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New Commander Submission - OKW

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10 Jan 2019, 18:07 PM
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Submission guidelines
  • Each player can submit one proposal per faction. Please use the appropriate threads on coh2.org or on relic offical forum. These threads are for submissions only.
  • Discussion of submissions should take place in separate threads so that submissions are easy to reference.
  • Players must only use units, abilities or assets which already exist in the game, and are fully functional. (The Hetzer is not an option as it is missing animations.)
  • Some players have asked about captured equipment. This is a possibility but should be sensible, and thematically / historically appropriate.
  • If you have already submitted an idea elsewhere, please repost to the official threads.

Requirements and Rational

Please detail the following in your submissions;

It would be preferred if you could use this template in your proposals

  • The name and theme of your proposed Commander.
  • The unit and ability roster.
  • Any changes you envisage to preexisting units or abilities.
  • What new strategies/ options does this Commander add to this faction?
  • Any historical basis, or additional context/ rational you wish to provide.
10 Jan 2019, 21:26 PM
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Knight's Cross Holders Doctrine

1 - Knight's Cross Sniper
Deploy a Veteran sniper in the area. This sniper have access to call light artillery barrage.

1 - Sturm Offizier
A Sturm Offizier and Obersoldaten escort can be deployed to the battlefield. The officer improves nearby infantry and has a number of abilities to weaken the enemy.

4 - For The Fatherland!
Infantry in friendly territory will recieve offensive and defensive bonuses for the duration of the ability.

6 - (PASSIVE) Panzer Commander
The Panzer IV, Panther & King Tiger can be upgraded with a Panzer Commander that can survey the battlefield and call in coordinated artillery strikes.

16 - Command King Tiger
Deploy a veteran command King Tiger. Only one is available. This call-in will disable the normal King Tiger.
10 Jan 2019, 21:37 PM
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Faction + Commander Name: OKW Atlantic Wall Doctrine

Theme: A Doctrine focused on the Atlantic Wall and it's defenders, mostly made up of reserve infantry such as the Osttruppen and heavy Panzer divisions.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Osttruppen

Cheap and numerous reserve infantry for manning the line, now for the OKW.

Slot 2: Fortifications and Defenses

Sturmpioneers can build "dragon's teeth" concrete tank traps, concrete MG Bunkers as well as trenches and sandbags. Volksgrenadiers, Obers and Osttruppen can all also build trenches, barbedwire and stack sandbags.

Slot 3: Supply drop

Drops 2 crates with fuel and ammo, as well as a GrW 34 Mortar and a Pak 40.

Slot 4: Sdkfz 251 Halftrack

Accompanying the Panzer divisions were regiments of mechanized infantry, some of which were mounted in these beauties.

Slot 5: Tiger Tank/Tiger Ace

The venerable Tiger, now for the OKW. Alternatively this could be the Tiger Ace which is due for a rework if you ask me, that would also perhaps incorporate the Ost one as well.

Strategies and Rational

I would go as to say that this is a sort of doctrine that combines Fortifications and Elite Armor into something of a hybrid, plugging the holes of the OKW unit roaster with units such as the 251 which can serve as a mobile reinforcement point and the Pak 40 from the supply drop while also adding entirely new and unique units to the Army like the Tiger and Osttruppen which are more like there to give the player a choice rather than anything else.

Additional Context

Under Feldmarschall Rommel's supervision, Germany poured a lot of men and materials in the construction and manning of the Atlantic Wall in order to stop the Western Allies of invading Fortress Europe.
10 Jan 2019, 22:03 PM
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Cladestine operations doctrine

0cp radio silence

0cp captured m4a3 sherman

1cp jaeger light infantry

7-9cp breaktrough/break supply lines (same as in encirclement doctrine, only either one)

12cp close the pocket

Doctrine is styled after german operation greif during ardennes assault and panzer brigade 150, relying on stealth and trickery

