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What do you find Un-fun about coh2?

20 Jun 2019, 14:53 PM
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Would be very good.
20 Jun 2019, 14:58 PM
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What Jesulin mentioned (just I would replace "vehicle pathing on VPs" with "vehicle pathing absolutely everywhere"



The one thing that makes me wanna return to CoH1 sometimes, are the great Duclair, the masterpiece that Lorraine was, the unique and different from others (by playstyle) Mcgehen War, The Point du Hoc which always greatly tested my assesment of capping priorities, and the King of the Hill (i.e. central building) styled Wolfheze

Ironically enough, the only one from the 2vs2 playlist that they brought back was Rails and Metal, which I usually vetoed due to excesive arty omnipotence

From CoH2, the only ones that I really like are Faymonville and Stadschutt, though I dont play much 3v3 and 4vs4 to judge those

1vs1 and 2vs2 are full of unbalanced abominations whose creators need to take lessons in basic geometry, others are OK but lack the unique character that the CoH1 2vs2 ones had, and what also irritates me is that in 95% of them, you never have to adapt your playstyle to the map.
20 Jun 2019, 16:23 PM
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If there only was something as currency drops, making you pick whatever you want with time if you don't want to buy it.

He did say he has enough to buy 2-3 commanders... he’s just complaining about how little you get
20 Jun 2019, 16:27 PM
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But these are my cnc, sc2 roots speaking :P

My perspective from someone watching SC2 occasionally: i think the macro games are way more prominent now, which means longer games.

Ontopic: number of players which means localised servers not been a thing. Imagine having close to no delay in your inputs. If we had a bigger playerbase, more people would be playing on equal terms.
20 Jun 2019, 19:20 PM
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What I find "Un-Fun" about COH2 is the fact that I have to wait the whole work day to play the game!
21 Jun 2019, 16:08 PM
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My biggest gripe is the amount of stuff that gets left behind by the meta. There are all these weird remnants of old systems and design decisions that aren't brought up-to-date. The commander revamps have been good, but the game still feels disjointed. Even the art styles are inconsistent.

Also modding. The skins are terrible in this game, and I loved making CoH1 look exactly the way I wanted.
23 Jun 2019, 04:28 AM
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Even the art styles are inconsistent.

That would be because the expansion factions were outsourced to different developers. Most of the U.S forces and all of the brits were outsourced. A good amount of the west-german stuff (mainly the weapons/vehicles) was re-used from cut assets.
23 Jun 2019, 08:00 AM
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What really gets me is the bugs. You are playing a close game and suddenly your Zis gun or your mortar halftrack gets bugged, putting you at significant disadvantage through no fault of your own. Really demoralizing stuff that often just causes me to throw the game.

The second thing that annoys me is the crutch doctrines that allow you to skip tech like Mechanized Assault. Have fun dealing with a Pak-40 wall with StugE into tiger while you are spending 200 fuel and 500 manpower just to be able to build a SU85. Bonus points when the person using the doctrine is someone already better than you who then proceeds to trash talk you.
23 Jun 2019, 12:08 PM
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I used to love comp stomps. Setup a map with me and a bot against four bots or something crazy for ultimate death.

AI ISSUES IN COH2 (Basically team AI is there to make it harder to win. Never to support you and make it fun.):
- OST AI starts with pios who walk to the front turn around and walk all the way back to base, passing new AI units leaving the base. Every game, OST is useless for about 2 minutes.

- AI vehicles that follow your vehicles around and block them every chance they get. "Oh your trying to move 10 meters? Get fooked! Blocking you!" I only play with Cheatmods now so I can delete my teams vehicles when needed.

- AI who stands around an empty team weapon for 3 minutes while your pios walk to the gun, then steal it from you and retreat back to base with it. Th AI ignores all weapons until you click on it to take it, then they take it.

- The AI that runs over taking your supply drops as they are landing.

- Enemy AI waits until your camera view moves off them to throw grenades. This seems like it would make it more micro intensive, but it is just annoying and actually causes you to do much less mircoing.

- Things die too fast to a single squad. It is frustrating to click off a unit and they get wiped immediately. This is game-breaking-annoying when you have lag.

- Sometimes the RNG is just ridiculous. Totally destroys any immersion. A little less RNG would be great.

- I like the current supply drop system. But I dont mind playing a lot of games to learn a commander before moving on to a new commander. Many people want all of the commanders day one. So maybe make the supply/drops a little quicker?
23 Jun 2019, 14:57 PM
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Nothing that can't be fixed by playing smaller game modes or playing with friends but....

