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New Commander Submission - WEHRMACHT

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10 Jan 2019, 18:05 PM
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Submission guidelines
  • Each player can submit one proposal per faction. Please use the appropriate threads on coh2.org or on relic offical forum. These threads are for submissions only.
  • Discussion of submissions should take place in separate threads so that submissions are easy to reference.
  • Players must only use units, abilities or assets which already exist in the game, and are fully functional. (The Hetzer is not an option as it is missing animations.)
  • Some players have asked about captured equipment. This is a possibility but should be sensible, and thematically / historically appropriate.
  • If you have already submitted an idea elsewhere, please repost to the official threads.

Requirements and Rational

Please detail the following in your submissions;

It would be preferred if you could use this template in your proposals

  • The name and theme of your proposed Commander.
  • The unit and ability roster.
  • Any changes you envisage to preexisting units or abilities.
  • What new strategies/ options does this Commander add to this faction?
  • Any historical basis, or additional context/ rational you wish to provide.
10 Jan 2019, 21:24 PM
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Reserve Support Doctrine

1 - Forward Supply Station
Allows ambient buildings to be converted into a Forward Supply Station. This depot will allow infantry to reinforce and automatically repair nearby vehicles.

2 - (PASSIVE) Defensive Fortifications
Pioneers can dig Covered Trenches and construct Concrete Bunkers.

2 - Panzerfüsiliers
Panzerfüsiliers can be deployed to the battlefield. These light infantry are adept at recon and long range combat.

5 - Panzer II
A light tank Panzer II tank can be deployed to the battlefield.

12 - Panther Command Tank
An elite Panther leader can be deployed to the battle, improving the sight and movement of vehicles.
10 Jan 2019, 21:35 PM
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Faction + Commander Name: OST Foreign Support Doctrine

Theme: Based mostly on the Spanish "Blaue" Division which was an independent unit fighting on Germany's side during the war, as well as many other lesser known Axis powers.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Foreign Infantry squad

Using the German gun crew models armed with K98k-s, they are something inbetween the Grenadiers and Osttruppen. With 5 men, grenades, panzerfausts and a G43 upgrade, they are the perfect mainline replacement infantry unit, but at a cost. They are not as well trained as the Grenadiers or as numerous as the Osttruppen but they are still the jack of all trades and masters of none.

Slot 2: Supply Drop

Drops a crate of ammo and fuel, also contains an MG34 and a Pak 36 (renamed M42).

Slot 3: 12 cm Granatwerfer 42

Using the Soviet HM-38 heavy mortar model, each unit formation from Platoon strength and up featured their own form of organic "light" indirect fire support. This was before the LeIG 18 but I decided against it seeing as there was a potential for a new and unique unit.

Slot 4: Forward Operating Base (FOB)

Because of the "indepence" of these units their rally point would often be found on the battlefield near the fighting, plus the repair pioneers would help out a lot since the Ost is lacking in that department. It's possible for the building to also call in some sort of close fire support similar to the British observation point. Infantry units would also be able to retreat to the nearest FOB instead of running all the way back to base.

Slot 5: King Tiger

Germany had few of these valuable and expensive tanks so they didn't just give them to anybody, only their most best men were entrusted with these beasts.

Strategies and Rational

Introduces several new units to the Ostheer such as the bit more durable Foreign Infantry squad, 12 cm Granatwerfer 42, FOB and King Tiger heavy tank mostly to fill their holes of combined arms doctrines that can be useful through the entire game instead of only allowing the player to skip tech and rush early or build up late.

Additional Context

"Foreign Infantry" squad as experimentally implemented by me a long time ago:

Reference of the Spanish "Grenadiers":
11 Jan 2019, 03:14 AM
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Faction + Commander Name: Wehrmacht Panzer Assault Doctrine

Theme:. Utilizing strong armored forces, this Commander uses devastating, mobile Panzer surges to destroy the enemy.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Panzer IV Ausf. F

• Available at 0 CP
• Can be built from the Support Armor Korps for 310 MP, 75 Fuel.
• Identical in performance to the early TOW Panzer IV in singleplayer, or the Panzer IV Command tank, but without its aura and other bonuses. Same veterancy and abilities as the above mentioned vehicles.
• This would give the Wehrmacht some more tactical flexibility and counters to Allied light vehicles, without making it too OP. By the time it hits the field, it has a brief window to make a difference, before it will be easily hardcountered by any Allied medium tank (as is obvious in single player when it’s forced to fight a T34 or similar). In some ways it would fill the same niche as the Panzer Elite Pz4 Infantry Support tank in Coh1, or the T34/76 in Coh2.

