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Strange Katy death

by rumartinez89 21st July 2021, 19:44 PM
Unknown (2)
  • [00:25:24] rumartinez89: wow
  • [00:25:47] rumartinez89: game bugged at wont let me retreat
  • [00:26:00] gorany: e
  • [00:28:09] rumartinez89: gg
  • [00:28:11] gorany: gg
  • [00:28:20] rumartinez89: wont let me retreat airborne
  • [00:28:28] gorany: oh
  • [00:36:40] rumartinez89: it oculd give me 1 wipe
  • [00:38:23] rumartinez89: what was that
  • [00:38:44] rumartinez89: did u kill my katy
  • [00:38:55] gorany: sorry
  • [00:38:59] gorany: 나 영어몬함
  • [00:39:03] rumartinez89: how?
  • [00:40:57] rumartinez89: seriously how did u do it
  • [00:41:05] gorany: ...?
  • [00:41:11] rumartinez89: kill my katy
  • [00:41:23] gorany: what katy mean?
  • [00:41:28] rumartinez89: katusha
  • [00:41:33] gorany: oh
  • [00:41:40] gorany: maybe
  • [00:41:44] gorany: tiger?
  • [00:41:51] rumartinez89: no it just died
  • [00:41:54] rumartinez89: out of nowhere
  • [00:41:57] gorany: hmm...
  • [00:46:44] rumartinez89: lol
  • [00:47:30] rumartinez89: really weird
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21 Jul 2021, 19:44 PM
avatar of rumartinez89

Posts: 194

My katy self destructs at around 38 minutes, can someone please check it to see what it was cant tell if it is a bug/unseen shot/cheating.

I dont want to accuse the guy of cheating but it was the second weird match of the day with him.
22 Jul 2021, 07:31 AM
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Tha PAK right in front of his base sniped your Katy. Don't know if lucky overshot (which is unlikely because there were no tanks for the PAK to shoot at) or some kind of bug/cheat that gave him full vision + extended range (which also quite unlikely)
Most likely in my opinion (would have to rewatch though): The PAK shot at the engies in the middle VP, missed and hit the Katy instead...
So in the end I would say it was bad luck for you
22 Jul 2021, 11:43 AM
avatar of rumartinez89

Posts: 194

Interesting, I just rewatched it and looked only at his pak which was facing me. It never fired a shot or did a shooting animation and the pak was set to vehicles only. It literally stopped my chance at a comeback.
Truthfully, the only reason I even bothered was that we had a match earlier in the day where I would hit his vehicles and they would suddenly disappear into the fog of war. It felt really off that I had 3 su 76 but only one shot would go off before the vehicle disappeared.
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