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New Commander Submission - SOVIETS

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10 Jan 2019, 18:06 PM
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Submission guidelines
  • Each player can submit one proposal per faction. Please use the appropriate threads on coh2.org or on relic offical forum. These threads are for submissions only.
  • Discussion of submissions should take place in separate threads so that submissions are easy to reference.
  • Players must only use units, abilities or assets which already exist in the game, and are fully functional. (The Hetzer is not an option as it is missing animations.)
  • Some players have asked about captured equipment. This is a possibility but should be sensible, and thematically / historically appropriate.
  • If you have already submitted an idea elsewhere, please repost to the official threads.

Requirements and Rational

Please detail the following in your submissions;

It would be preferred if you could use this template in your proposals

  • The name and theme of your proposed Commander.
  • The unit and ability roster.
  • Any changes you envisage to preexisting units or abilities.
  • What new strategies/ options does this Commander add to this faction?
  • Any historical basis, or additional context/ rational you wish to provide.
10 Jan 2019, 21:31 PM
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British Licensed Equipament Commander

2 - Universal Carrier Group
A Universal Carrier carrying Guards Assault Troops with PPSH submachine guns is put under your command.

3 - (PASSIVE) Repair Station
Allows engineers to build an immobile repair station which sends out mechanics to repair nearby vehicles.

4 - Bofors emplacement
Combat Engineers now have the ability to construct bofors emplacements.

4 - Allied Supply Drop
A cargo plane will deliver available fuel to the target location, varying in amount based on availability. The cargo plane is highly vulnerable to anti-air units.

11 - MK VII Churchill Tank
A MK VII Churchill Tank can be deployed to the battlefield.
10 Jan 2019, 21:47 PM
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Soviet Armor Superiority - The true soviet way!

Theme - Overwhelm the enemy with superior soviet armor. Conduct an elastic defense with mobile units, while preparing a large attack to give the enemy a decisive blow when the time is right.

Historical Basis - Soviet T-34 spam that put even the Sherman to shame.

1 - (Passive) Vehicle Self-Repair - 20 MU
Unlocks self-repair ability for all light and medium vehicles (Scout car, Half-track, Medium tanks).

3 - Mark Vehicle - 50 MU
Target vehicle takes more damage/more criticals from allied forces. As a cosmetic bonus, make the visible enemy crew cower through the mood-state.

4 - IL-2 Strafe - 75 MU
IL-2 Machinegun strafe. Does very little damage to vehicles (without mark-target) but does decent damage to and suppresses infantry/team-weapons.

7 - Soviet War Machine - 150 MU
All lost vehicles are replaced by green t34s (normal t34 with less gun accuracy and lower health), including the new t34's. Replaces up to 5 vehicles. For possible realism, random chance of a 10-second engine breakdown every minute:snfAmi:

11 - Red Banner Division - 400 MP 125 FU? (idea being that player spends fuel in place of manpower)
Two t-34-85 reinforcements with improved stats than the general t34-85. Also comes with a fancy coat of paint.
10 Jan 2019, 21:52 PM
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Guard heavy motor tactics

2cp guard rifles

4cp recon flight

7cp Crew repairs

8cp 152mm howizer

13cp is 2 heavy tank
10 Jan 2019, 21:54 PM
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Faction + Commander Name: Soviet Defense in Depth Tactics

Theme: Inspired by the Soviet defenses at Kursk.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Defensive Tools

Combat Engineers can now build MG nests (same as the ones protecting the HQ), Mortar pits (taken from the All Units mod), AT gun emplacements (Again taken from the All Units mod so credits to SneakEye. The emplacement is built with double M42s initially but can be upgraded to a ZiS-3) and Tank Traps.

Slot 2: Forward Headquarters

Same as Urban Defense.

Slot 3: Repair Stations

Self-explanatory, from the Soviet Industry.