Slot 2: Panzer Tactician

• Available at 2 CP, same ability as all the other Wehrmacht Commanders.

Slot 3: Opel Blitz Truck

• Available at 3 CP, identical in performance and cost to the Feuersturm one.
• Why, you might ask? Because a German Panzer Division in WW2 had most of its men assigned to motorized infantry. As this commander aims to basically be a Panzer Division Commander, it would allow the Wehrmacht player to support their tanks with some aggressive infantry play and also be distinctive enough from the 251 Halftrack. This is the one I had to think most about, so suggestions for something that is more fitting are welcome.

Slot 4: Panzer Charge

• Available at 7 CP, 100 munitions, lasts for 120 seconds.
• Temporarily provides tanks with a movement and accuracy bonus.
• As the name suggests, the ability acts as a tool to allow a Wehrmacht player to attempt an armored assault, intended to (potentially) land a knockout blow in the match. I am not entirely sure as to the exact stats of the ability, as too much could make the ability OP. However, seeing as how the Panzer Commander passive for Elite Armored gives 10 % accuracy, I believe between 15-20 % accuracy for the duration of the ability should be sufficient. The movement buff is more difficult, and any suggestions are more than welcome.

Slot 5: King Tiger

• Available at 13 CP.
• Call in unit, identical to the OKW one in terms of performance cost, and veterancy (though obviously adjusted to only 3 levels of veterancy).
• Since there are already plenty of Wehrmacht commanders who have a Tiger I, I figured this one could mix things up a little and use the Tiger II. Call in and unit voice lines can easily be recycled since they never specify which Tiger version is referred to. Furthermore, the addition of Panzer Tactician would make the KT more viable, as its present OKW state is mediocre at best. Besides, a Panzer Commander has to have a big tank as its final ability, doesn’t it?

Additional Context

If there is one thing the Wehrmacht was known for, it would be its Panzers. All the more surprising then, that there is not a single dedicated Wehrmacht commander that is dedicated to armor, akin to the Soviet, OKW and USF ones. This one aims to emulate the armored assaults of German Panzer Divisions, and in some way that of the Panzer Elite. Panzer Charge in particular would allow daring armored surges.
11 Jan 2019, 08:39 AM
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Panzer breaktrough doctrine.

0cp: Assault grenadiers. I really like them as they give german early game intresting twist of being more aggressive. Fits theme of commander
0cp: short barreled panzer f1, would work great as supporting vehicle for aggressive play. Could be replaced by stug e as well. Must be bought from same tech as pnz 4 or callin

2cp panzer tactician

4cp: stuka smoke drop or 8cp legfh field howizer

12cp: railway artillery. This is meant to be tool for the breaktroughs for smashing heavy defensive lines,modelled after siege of sevastopol
11 Jan 2019, 14:07 PM
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Doctrine Name: Beutepanzer Doctrine (Captured Tank)

(0 CP) Beutepanzer T-34/85.
Unlocks production of T-34/85 tanks at the Support Armored Korps (T3) at standard Soviet price. The Beutepanzer T-34/85 gains the Blitzkrieg ability of the Panzer IV in place of the standard ability of the T-34/85 to capture points, and loses the ability to ram enemy vehicles as well.
(2 CP) Panzer Tactician.
Identical to other Wehrmacht commanders. Emphasis is placed on preserving existing armored vehicles as they are in short supply, and allows for flexible tactical operations as well.
(3 CP) Osttruppen Reserves.
Identical to the ability of Mobile Defense Doctrine. Works thematically with the idea of a struggling Wehrmacht pulling Osttruppen reserves alongside captured tanks.
(0 CP) Pioneer Scavenging.
Gives Pioneer Squads the ability to do advanced salvaging like the ability from Scavenge Doctrine for Oberkommando West. Like the Osttruppen Reserves, this fits thematically with the idea of desperate defensive tactics on the eastern front.
(12 CP) Sector Artillery.
Identical to the Wehrmacht Commander ability of the same name. This resembles the idea that support has finally arrived for the beleaguered defenders to finally break attacking forces.

