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Bugreport- Commander Update June 2021

16 Jun 2021, 21:31 PM
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Pls write here all related bugs to the Commander Update 2021.

You can review the updated patch notes here.

16 Jun 2021, 23:59 PM
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SU-76 in tank hunter commander can not cloak before vet 1 and thus does not benefit from doctrinal ability.
17 Jun 2021, 02:23 AM
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bug on OKW - Heavy Fortification Ability

- It says S-Mines needs 3 command points, even tho they get unlocked at 2 command points (gets unlocked along with the tank traps, flak emplacement and trenches)
- Trenches do not appear on the build menu of sturmpioneers until you get 2 command points
17 Jun 2021, 03:06 AM
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Is the Rifle Company M3 halftrack supposed to have a pintling MG? As it current has the visual but does not pintle.
17 Jun 2021, 04:33 AM
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ML/20 wont fire creeping smoke barrage if any of the shells are outside of ML/20 range. Creeping barrages generally fire as long as the shell hitting the center is valid.
17 Jun 2021, 04:52 AM
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I had a circumstance where my Assault Guards crewed a Pak 40 and could then reinforce anywhere.
17 Jun 2021, 09:33 AM
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Cooldown UI is sometimes bugged on the LeFH, cooldowns look as if its to finish any second and interface states "0 seconds".
This hides the actual cooldown, happend once so far when using the Vet1 barrage, when previously the standard barrage was used.

Not sure on how to recreate

Edit: OKW LeFH, not sure about ost
17 Jun 2021, 10:35 AM
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Can you please fix the spelling of "Osttruppen" in the changelog?

It contains a double "t" and double "p", the changelog has 3 different versions of the writing, which makes it very hard to track their changes.
17 Jun 2021, 13:16 PM
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Could we change " Concript repair kit" to " repair kit " ? even symbol is penals repair kit.
17 Jun 2021, 14:13 PM
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Could we change " Concript repair kit" to " repair kit " ? even symbol is penals repair kit.

I say "Infantry Repair Kits".
17 Jun 2021, 15:57 PM
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Ostheer hull-downed vehicles get a significantly larger selection box, it's very easy to accidentally select them along with other units.

Speaking of hull-down, a range and cone indicator would be very welcome.
17 Jun 2021, 16:54 PM
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I got 2 crushed in one day since the patch something that very rare for my PC before the patch.
17 Jun 2021, 18:38 PM
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One of my friends had a problem to start the game.
It is just stuck in the steam app.
Reinstallation didn't help
He tried to go back to the community test version, it works when it run as the test version.
But didn't work when he switch back to the latest version.
17 Jun 2021, 19:58 PM
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As much as it might tempt me to abuse the SP flamers to B-4 levels, if you get the sweeper package you only see the sweeper icon. Did a couple of nasty ambushes on the unsuspecting with it. I guess it's not really a problem to most but thought I'd mention it.
17 Jun 2021, 21:25 PM
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Canceling barrages before a single shot is fired, or even before an animation starts will still trigger cooldown

Definitely happens on B4 and Zis, not sure about other things
18 Jun 2021, 02:55 AM
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"Flares and Fired-Up abilities require either an unlocked Platoon or Company Command Post before these abilities can be used"

In game i just need to call in captain or lieutenant, Flares and Fired-Up will be unlocked for me
18 Jun 2021, 09:19 AM
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I get this message although my driver are updated, this started with 64bit version.

18 Jun 2021, 13:49 PM
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First game after patch and it crashes after 20 min. Might just be an unfortunate bugsplat, but I rarely have'em.
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