I considered greif commandos with us riflemen skin but it would have been probably too corny, jäegers or fallschrims would fit better. Also captured m10 possibility instead of sherman.
10 Jan 2019, 22:28 PM
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Defensive Armor Doctrine

Theme: Heavy dug down defensive armor to counter the allied armor supremacy

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Stug

Made at tier 3
Costs 320mp, 100 fuel
Comes with side skirts from start
Can be upgraded with mg32
Can stealth at vet 4

Slot 2: Heavy Fortifications

Identical to heavy fortifications from luftwaffe doctrine

Slot 3: 105mm howitzer barrage
Available at 9 cp
Same as scavenge doctrine

Slot 4: Hull Down

Available at 5cp
Tanks can be placed in hull down by sturmpios and volks

Slot 5: Jagdtiger

Available at 15 cps

Strategies and Rational

Heavy defensive armor that can outrange allied armor with tank traps to prevent flanks as wekk as a barrage to counter heavy artillery.

Additional Context

The stug was used to the remainder of the war and while the need to hull down a jagdtiger is questionable it can be necessary for the stug. <:]
10 Jan 2019, 22:41 PM
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Panzerjäger doctrine

PaK 40
- same like Ostheer one
- 2cp call-in
- vet 4 and 5 maybe +5 range and +20% movement speed (?)

Ambush tactics
- 2 cp
- Sturmpioneers upgraded with a panzerschreck now get camouflage while in cover and a first strike out of cover bonus which grants +20% penetration and +50% panzerschreck damage for 5 seconds

- Unlocks an advanced camouflage package for the P4, JP4, Panther, Puma, and KT :
- Costs 40 munitions
- Once upgraded, sturmpioneers can perform a 10 second action on such an upgraded vehicle which has the same animation like Ostheer hull down
- The vehicle will become immobile and invisible until the camouflage gets cancelled (similar like cancelling hull down) or activated. If the vehicle gets spotted by an enemy unit before it takes a shot, this ability will get nullified until a Sturmpioneer repeats this process
- Ability gets activated once the first shot gets fired: this first shot has guaranteed penetration, stops the immobility and grants a blitzkrieg effect on that vehicle (same like vet 1 ability from p4 or panther). Once the blitzkrieg is over, this ability has a cooldown of 1 minute, then a Sturmpioneer squad can repeat this process. Shares a cooldown with normal Blitzkrieg from vetted P4, Panther and King Tiger if it gets activated

I dont know if this particular ability can get implemented technically, but if yes, the idea is it to give OKW tanks an awesome yet fair ability vs tanks if microed properly. The free blitzkrieg could be used either to quickly drive away or to assault the damaged tank. If the assault fails, you cannot just quickly get out cuz Vet 1 blitzkrieg is on cooldown

If it cannot get implemented I guess it's best to just replace it with Hull Down from Ostheer (but keep the Sturmpio schreck camouflage). Or replace it with a different "small" Hull Down ability, for example: less sandbags in the animation and grants +80 health permanently(but nothing else), vehicle can still move normally and keep it at 2 CP and 40 mun. Rename the slot to "Anti Tank training" or something like that

Anti Tank Panzerfüsiliers
- 2 cp
- 300 mp
- 5 men call-in squad
- spawns with 5 Kar98s
- Same Kar98 performance, health and received acc. like normal pfussies
- Can be upgraded with 2 Panzerschrecks for 120 mun
- Can lay Tellermines
- No snares, no HE grenade , no recon flare, but a concussive stun grenade… similar stats like the one from Sturmpioneers (maybe slightly bigger AoE), stuns any vehicle in its AoE for 4 seconds. (does not follow a vehicle tho like a snare!)
- Same veterancy behavior like normal pfussies apart from: vet 1 decreases stun grenade recharge time by 25%, vet 2 increases concussive grenade throw range by 30% and decreases weapon reload by 10%, no accuracy bonus, vet 4 grants another -10% weapon reload, vet 5 no longer grants passive sprint but +40% accuracy

HEAT ammunition

- 7 cp
- same like in elite armor doctrine
- can also be used by the PaK40 and PaK43

PaK 43

- 8 cp
- Same like in every other doctrine with Pak43

Idea and further explanation:
10 Jan 2019, 22:50 PM
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Faction + Commander Name:
OKW - Tank Destroyer Doctrine

Theme: partly based on vCoH's Panzer Elite "Tank Destroyer Tactics" doctrine, this new doctrine focusses on providing OKW with several new or alternative ways to fight enemy armor.