Slot 4: Entrenching Tools

Soviet version of Hull Down that also gives the ability to infantry to dig trenches (without the netting on top) apart from just "digging in" tanks. Apart from MG nests, Mortar Pits, trenches, tank traps, barbedwire mines and AT gun emplacements the Red Army also "hulled down" a lot of their tanks in order to assume a stronger defensive posture.

Slot 5: T-34/85

Kursk was known for it's massive amount of tanks battling each other, many of these were the well known T-34/85s, I think.

Strategies and Rational

Mostly a combination of Urban Defense and Defensive Tactics, taking the best of both. Mostly meant for team games and support, not really a commander meant for 1v1s.

Additional Context

I really just think that the Soviets need an MG nest and some more defenses, that's about it.
10 Jan 2019, 22:28 PM
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Heavy Urban Assault

2CP – HM-38 120mm Mortar

3CP – Conscript Assault Package Upgrade

7CP - Vehicle Crew Repair Training

13CP – IS-2 Heavy Tank

11 Jan 2019, 06:03 AM
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Soviet Breakthrough Army (Frontal Assault doctrine)

Theme: Red Army primary doctrine was counter-attacking enemy forces and conducting massive offensive operations. Many soviet armor units were designed to break through enemy lines, create gaps in enemy defences through which massed soviet infantry force could get in.
This doctrine represents massive offensive operations of combined heavy armor and infantry.

2 CP: Guards Infantry (PPsh)

4 CP: Smoke cover (60 MP, works like smoke cover in USF pershing doctrine)

6 CP: For mother russia! (75 MP)

8 CP: IL-2 Strafe (90 MP)

13 CP: IS-2 Heavy tank. IS-2 should get "Inspire infantry" ability like KV-2 tank.

Strategies and rational:
Red Army was a maneuver-oriented force, highly dependant on speed and massive striking power. I think in current meta soviet forces lack the doctrine that motivates for aggressive mobile offence. PPSh guards could serve as a main strike force combined with "For mother russia". IS-2 with inspire infantry ability, smoke cover and IL-2 strafes make perfect combination for a single breakthrough strike.

Soviet lategame became more position based because there is no reliable medium armor, and heavy armor goes in less mobile doctrines. In lategame soviets are forced to become position based, because frontal and even flank attack could be easily countered due to soviet low tank armor, panzerschrecks, stealth raketens.

So now we mostly see su-85 / panther / tiger skirmishes and massive strikes mostly from Axis using massed tank assault.

Giving soviets this doctrine should make a good alternative to positional play. Smoke cover allows to netralize initial burst damage of enemy AT, For mother russia gives opportunity to quickly get to enemy MGs and crew AT.
11 Jan 2019, 07:40 AM
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Guards Airborne corp
Theme: Drop elite airborne troops behind enemy lines to exploit weaknesses, use air power to break through hardpoints, and keep the initiative on your side using airdropped supplies.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: Airborne guards riflemen
Paradropped/glider dropped unit, available from 3CP.
Costs similar to american paratroopers?
Ppsh guards squad from lend-lease
Ideally a paradropped squad but if the chutes and animations from paratroopers/fallschirmjaegar can’t be easily attached to the model, having them appear from a british glider should be much the same

Slot 2: Allied suppy drop

Slot 3: Recon flight

Slot 4: Il2-Sturmovik attacks/Il2 PTAB bombs, or perhaps an ability like OKW Airborne assault that has planes loiter and allows paratrroopers to replenish
Basically a way to give some anti-vehicle in a thematic way. Although it would be a new ability, the replishment offered by an airborne assault ability would be good as the paratroopers otherwise have no way of replenishing in the field (not a huge loss though, just a neat thing about the other paratrooper units).