Flavor Text:
The German Army relied on a number of captured vehicles to fuel their tank operations at all stages of the war. Captured T-34/85 tanks add extra firepower to the Wehrmacht's medium tank corps while the commander deploys emergency defensive tactics with captured equipment.

Author's Reasoning:
A number of heavy tank doctrines exist for Wehrmacht, but none exist that give them access to a medium tank available for production at a crucial stage in the game: the unlocking of the Support Armored Korps (T3). The T-34/85 would exist as a powerful, but a bit more expensive option compared to the Panzer IV. This would allow for the Wehrmacht to utilize the 34/85 at a point when normally they are the ones having to face powerful medium tanks such as the 34/85 itself, as well as the SU-85, M4 Sherman, M4C Sherman, and the Easy Eight. Pioneer Scavenging allows Wehrmacht tank production to match the Allies, allowing for a truly different Wehrmacht playstyle. Price of the T-34/85 might need to be adjusted for when it comes out--especially with the fuel cost given that Pioneers can scavenge fuel using this doctrine.

Programming concerns:
Reassigning the voice set to the T-34/85 might take some time as well as its abilities, and I am not sure how difficult it would be to give Pioneers the ability to scavenge like Sturmpioneers. Otherwise 3 of the abilities already exist and do not require modification whatsoever. If it would be too difficult to give the 34/85 the ability to Blitzkrieg like the Panzer IV at Vet 1, the Beutepanzer T-34/85 can remain unchanged from its Soviet counterpart except for its voice set.
11 Jan 2019, 16:04 PM
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Early war doctrine

(0 CP) Panzer auf E
- Buildable in T3, it is the short barrel version of the P4

(1 CP) Luftwaffe Field Officier (from Theatre of War 1942)

(2 CP) Panzer Tactician

(3 CP) Stormstroopers

(12 CP) Stuka Dive Bomb

11 Jan 2019, 20:57 PM
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Name: OKH Kampfgruppe Doctrine
Theme: German elite combined-arms units.

Slot 1: 250 Halftrack

Slot 2: Armored Reserves
  • 0cp, allows Panzer 4s and Panthers to upgrade with Tank Commanders who can call in Butterfly Bombs. Unlocks the Jagdpanzer 4 in the T4 building.

Slot 3: Festungspioneers
  • 2cp, 60mu. An upgrade for pioneers that adds 2 PzB 39 AT Rifles, faster repair, and lowers received damage by 10% and accuracy by 15%. MP40s are replaced with K98ks, and the PzB 39s can be put away.

Slot 4: Smoke Bombs

Slot 5: Tungsten Shells
  • 7cp, similar to OKW HEAT Rounds.

Kampfgruppe Doctrine gives players access to superior vehicles and the forward support needed to maintain offensive pressure. The 250 infantry halftrack provides both of these in the early game. Festungspioneers can fight off light vehicles, and are the fastest repair option the faction has. Tanks are made more powerful by the addition of Tungsten Shells, and the JP4 is a cost-effective anti-tank weapon. Tank Commanders give access to some indirect fire. They also improve line of sight while Smoke Bombs deny it to the enemy.

Influenced by (and named after) the Panzer Elite from CoH1, especially Tank Destroyer Tactics. It also shares similarities with OKW’s Elite Armor Doctrine. Festungspioneers’ AT rifles are unique to the Axis, and they cover the faction’s weakness in repairs. Indirect fire is limited for this commander, but that is somewhat unique for the Wehrmacht, as 18/21 of their current commanders have good artillery/air support available.

Commander is available for testing here:
11 Jan 2019, 21:40 PM
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Early War Doctrin / Schnelle Eingreiftruppe Doctrin
/ Gespenster Doctrin

CP0 medical air drop
(from Luftwaffe supply Doctrine)

CP2 sturmtruppen
(now with their k98 and mp40 fitting perfectly the theme)

CP6 Stug E / Panzer 4 F1 (for MP300 fuel100)

CP9 Command panzer 4

Cp12 Anti tank stuka
(the one from blitzkrieg doctrine)

Idea: I would LOVE to see an early war commander for the ostheer.
In summer 1941 when Germany invaded Russia, they crossed the border with good equipped sturmtruppen,
who were highly trained from the years 1939-1941(invasion of Poland and France).