Unit and Ability Roster:
Slot 1: Teller mines.
  • 1 CP.
  • Now available to Sturmpioneers.
  • Now available to Panzerjäger Heavy Anti-Tank Infantry.

Slot 2: Pak 40.
  • 2 CP.
  • Pak 40 now buildable at Headquarters.
  • Same stats / cost as Ostheer version.
  • Same veterancy as Ostheer version, but spread out over 5 levels of veterancy.
  • Veterancy requirements - for vet 5 same number as Ostheer version's vet 3.

Slot 3: Panzerjäger Heavy Anti-Tank Infantry.
  • 3 CP.
  • 4 men squad (JLI models) with 2x Kar 98K and 2x Panzershreck (Call-in unit).
  • Cost ~400MP. ~35MP to reinforce.
  • Passive ability: Tank Awareness. Displays the location of armored vehicles within 80 range of their position on the minimap and on tactical map.
  • Can lay down Tellermines.
  • Veterancy somewhat similar to Panzergrenadiers at vet 1-3. Vet 4: ambush camouflage. Vet 5: passive sprint when out of combat.

Slot 4: Stuka Close Air Support.
  • 12 CP
  • Anti-tank strafes, identical to Ostheer's.
  • Cost 200 MU.

Slot 5: Tiger I Ausf. E.
  • 13 CP
  • Late war variant of Ostheer's Tiger. Same model.
  • Comes equiped with Panzer Tactician and Panzer Commander as standard.
  • Cost ~660MP and 245FU.
  • If Tiger I Ausf. E is on the field, the King Tiger can not be called in.
  • Veterancy 1-3 is the same as Ostheer Tiger I. Vet 4: turret rotation +20%. Vet 5: damage from 160 to 200.

Strategies and Rational:
This commander aims to fill some gaps in the OKW line-up. It's meant as a counter to Allied tank heavy strategies. It provides something OKW desperately needs: proper AT infantry and a good anti-tank gun. This enables OKW to better fight Allied Tank Destroyers, which is something they currently aren't very good at. Rakettens and Shreck Sturmpioneers die too easily late game and tanks naturally struggle versus their intended counters. It further amplifies anti-tank power with the Stuka Anti-Tank CAS strafes - but this ability creates a strategic choice between it and weapon upgrades or teller mines. As the cherry on the cake it gets the late war Tiger I Ausf. E to give OKW a more mobile and versatile late game AI/AT platform compared to the King Tiger. The commander has - by design - no anti-infantry abilities so it is vulnerable to infantry heavy counter builds.

Additional Context:
The doctrine is based on one of my favorite doctrines from the Original Company of Heroes, Tank Destroyer Tactics for the Panzer Elite; (http://companyofheroes.wikia.com/wiki/Tank_Destroyer_Tactics).

Panzerjäger Heavy Anti-Tank Infantry are essentially the OKW version of Panzergrenadiers. To make up for the lack of some AI power (no STG or Bundled Grenade), they get Passive Tank Awareness to help them hunt enemy vehicles.

I originally wanted to put "APCR ammunition - passive penetration boost" in slot 4 but then I realised the commander wouldn't have any strategic munitions choices besides spamming teller mines and weapon upgrades. So I replaced it by Stuka CAS.