Slot 5: M42?
Least sure about this slot. M42 gives a stopgap light antitank to help against vehicles, and allows for skipping tier 2 initially to keep up mobile pressure. Was historically also the main gun issued to the corps

Strategies and Rational
Largely this was just designed to give the Soviets an air focussed doctrine to add a new way to play them (currently they’re the only faction without one). The specific tactics I had in mind are a kind of deep strike moving into a continual pressure on the enemies. Paratroopers can get behind enemy lines to bypass strong points, wih recon helping to spot those weaknesses before dropping, the Il2 loiter can help break through a point or make a nasty backline surprise and by being active within enemy territory you can take pressure off your own lines to use the supply drop safely and keep the initiative with extra resources for earlier vehicles. As I said, I’m not completely sure on the fifth slot, but the M42 call in allows you to use tier one for the more mobile and offensive units such as the penals and scout car without becoming too weak to light vehicles and needing to side tech.

Additional Context
While they were largely used on the ground as elite divisions as the war went on (much like the fallschirmjaeger), the Soviets did establish and train a number of large Airborne corps, and were one of the pioneers of airborne troop tactics during the interwar period (even experimenting with a gliding tank). In 1944 a number of even more elite Guards Airborne corps were formed to be able to exploit opportunities presented during offensives, much like how I envision this commander playing.
11 Jan 2019, 08:35 AM
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11 - Red Banner Division - 500 MP 100 FU
Two t-34-85 reinforcements with improved stats than the general t34-85. Also comes with a fancy coat of paint.

2 T34-85 for 500 MP and 100 FU????
Isn't it way to cheep????
The OST and OKW players will kill you man :D
11 Jan 2019, 09:18 AM
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Czechoslovak Army Corps. The formation was started on January 5, 1942. On organizational issues, the battalion submitted to the Czechoslovak government in exile (in London), in operational matters - to the higher command of those Soviet military units to which it was attached. In the future, this order was maintained until the end of the war. The uniform was a British sample and was sent from the UK. Used SVT-40 in very large quantities.

Bofors 40mm AA gun

paratroopers of the 2nd Czechoslovak Separate Airborne Brigade
6 people squad, armed with three Mosin carbine, three SVT-40. Can buy three more SVT-40 or six PPSh-41. They can throw an F1 grenade and throw a explosive charge against howitzers. Can be parachuted into the fog of war.

parachute anti-tank group
M-42 gun, ambush camouflage, sabotage shells.
M-42 crew - 6 people, merger. Upgrade: two PTRS-41, cancels the merger, gives anti-tank grenade, anti-tank mines (expensive and only anti tank, like German), ambush camouflage.

M-30 122-mm howitzers off map artillery strike

IS-2 of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps
11 Jan 2019, 11:14 AM
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Rename the T1 penals to strelki and change the visual of the model to that of frontoviki... retain all stats...(maybe) benefits from conscript bulletins or rename the only existing penal bulletin...

Purely cosmetic changes...

Commander suggestion:
Penal battalion tactis

This commander functions as a real penal bat to unleash the desperate horror of the red army against the fascist invader!

0cp shtraftniki/penal bats...

6 man squad 3 with freely tranferable conscript mosin nagants... can merge cap and recrew weapon teams but no other ability...
150mp squad

3cp NKVD commissar...
requisitions an nkvd commissar

3cp commissar execution...
commissar executes a soldier... all soldiers near commissar gets for the motherland like stat boosts...

5cp comrade vasily zaitsev...
A special sniper with longer sight and higher rof is requisitioned... special ability reveals cloaked units within firing range...

8cp victory or death...
All retreating units are killed for 30 seconds... no unit can get suppressed and gets for the motherland stat boosts...
11 Jan 2019, 13:45 PM
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Trophy collector commander. This commander knows how to strengthen his troops, he will take everything that lies without supervision.

captured weapon
gives MG-34 for conscript and MP-40 for engineers

Engineer Scavenger Kit

PAK-40 Anti-tank artillery
Soviet anti-tank snipers - IPTAP. The most experienced and effective gun crews are transferred to these troops. Separate anti-tank units partially armed with captured Pak 38 and Pak 40 anti-tank guns.
Abilities: ambush camouflage, sabot projectile.