They were equipped with granades,k98 and mp40 and where supported by stugs and Luftwaffe.

When it came to high resistance, they called some panzers supported by aircraft.

The German Tanks were lighter but faster then the Russian T34. The strengh of the early German army
were fast attacking tanks, very well euqipped and trained Soldiers, who were always there, were
nobody thought they can be.
A german Division gained the name "Gespenster divison( ghost division) from the Russians.

I want to give the Wehrmacht faction the Possibility, to be strong in early to Midgame and counter allied light vehicles and early T34, and play in combined armes style. The real strengh of the germans in the WW2
11 Jan 2019, 21:58 PM
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Sabotage doctrine: Fuck the enemy behind his lines, then obliterate the weakened frontline units

1CP: If a vCoH Ketttenkarnad model cant be used, try an OKW kubel with either removed or permanently destroyed and deactivated MG.
Following abilities: Stealth, De/capping, planting schu mines, planting demos, smoke pop

2CP: Storm tropers

3CP: HT can now set up and cloak in an enemy territory, secretely draining some of his resources

8CP: Mark target, but instead of increasing recieved damage, it de-buffs the main gun of the vehicle (implying a sabotage)

12CP: Close the pocket
11 Jan 2019, 22:15 PM
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Offizier Doctrine

Theme: With this doctrine you get access to command units and some utility abilities. This can give you the edge in an even fight.

1. Oberleutnant (1CP)
Models and weapons are identical to sturm offizier from Breakthrough Doctrine
- 340 Mp, 30 mp per model reinforce
- Sentback after the death of the offizier is removed
- All Abilities Reworked:
a; Force Retreat: The Oberleutnant sparks fear in the heart of his enemies
~ no cost
~ 1:30 min cooldown
~ target: one enemy squad
-> forces one enemy unit to retreat
b; Fight to the death: The Oberleutnant forces his units to stay until the end
~ no cost
~ target: one allied squad
~ +20 % accuracy; -15% recieved accuracy; cant retreat until the end of the
~ duration: 10 secs; 1 min cd
c; Focus fire: The Oberleutnant orders his men to focus fire the enemy
~ target: one enemy unit
~ no cost
~ +20% recieved accuracy; +25% accuracy; 20% slow
~ 6 sec duration; 1 min cd
- Bonus Aura is removed
- Vet 1: passive heal for himself
Vet 2: -15 % recieved accuracy; +20% accuracy
Vet 3: -10% recieved accuracy, -25% ability cd

2. Reconnaissance Overflight (4CP)
- Identical to Reconnaissance Overflight from Jaeger Armor Doctrine

3. Obersoldaten with Infrared StG 44 Package (5CP)
- Calls in an Obersoldaten Squad with Infrared StG for 440 Mp, 30 Mp reinforce
- The weapon is identical to Infrared StG 44 Package from Special Operations
- Vet 1-3 stays the same

4. Fragmentation Bomb (10CP)
- Identical to Fragmentation Bomb from Spearhead Doctrine

5. Elefant Tank Destroyer (14CP)
- Identical Elefant from Fortified Armor Doctrine

Theme: Ostheer calls in some elite units from the eastern and the western front. The Oberleutnant gets sent by the OKW to secure the victory. He sparks fear into the hearts of his enemies and boosts the morale of his troops. To help him succeed he gets scouting airplanes and devasting artillery from the Luftwaffe. At the end he gets support from the mighty Elefant Tank Destroyer.

Additional Context:
The Sturm offizier from Okw is at maximum mediocre atm. The sentback hurts him and a passivve aura is a bad game mechanic and forces blobbing. So this rework is similar to the NKVD commissar. This could affect the Breakthrough offizier too. Obersoldaten offer Wehrmacht an elite infantry unit, similar to the Knight's Cross Holders from coh1. The arty is not that good, but works with recon and makes the doctrine more balanced.