The Tiger I Ausf. E comes equiped with the Panzer Commander rather than the pintle to put emphasis on its anti-tank role and diminish some of its AI power. It's a good alternative for the King Tiger for OKW players who want a more mobile and versatile heavy tank. The cost is sightly higher than Ostheer's Tiger I because it gets the Panzer Commander upgrade for free and has two additional levels of veterancy.
10 Jan 2019, 23:14 PM
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Ost Front Reserve Doctrine:

Slot 1: Jadger Light Infantry Package
- CP 2
- Passive ability
- Give Volks and Obers 2*G43 upgrade for 45 ammunition
- Require T1 or T2

Slot 2: Pak 40
- CP 2
- Call-in unit
- Same stats and cost as Ost version
- Vet 4 gives it static camo, Vet 5 gives it out of camo damage bonus
- Require T1 or T2

Slot 3: Panzer Tactician
- CP 2
- Passive ability
- Give Luchs, Jadgerpanzer, Panzer4 J, Panther and King Tiger smoke discharger
- Same stats and cost as Ost version

Slot 4: Stug E
- CP 7
- Built in T3
- Same stats and cost as Ost version
- Vet 4 gives it better scatter, Vet 5 improve it acceleration and max speed

Slot 5: Fragmentation bomb
- CP 10
- Same stats and cost as Ost version

11 Jan 2019, 01:54 AM
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Faction + Commander Name: OKW Urban Assault Doctrine

Theme: A doctrine that provides strong tools against defensive positions and more non-vehicular anti-tank options.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Goliath
  • From pre-patch Overwatch, buildable from any set up truck.

Slot 2: Panzerjager Infantry Squad
  • 4-man call-in infantry armed with two Panzerbusche anti-tank rifles and two basic rifles, available from 0 CP.
    Similar AT and AI performance to Tank Hunter Infantry Sections: capable against infantry, but weak against medium armor.
    Can upgrade with two Panzerschrecks, which replace the Panzerbusche rifles. This sacrifices their AI capability, making them into a dedicated AT squad with performance like Panzergrenadiers.
Slot 3: Stuka Smoke Reconnaisance
  • 2CP, from Luftwaffe Ground Forces.

Slot 4: Infrared StG Package
  • Unit upgrade for Obersoldaten, available from 4CP.
    From Special Operations.

Slot 5: Flame Hetzer
  • From Feuersturm, buildable from Schwerer Panzer Headquarters.

Strategies and Rationale

Panzerjagers solve two OKW problems with one stone: their only non-fuel AT being Raketenwerfers, and their lack of early build options. Early on, Panzerjagers perform like slightly worse Volks: they can fight off super-light vehicles but a Volks and Panzerjagers open won't be as powerful. Later on you can upgrade them, making them strong anti-tank infantry OKW currently lacks.

This serves to enable the Flame Hetzer. This is an excellent anti-infantry medium tank, but it's hamstrung by being in OKW: with only Raketenwerfers to support it you'd always hold out for the Panzer IV. With a mix of Panzerjagers and Raks, OKW can build a strong enough non-fuel AT force to field a Flame Hetzer.

Keeping with the Urban Assault theme is the Goliath, a unit that's not got much room to breathe in the new Overwatch doctrine. As OKW's anti-building unit, this unit's an obvious choice for an Urban Assault Doctrine. This doctrine has no big off-map munitions sink, leaving plenty of munitions to spend on Goliaths.

Stuka Smoke Reconnaisance is an excellent utility ability that also synergises with the Goliath: the smoke it leaves gives the Goliath the opportunity to roll up to a building (or a Bofors) to blow it up without being intercepted. This is something the Overwatch Goliath can't do, instead only really working as a mobile retreat path exploder.

Infrared StGs, with their shorter ideal range and anti-cover bonuses, are a natural fit for the Urban Assault theme.

Additional Context

This is a fairly easy commander to implement, as four out of the five abilities already exist. The Panzerjager Infantry are the only new unit that'd need to be put together. They could use the unused Urban Assault Panzergrenadier icon.
11 Jan 2019, 03:19 AM
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Faction + Commander Name: OKW Offensive Doctrine

Theme: Comprising of mainly offensive focus; based upon Battle of The Budge 1944 German army pushing into the Ardennes.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Offensive Packages
Volks grenadiers have access to mp40 package; same upgrade from firestorm doctrine.
All vehicles ands tanks gain blitzkreig speed boost the same ability thats currently on ostheer tanks.
Grants faster top speed for a small duration time.

