 3 men maxim.
Then, the maxim got the SVT weapon and can no longer be set up.
13 Dec 2020, 09:07 AM
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When you minimise coh2 (while it searches for a game) sometimes when you open it (after it has found a game and loaded) the menu music will play throughout the game on top of the regular in game music.
26 Dec 2020, 01:28 AM
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fallschirmjäger's FG42 sometimes just disappear. even if you upgrade additional FG42, they just disappear when you reinforce squad member.


this is a proof. it's a korean coh2 fan community so you guys can't read what they saying, but there is a screenshot about this bug.
20 Jul 2021, 12:54 PM
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Radio intercept does not notify if 250/1 is built. Not sure if that is intended. Built around 4 mins I think.
21 Jul 2021, 19:46 PM
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Can someone please check to see if my katy death was a bug or cheating. There is nothing any where close by to suggest a shot killed it.

Skip to minute 38.

5 Aug 2021, 07:45 AM
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Partisans that pick up a grw34 mortar (wehr mortar) carry an invisible weapon while moving, and the mortar only appears when it is deployed.
5 Aug 2021, 08:23 AM
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jump backJump back to quoted post2 Jul 2020, 09:06 AMBaba
When my UC gets blown up, the announcer 90% of the time says: "An emplacement has been destroyed"

Is this upgraded or unupgraded?
5 Aug 2021, 10:04 AM
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UKF assault infantry sections have their upgrade binded with the same keybind as one of their nades, so you must upgrade them manually
6 Aug 2021, 16:00 PM
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Yesterday, my PaK40 was "alive" with 1 model. Once I clicked it and issued and order (not sure if it was the selecting or the order), the game recognized and the remaining model ran of the battlefield. However, it stayed alive with 1 model left for quite some time.
15 Aug 2021, 22:07 PM
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As Wehrmacht, Rear Echelon used suppression fire on my 251 flamehalf track and the halftrack said 'incoming artillery!'

Also as Wehrmacht, I repaired and recrewed an M5 Halftrack with pioneers and when I clicked on the halftrack it said 'heavy panzer here'
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