12 Jan 2019, 03:11 AM
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Wehrmacht Sturmartillerie Doctrine

Theme: Support infantry on the frontline with assault guns and experienced artillery officers. Create breakthroughs with heavy rearguard artillery to be exploited by combined arms forces.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot1: 0CP Counterattack tactics. Infantry units are trained to retake territory quickly (Mobile Defense Doctrine)
Slot2: 2CP Artillery Field Officer. An Artillery Field Officer specializing in supporting troops is allocated to your command. (or Veteran Squad Leaders)
Slot3: 5CP Spotting Scopes. Equip your vehicles with spotting scopes to see further when stationary.
Slot4: 7CP StuG III Ausf. E Assault Gun. Allows the requisition of the StuG III Ausf. E Assault Gun onto the battlefield.
Slot5: 9CP 105mm Howitzer Barrage. A barrage of 105mm artillery shells will be fired at the target location. The number of shells fired depends on your current stored munitions. (Scavenge Doctrine)

Strategies and Rational
A balanced doctrine that provides support in all stages of the game. Early infantry support with counter attack tactics and officers or veteran squad leaders. Mid-game armour support with spotting scopes and Stug III Es to spot weak areas and exploit them. And finally devastating late-game artillery support to finish the opponent.

Additional Context
The Sturmartillerie was a key part of Germany's armoured arsenal throughout World War II. Its armoured assault guns were designed to support infantry on the battlefield. Considered the elite branch of the German artillery, these units coordinated with infantry and were a key element during attacks on enemy lines.
12 Jan 2019, 11:47 AM
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Veteran Tactics Doctrine

Slot1: 0CP Demolition Charge (65 Ammunition) - Pioneers can now place demolition charges - need minesweepers to be detected

Slot2: 1CP Ambush Tactics

Slot3: 4CP Veteran Assault Squad (450MP call in - 45MP reinforcement cost) 5 man squad (use models of the Artillery Oficcer squad - only one available at the same time), same stats as stg44 Obersoldaten
Abilities: Sprint, Bundled Model 24 Grenades, Fire Panzerfaust
can provide light supression fire (like the Ostwind bulletin) at Vet3

Slot4: 10CP Fragmentation Bomb

Slot5: 13CP King Tiger - identical to the OKW call in, with adjusted veterancy
12 Jan 2019, 14:16 PM
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Urban Assault tactics (not joking)

0 CP: Panzer 4 F1
(Or maybe call it a Panzer 4 C)
I would like to see the Short barrels reworked. Potentially like the M8 scott without shooting over walls. Slow moving projectiles in an arching pattern.
- Requires Battle Phase 2
- Built from T0 HQ
- Can be upgraded with a Pintel Mount

2 CP: Mortar Halftrack

3 CP: Urban Assault Grenadiers
- 5 Man Flamethrower Team
- Armed with G43s
- 400 Manpower

At 3 CPs They can not really be spammed which would allow them to be a bit more stronger when compared the rest of the Ostheer Line up

7 CP: Command Tank
I would like to seed the Command Panzers balanced towards to act like a OKWs Panzer 4 rather than a Short Barrel
- 400 manpower 150 Fuel
- 234 Armor
- Health Increases to 800 from 160
- Uses Long Barrel
- Can not be upgraded with a Pintel
- Uses the Officer Animator
- Aura now applies Cooldown bonus instead of Damage Resistance
- Able to call in Coordinated Fire like the Assault officer

8 CP: Lefh 18 Howizter

12 Jan 2019, 15:21 PM
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Just release the actual Urban Assault Doctrine.

All these abilities and units were once fully implemented and are still in the game.

Looked up this commander more and I can agree that the original implementation is overpowered. As such here are my ideas for proper balancing:

1. [1 CP] Forward Supply Station
-identical to Soviet Forward Headquarters, except it repairs vehicles instead of healing troops
-in a similar fashion it would also allow the construction of a Field Base instead of designating a command building
-200 manpower, 25 fuel

2. [2 CP] Urban Assault Panzergrenadiers
-360 manpower
-5x panzergrenadier models
-weaponry upon deployment: 4x assault grenadier mp40s and 1x flamethrower
-can upgrade for 2nd flamethrower for 60 munitions (no more free weapon slots after that)
-has access to satchel charges (identical to penals'), smoke grenades and vet1 medkit
-(no armor upgrade)

3. [2 CP] Incendiary Mortar Barrage (passive)
-identical to the mortar halftracks's incendiary barrage
-45 munitions

4. [3 CP] Munitions Blitz
-gain 75 munitions immediately, but loose 300 manpower over 3 minutes
-the ability remains active for the duration of the 3 minutes (thus cannot stack)

5. [12 CP] Strategic Bombing
-He 111 bombers flatten the target area
-300 munitions
12 Jan 2019, 16:33 PM
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WHER :Luftlande Doctrine

Doctrine based around using, supplying Fallschrimjagers. Later to quickly linked up with by armor. Also gives WHER a light tank. Something they lack.