Slot 2: Panzer Fusiliers call in
Call in unit, available from 3CP.
Costs 280 MP. Same manpower reinforce cost.
Same base stats as Fusiliers from Breakthrough Tactics.

Slot 3: Recon overflight
Same as the Ostheer one that flys over the battlefield.
50 munitions cost.
Same duration as Ostheer counterpart.

Slot 4: Heat Shells
Identical to Elite Armour Heat Shells.
Providing tanks with more offensive capabilities.

Slot 5: Command tiger call-in
Requires all trucks to be placed - This call-in will disable the normal King Tiger.
Available at 12 CP.
Has 10% more sight range only when stationary.
Aura provides offensive capabilities increasing dps of nearby infantry units. or use the deffensive aura from the cmd p4 tank from ostheer.


Using both infantry and tanks to make a combined arms push onto any location. Using speed, aggression and planning to overcome any obstacle. With the use of recon overflight to plan out the attack to then follow up with the mighty of the command tank tiger 1 with its offensive aura giving nearby units an increase in dps “damage output” to ensure a successful assault.
11 Jan 2019, 10:01 AM
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Panzer hunting doctrine

Theme : The concept of this doctrine is "Anti-tank defense&Capture the enemy vehicle" and "ostheer units"

0cp) Anti tank support

SP can upgrade "panzer hunting training" - 60muni, equip 1 panzershrek(SP can equip 2 panzershrek max, 60+90) and can use "vehicle detection"

Kubelwagen can build schu-mine and can use "vehicle detection"

2cp) Pak 40

3cp) shoot the weak point!

volks and obersoldaten can use panzerfaust to vehicle's weak point(40 muni) - not replace panzerfaust, add 1 more skill("shoot the weak point!")

dmg increase 100->140 and paralyze vehicle 1.5 second, cant make engine damage

cooltime share panzerfaust

If vehicle died from this skill, vehicle will abandon

7cp) HEAT shell

13cp) Tiger tank - okw tiger is different from ostheer tiger

vet 1 : unlock Combat Blitz
vet 2 : range +5, accuracy +20%, scatter -20%, sight +15
vet 3 : reload time -30%, rotation speed +20%, max speed +20%, accel speed +20%
vet 4 : command tank buff to aliies unit(decrease received damage -20%, except tiger tank)
vet 5 : tiger tank can call artilery barrage(elite armor skill) and smoke

Top mounted gunner model change to officer model in vet 4

Strategies and Rational

Kubelwagen can build schu-mine everywhere easily and fast

SP with 2 shrek and Pak 40 defense enemy vehicle and HEAT shell also good for panzer-hunting

Enhanced Panzerfaust is for capturing enemy vehicle and can be additional snare support for infantry

CP 13 Tiger tank have scarcity itself and okw can experience Tiger tank during OKW playing

~vet 3 is same as ostheer but vet 4 and vet 5 is added new abillty for high value

11 Jan 2019, 12:34 PM
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OKW Mobile AT Support Doctrine

Slot 1: panzerbuchse 39.
Weapon Upgrade for volks.
Available from 0CP.
Costs as much as ptrs.
Locks other weapon upgrades.

Slot 2: Teller Mine.

Available from 0CP.
All infantry can build it.
Identical to ostheer teller mines.

Slot 3: Tank Awareness.

Available at 5CP.
Passive ability.
All volk squads now reveal enemy vehicles up to 90 meters from their position, on both the mini-map and tactical map (but not in the 3D combat view).

Slot 4: Heat Shells

Identical to Elite Armour Heat Shells

Slot 5: Stuka Close Air Support

Identical to ostheer Stuka Close Air Support.


Slot 5: henschel hs 129 Close Air Support

Similar to ostheer Stuka Close Air Support, but planes arrive little later and deal more damage.