Playing 4v4 against an arranged team. I remember when Overwatch was at it's worst and ended up against an all OKW team all using Overwatch.

Basically, I don't mind playing vs AT's but not if they are humourless try-hards cheesing the strongest meta against a team of mixed rank randos.
23 Jun 2019, 15:22 PM
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Blobbing. MGs from all factions should punish blobbers. Only the mg42 does so reliably, and even that can get melted from inside it's cone by lmg blobs.

MGs should be less diverse, more consistent. Looking at you maxim

Infantry in general take a long time to be suppressed by mgs unless it's the MG42 (higher rof and supp) or a true HMG like a .50 cal or DShK (massive supp). Maxims got a bit of help in the last update from their Sustained Fire ability getting +25% supp boost but that forces a reload before it takes effect, which negates any attempt to use it against a sudden blob. It should just take effect instantly and reload during if necessary.

For me, it's facing multiple heavy armor units. ATM that means Tigers and Panthers (a medium I know), but can also mean "superheavy" units like the Jagdtiger which outrange most opposing AT. I know their wunderwaffen are a key part of what makes Axis fun but they're so common and so tough, it's a chore. Which is why I'm not happy about rumors that they're planning to reduce all heavies to 0cp or something in the next balance patch. That would annihilate most medium armor from ever being used again. You'd see TDs on Allies and heavies on Axis and that's it, apart from some niche units like the Ostwind or Centaur. That's not fun.

This'd piss people off but I'd support a call-in limit of 1 heavy and 1 superheavy active per team per match, if they do it. This way you can replace them if lost, but you can't dominate the field with them. Would be amusing to watch people race each other so they get to play with the big tank. It would also ensure they'd become proportionally more valuable in larger team games.

If we're talking AI, it's their love of team weapons and their massive resource boosts meaning it's raining arty if they get the right deck. Former causes the battlefield to become a MG/AT/mortar graveyard, waiting to rise again, and the latter ensures any static position is essentially worthless. No fun! Also, for some reason the AI is really no good with OKW; sometimes they just don't deploy their HQs until very late in the game.
23 Jun 2019, 18:55 PM
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From CoH2, the only ones that I really like are Faymonville and Stadschutt, though I dont play much 3v3 and 4vs4 to judge those

Stadtschutt should only be a 2v2. I was trying to invoke McGechaens War and Duclair with the map as best as I could. (In the like, 8 hours I made it in...) Namely I was trying to create a map with wide margins on the sides for maneuvering that weren't important for resources or VPs, but would allow for large flanks.

Though the way resource points work in CoH2 it is really really hard to create a unique AND balanced map. You can't actually make a strategic cutoff point or triangulate resources without inflating or lopsiding the amount of resources. You're stuck flipping a coin between wasted space and overly congested. Adding more players only exacerbates this fundamental issue with all of CoH2's map making limitations.
23 Jun 2019, 21:27 PM
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What is unfun about COH2?

AI Expert being the Expert, lol!

Mostly team games set to default Hard AI when the player is replaced, it should be set instead to Expert AI since it is somewhat more cooperative!
23 Jun 2019, 21:43 PM
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Most unfun thing in coh 2 is BALANCE especially after the patch it's really bad right now in allies favour.
24 Jun 2019, 09:15 AM
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Most unfun thing in coh 2 is BALANCE especially after the patch it's really bad right now in allies favour.

Pretty sure it's the opposite. Not by much but I think the Axis got the better deal out of this patch.
24 Jun 2019, 09:56 AM
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Did someone mention unbindable hotkeys and the almost completely uncustomizeable UI. :p :D

Also i never liked how they change the CP xp for receiving damage.

And yes, i miss some of the old maps aswell, but idk if they work here.
WolfH and Lorraine were always a clusterf**** ....
24 Jun 2019, 10:00 AM
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Toxic players!
24 Jun 2019, 21:35 PM
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Toxic players!

The best part is to see toxic people say "ez" when they win a game by 2 points lol!
24 Jun 2019, 22:01 PM
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People demanding nerfs when it is clearly not OP.

Nerfing as their only solution rather than seeking improvements!

No wonder it has been shifting the game most of the time!

The only question one should ask themselves, is.

Is it (the unit in question) viable or not?
Simple question, applicable, judging better the units capabilities in game.

Nerfing is definitely not the solution to all the problems! Just adjustments & improvements.
24 Jun 2019, 23:18 PM
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The best part is to see toxic people say "ez" when they win a game by 2 points lol!

That's just basic trolling 101 not toxic XD

Win by 500 VP >>> Ufff, too hard.

Win by less than 50 VP >>> GG, EZPZ.
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