0CP Panzer II Luchs (buildable at Leichtie Support Kompanie)

2CP Stuka Smoke Resonance

3CP Fallschirmjagers

4CP Supply drop (ostruppen one)

9CP breakthrough

12 Jan 2019, 19:13 PM
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Late-war Defensive Tactics

Description: Employ desperate measures to hold off the enemy. Air-dropped medical supplies and improved repairs for Pioneers allow your units to stay on the field for longer, while specialized Osttruppen fill up the gaps. Defend key points with hulled-down vehicles and obliterate the enemy by striking them with a hastily assembled artillery battery.

Luftwaffe Supplies (0 CP)
Paradrop medical supplies at a target area. Heals and inspires nearby infantry when picked up.

- No changes (3 med kits are dropped for 30 muni that provide fast AoE healing and a combat buff).

NEW: Anti-tank Osttruppen (1 CP)
Using outdated weaponry, these Osttruppen can hold off enemy armor until reinforcements arrive.

- Costs 260 manpower.
- Can construct trenches, but not wires or sandbags.
- Arrives with a single Panzerbüchse AT-rifle. Can upgrade to a second Panzerbüchse AT-rifle for 40 munitions once Battle Phase 2 is researched, which also allows Tank Detection for 20 munitions.
- The AT-rifles have a x0,75 accuracy modifier out of cover.
- The squad can't pick up other slot weapons.
- Have access to heavy Panzerfausts. These have a higher payload inside the warhead, doubling the damage, but only have 15 range and cost 35 munitions.
- Has trip-wire flares as vet 1 ability. These cost 10 munitions and can only be triggered by vehicles, revealing the surrounding area and stunning the vehicle for a short duration. Does no damage.

NEW: Improved Field Equipment (2 CP)
Pioneer units can now receive additional training and equipment to support vehicles.

- 30 munition upgrade that's mutually exclusive to the flamethrower, but not the sweeper.
- Slightly increases repair speed.
- Gain a small amount of shared veterancy from vehicles.
- Field Aid Kit replaced by critical repairs as vet 1 ability (same as USF tank crew ability).
- Can now throw smoke grenades for 15 munitions.
- Uses a different icon.

Hull Down (5 CP)
Pioneers, Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers are able to set German vehicles in an immobile hull down position, increasing their defensive capabilities.

- The bonus for tanks remains the same (25% less received damage and 25% more range).
- NEW: Light vehicles can now also be hulled down, using a similar animation to the revamped 250.
- Hulled down light vehicles get 25% less received damage and 20% more sight.
- IDEA: Hull down could be changed for turretless tanks, as it's currently close to useless for them.

NEW: Counterstrike (11 CP)
All remaining artillery pieces in the area are mustered to barrage the enemy, motivating nearby troops to launch a swift attack.

- Costs 200 munitions.
- Starts off with a light artillery volley, followed up by a short 105mm barrage in a wider area then finishes with a single accurate railway artillery shell.
- Most effective against static defenses, because the stronger shells drop later.
- Infantry and vehicles within 80 range of where the barrage is dropped get 15% increased movement speed for 30 seconds. The increased movement speed still allows infantry to fire on the move.

- Some less common abilities are included (Luftwaffe Supplies and Hull Down).
- Has a capable ability set while not overshadowing other commanders.
- Doesn't take over the role of other commanders.
- A defensively focused commander that doesn't necessarily require static play.
- Mostly focused on 1v1, but could become a niche option in team games.

Additional Context
This doctrine is a representation of the late-war situation, where the German army was constantly on the defensive. Long preparations were often not possible, so German units had to be flexible while defending.

Additional information and ideas for this commander: https://www.coh2.org/topic/85216/new-commander-submission-discuss/page/5#post_id720197
13 Jan 2019, 14:00 PM
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Strategic Tank Reserve docrine

First class intelligence let you prepare massive counter attacks with better equipped infantry and tanks

Unit and Ability Roster UPDATED!