Jagdpanther if it's possible.

11 Jan 2019, 17:45 PM
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Oberkommando West... Ost Front reserve...

what goes wrong here.

11 Jan 2019, 17:56 PM
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OKW Panzerjäger doctrine

0 CP - Volksgrenadier AT-package. 2x Panzerbüchse 39 (already in the game) can be equipped for 60 munis. Grants camo in yellow cover. (same as PTRS package for conscripts) Equipping this blocks access to STGs however one free weapon slot remains so you can pick up dropped equipment like Bars, MG42s etc. Panzerbüchse 39 should be around Penal PTRS level (bad vs infantry, ok vs light tanks). This package also blocks access to the flamer nade. Panzerfaust remains as on standard Volksgrenadiers.

3 CP - Hull Down ability for tanks, same as Ostheer

3 CP - Ost Recon overflight

6 CP - Light Arty Barrage (same as Ost, maybe other CP requirement I don´t really remember)

15 CP - Jagdtiger (same as Breakthrough one)

Basically a dedicated AT doctrine for OKW. The Volks AT package would allow countering Soviet M3, UKF Universal Carrier and USF WC51. The rest of the doctrine is centered around making the Jagdtiger useful (Hull-Down + Recon flight).

11 Jan 2019, 18:27 PM
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Eastern Army Support

Theme: The desperate OKW has to use the old, but still effective weapons and tanks from the eastern front, in order to stop the allied offensive.

1. Field Defenses (3CP)
- Identical to Field Defenses from Fortifications Doctrine

2. Eastern Supply Drop (4CP)
- Similar to Supply Drop from Osttruppen Doctrine (Wehrmacht)
- Instead of Mg34 you get Mg42
- New vet: Vet 1-3: Identical to Wehrmacht mg42
Vet 4: -50% setup time
Vet 5: Ambush Camouflage (Identical to Ambush Training from Storm Doctrine)
- Pak 40 Vet 1-3 identical to Ostheer Pak 40
Vet 4: Ambush Camouflage (identical to Anti-Tank Gun Ambush Tactics from Tank Hunter Doctrine
Vet 5: Dmg from 160 to 200.

3. Obersoldaten with Infrared StG 44 Package (5CP)
- Calls in an Obersoldaten Squad with Infrared StG for 440 Mp
- The weapon is identical to Infrared StG 44 Package from Special Operations

4. Stuka Close Air Support (12CP)
- Identical to Stuka Close Air Support from Lightning War Doctrine

5. Tiger I. (13CP)
- Similar to Tiger I. from Lightning War Doctrine
- Vet 1-3: Identical to Wehrmacht Tiger I.
- Vet 4: Dmg from 160 to 200.
- Vet 5: Tiger I. gets Spearhead Ability (identical to Spearhead Ability from King Tiger)

Idea: Okw gains access to a good anti-tank gun. The mg42 is now a good alternative to the mg34. The Stuka Air support is a good areal deny tool. The Tiger I. empowers a t1 into t2 build.
All in all this commander makes okw more flexible and more fun to play. The call-in Obersoldaten are faster on the field and you dont need munition to upgrade. The unit has a high manpower cost and a high cp requirement though, to balance it. It enables a t1->t2 build without the lack of late game infantry too.

Additional Context
German weapons and tanks like the pak 40 and Tiger I. were used on the eastern and the western front. So it makes sense that the okw has access to them.
11 Jan 2019, 18:40 PM
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Panzerjäger doctrine

PaK 40

Even if it had only this one ability, i would take that doc 11/10 cases
11 Jan 2019, 20:53 PM
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Name: OKW Last Ditch Doctrine
Theme: Late-war Germany cutting corners to replenish its army.

Slot 1: Early Warning Flares (OR Early Warning Systems)

Slot 2: Emergency Measures
  • 1cp, allows volks to build Reinforcement Tunnels, which are camouflaged and work out of supply. 180mp, 20fu. Also unlocks the Last Ditch Volks upgrade, which gives back 40mp, reduces reinforcement cost and time by 20%, decreases pop by 1, takes away weapon 1 slot, and increases received accuracy by .15.