Slot 1: Passiv: Elite PZIV J

- Give the Wehrmacht access to the OKW version of the PZIV
- Same veterancy like the Wehrmacht version
- costs 150 fuel
- can be upgraded with 1 of the following abilities: (decided by the mod team)
- Tank Commander
- Panzer Tactician
- Veteran Tank Crew: Allows Emergency Repairs

Slot 2: 0CP-Radio Intercept

Slot 3: 2 CP: Extra training

- Pz Gren support package(same as the one in German infantry)

- Pioneer Support Package(would make pios to the wehrmacht's version of heavy sappers)
- faster repair time (same like heavy sappers)
- Pios can destroy cover
- Pios get access to Satchels (NEW)
- mutually exlusive with Flamethrower but not with Sweeper upgrade
- would cost 50 mun

Slot 4: 4 CP: Combined Arms

Slot 5: 14CP - Tiger Ace , completly reworked (= Tiger I Commando Tank))
Rework idea is simple: The unit loses his instant vet but gets more abilities and upgrade options than the standard Tiger I.
- unlocked at 14 CP
- resource penalty removed
- loses instant vet 3 veterancy
- comes equipped with Panzer Commander and mark target as standard.
- gets Aura Buff from PZIV Command Tank
- Cost ~660MP and 250 FU
- Upgrade option: - Veteran Tank Crew: Allows Emergency Repairs
- Veterancy is the same as Ostheer's Tiger I but Vet 3 grants additional turret rotation +20%

Strategies and Rational:
This commander provides very good information about the enemy and as we all know "Knowledge is power". Based on this information you can adjust your building order. Extra training provides your infantry additional abilities which reflects the high training standard of the infantry in the most powerful divisions. Combined arms fits perfectly to a theme that is build around tanks and well trained inf.
The better PZIV will make the Support Armor Corps more attractive which was in most games skipped by Wehrmacht players in the recent 2vs2 tournament to get a Brummbaer. Together with the reworked Tiger Ace - let's face it the current live version is not valuable and offers a stupid concept with instant vet- it will give you a formidable tank armada. The strong recon and armor aspect comes at a cost because you wont have any artillery ability or inf call- in.

A nice benefit of the reworked Tiger Ace would be that Elite Troops would get more attractive too. Of course there could be other options for reworking the Tiger Ace, i just want lay the ground for a constructive discussion.

Historical context
Wehrmacht had excellent radio intelligence and in many cases these informations were so valuable that superior soviet forces could be stopped because the General Staff could direct reserves to the neuralgic front sectors. To have the option to react the General Staff always tried to hold back a "strategic / operational reserve" which consisted of well equipped tank or pzgren divisions.
The doctrine would mirror the intelligence / recon work of the the General Staff and the tank reserve which was used as a "Frontfeuerwehr".

Additional Context:
special thanks to Stark and Osinyagov for providing feedback and advice.

Are you ready to lead your tank tank reserve against the Allies?

13 Jan 2019, 16:55 PM
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Mechanized counter attack doctrine

Theme : Solid structures and fortified armor defend the enemy's attack and mechanized combat groups immediately begin counterattack

0cp) SdKfz 250 Half-track

2cp) Defensive fortification

5cp) Hull down

6cp) Assault and hold

13cp) King tiger

vet 1 : scatter -20%, cannon rotation +40%, combat blitz

vet 2 : can access "spear head" skill, accel speed +30%

vet 3 : reload -20%, accuracy +20%

Strategies and Rational

Defensive fortification defend enemy's attack and Mechanized battle group with 250 half-track begin counterattack

Assault and hold buff will help your counter attack

250 half-track is the key of this doctrine

The 250 half-track is the fastest fortification and the fastest counter-attack unit

While 250 half-track defend enemy attack, you need to rebuild the fortified structure on new captured territory

The enemy will be embarrassed by your quick counterattack and re-fortified

Hulled-down King Tiger provides powerful defense through spearhead mode and go to enemy territory for break enemy's breath.

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1. panzer tactician
2. 5 man gren upgrade
3. artillery field officer
4. hull down
5. recon, single pass that drops smoke as in fallschim commander

very high iq, loads of smoke not too op + needs to have my portrait
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