Slot 3: Tankbusters
  • 4cp call-in; 480mp, 40 per man. A special version of Obersoldaten armed with 2 panzerschrecks. The suppressive fire ability was also replaced by the penal squad's homing satchel.

Slot 4: Recoup Losses
  • 6cp, 60mu. A restored ability that returns 60% of a lost soldier's manpower. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Slot 5: PaK 43

The Last Ditch Doctrine is about trading manpower efficiently. Early Warning Flares and cheap Last Ditch Volksgrenadiers allow you to see and respond to threats more consistently. Clever use of Reinforcement Tunnels can keep your units at full strength in unexpected places. Recoup Losses allows you to trade munitions for manpower, which is vital for training Tankbusters, the best anti-tank infantry the OKW (or any army) have access to. The Pak 43 furthers the unarmored, defensive nature of the doctrine.

Provides OKW with an often-requested AT infantry squad. Camouflaged reinforcement tunnels are also unique in the franchise, and would be interesting for both players- to use stealthily or hunt down.

Commander is available for testing here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1244320542
11 Jan 2019, 21:19 PM
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Volkssturm doctrin / Last Defence doctrin / Downfall doctrin

(0CP) Improved Scavenge

same like scavenge doctrin

(1CP) Volkssturm Soldaten

Same model like Soviet Partisans, equipped with 3xKar98 and 1x MP40.
Panzerfaust ability; can spawn from buildings on the map. stealthy.

(2CP) Sturm Offizier.

Same like OKW Breakthrough doctrin

(4CP) Luftwaffe Supply Drop

nearly same like Wehrmacht Osttruppen Doc.
1x MG42, 1x Pak40, bit fuel and ammo.

(9CP) 105mm howitzer barrage

same like Scavenge doctrin.

Idea: A new OKW doctrin similar to the Wehrmacht Osttruppen but without themselfs and more mobile.

2 Reasons for it:
It gives OKW the Opportunity for a strong Early to Midgame AND my personal reason: If you want to Suppress enemie inf as a OKW player, you have to build the SDKFZ. If you want to kill enemy Vehicles/Tanks you have to build a Jagdpanzer4 or a bigger Tank.
With this doctrin you can fight the enemie with Infantry only. You are not in the need to tech so fast and build a lot of Vehicles.

Historical: In the last weeks of the war, every young boy or old man had to serve in the Volkssturm, led by fanatical Wehrmacht Officers.
They were poorly trained and poorly equiped and often had to scavenge lost vehicles or dead soldiers. they often hide in houses or forests and attacked enemy infantry and tanks, when they came close.
Sometimes they were supported by regular trained Wehrmachts-forces with bigger weapons (MG and Paks)
12 Jan 2019, 02:55 AM
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OKW Consolidated Forces Doctrine (Strategic Asset Command Doctrine)

Pushes both the stealth and aggressiveness aspects of the OKW further while also trying to improve on some the shortcomings the faction has.

Unit and Ability Roster

1. (PASSIVE) Ambush Camouflage - Sturmpioneers, Volksgrenadiers, HMGs and Obersoldaten can be upgraded with better camouflage, concealing them in cover and deep snow.
- Unlocks at 1CP

2. (PASSIVE) Command HQ Support Crews - Command HQ can be upgraded with Medic or Repair Pioneer crews.
- Unlocks at 2CP
- Can't have both upgrades
- Doesn't lock out other HQ's from their Pioneer/Medic upgrades

3. (PASSIVE) Heavy AT Munitions - Sturmpioneers can place Teller Mines and Volksgrenadier squads can be upgraded with better Panzerfausts.
- Unlocks at 3CP
- Panzerfaust upgrade takes up 1 Weapon Slot (Can't have StG-s)
- Replaces the Panzerfaust ability with a more potent but expensive version

4. Strategic Surplus Dispatch - An Opel Blitz carrying fuel, munitions, a Pak 40 AT Gun, and a GrW 42 Heavy Mortar is dispatched to the target area.
- Unlocks at 3CP
- Costs Manpower
- GrW 42 is just a nameswapped Soviet HM-38 120mm
- The Truck retreats off the battlefield after unloading its cargo

5. Valiant Assault - Inspire mobile infantry troops to move quickly and attack more effectively.
- Unlocks at 6CP

Strategies and Rationale

Gives the OKW infantry game more options for tactical gameplay and might open up room for OKW builds with more than 1 Sturmpioneer because of the camo, Tellers, and because the Volks Panzerfaust upgrade doesn't allow you to get StG-s.
Heavy AT Munitions coupled with camouflage allows the setting of devastating vehicle ambushes.
Strategic Surplus Dispatch creatively (imo :D) improves on some of the weaknesses the faction has (can't build caches; often floating manpower; raketens lack staying power in a straight up slug match; leIG can't retreat and doesn't have a flare ability) and offers very strong teamplay synergy.

Additional Context
The GrW42 was basically a straight up copy of the Soviet 120mm mortar, but can be replaced with the Soviet heavy mortar because the Germans had supposedly captured a large quantity of them anyway.
Panzerfausts had different variants manufactured throughout the war(although mostly for different ranges). For gameplay reasons it should have the same range but have some added effects like an additional crit or more damage/pen etc. (temp immobilizes and deals slightly more damage in the playable mod)


Playable - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1560122420
12 Jan 2019, 08:55 AM
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OKW Kampfgruppe doctrine

This new doctrice offers your infantry more fighting power and survivability and provides better AT options for OKW.

Unit and Ability Roster UPDATED!

1. (PASSIVE) Ambush Camouflage - Sturmpioneers, Volksgrenadiers, HMGs and Obersoldaten can be upgraded with better camouflage, concealing them in cover and deep snow.
- Unlocks at 1CP

2. Infiltration Tactics: Infantry who are kept out of combat for long periods of time will gain the ability to surprise assault, allowing them to use a special grenade ability.
- unlocks at 3 CP

3. NEW: Panzer Jaeger Unit
Panzerjäger Heavy Anti-Tank Infantry.
- unlocks at 1 CP
- 4 men squad with 2x Kar 98K and 2x AT rifles (Call-in unit).
- Cost ~400MP. ~35MP to reinforce.
- Can lay down Tellermines
- can be upgraded with 2& Schreck after setting up your first truck for 100 mun

4. Sector Artillery
- unlocks at 12 CP

5. Tiger I Ausf. E.

- unlocks at 13 CP
- Late war variant of Ostheer's Tiger. Same model.
- Comes equiped with Panzer Tactician as standard.
- Cost ~660MP and 240FU.
- If Tiger I Ausf. E is on the field, the King Tiger can not be called in.
- Veterancy 1-3 is the same as Ostheer Tiger I. Vet 4: turret rotation +20%. Vet 5: damage from 160 to 200.

Strategies and Rationale
Ambush Camouflage and Infiltration Tactic will provide a deadly synergy for players that likes ambushes; camo also will work very well with the new Panzer Jaeger squad! Sector arty gives you a heavy artillery option for area denial. The improved Tiger I mirrors OKW's faction design: Bigger, better but more expensive than the Wehrmacht's version! All in all you can combine infantry, arty and tanks with this doctrine - a true Kampfgruppe!

Additional historical context

Kampfgruppen were by definition task-organized for specific missions / situations and consisted of ad hoc combined arms formations. Kampfgruppen were often referred to by their commanding officer's name.
Ambush Camouflage fits well to the late war German army who had to defend; because of the allied air and artillery superiority camouflage was an absolute necessity to survive, special Panzer Jaeger units were formed to stop Allied Tanks who broke through the german lines.

Are you ready to lead your Kampfgruppe to glory?
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