commander PzKpfw IV

Artillery strike or other ability using ammunition
11 Jan 2019, 14:17 PM
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Doctrine Name: Guard Rifle Elite Tactics

(2 CP) DP-28 Light Machine Gun Package for Conscripts.
Allows Conscripts to upgrade to 1 DP-28 LMG for 50 munitions (or 2 for 90 if programming 1 DP is too difficult or buggy). This ability allows Conscripts to scale better into the late game without eliminating the need for more elite squads like Guards and Snipers. Conscripts would not be able to button enemy vehicles like Guards. Even lesser infantry of guard battalions would be equipped with superior weapons to allow them the firepower necessary to break German formations.
(2 CP) Guard Rifle Infantry squads unlocked for call-in.
Guard Rifles form the core of the Guards Battalion as a dependable and powerful infantry unit that can defeat both infantry and light vehicles.
(5 CP) Conscript Repair Tactics.
There is little time to stop during the organized pushes of the Guards Battalion. This allows Conscripts to keep vehicles moving for operations.
(8 CP) Mark Target.
Works as the existing Soviet ability. Aircraft mark an enemy vehicle for destruction, displaying the Guards' skill, prowess, and organization.
(17 CP) IS-2 Ace.
Allows for the requisition of an IS-2 Ace, displaying the Guard Battalion's elite prowess. Manpower income drained by 25% until the IS-2 Ace is destroyed. The IS-2 Ace is a veterancy 3 IS-2 that is similar in price to the Tiger Ace.

Flavor Text:
Guard Rifle battalions relied on equipping their units with top-of-the-line equipment to employ combined arms tactics. Conscripts armed with DP LMGs are capable of suppressing enemy squads, while Guard Rifle Infantry are capable of dealing with armor. The IS-2 Ace acts as a breakthrough tank, while aircraft also marks enemy tanks for improved precision in their destruction.

Author's Reasoning
Soviet Commanders are largely homogenized, sharing a relatively small pool of generic abilities. This commander would provide a new experience to Soviet commanders using in-game assets, combining traits from existing units to create a strange Soviet-Wehrmacht hybrid playstyle. The IS-2 Ace would be balanced similarly to the Tiger Ace in that it is incredibly expensive but provides a final push in a longer match, and given its CP cost regular Soviet units would also see play with this doctrine, including a scaling Conscript squad that many players have yearned for for years.

Programming Concerns
Programming the DP-28 onto Conscripts and the IS-2 Ace both might be difficult, but they are key to the doctrine's unique playstyle and use existing assets, so hopefully should not be all that difficult to implement.
11 Jan 2019, 15:36 PM
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(2 CP) DP-28 Light Machine Gun Package for Conscripts.
Allows Conscripts to upgrade to 1 DP-28 LMG for 50 munitions (or 2 for 90 if programming 1 DP is too difficult or buggy). This ability allows Conscripts to scale better into the late game without eliminating the need for more elite squads like Guards and Snipers. Conscripts would not be able to button enemy vehicles like Guards. Even lesser infantry of guard battalions would be equipped with superior weapons to allow them the firepower necessary to break German formations.

this should probably be non doctrinal or smth tbh... conscripts are soo shit as of the moment..
11 Jan 2019, 16:19 PM
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Guard Armor Assault Tactics

Theme: Use the power of heavy tank guard assault battalion, equiped with the most potent soviet heavy tanks IS-2. Guard regiments will provide their expirienced troops for support, and Air Force will provide extra firepower for smashing german defenders from their position.

2 Command points - Guard Assault Infantry
- Equipped with six SVT-40 Semi-auto rifles.
- Can be upgraded with double DP-28.
- Have the same abilities, as regular guards.
- Price 340MP.
- In comparison with regualar guards, they more effective vs infantry, but cannot fight with vehicles on themselfs.

6 Command points - Fear Propaganda (Not sure about that)
- Identical to other doctrines.

7 Command points - Self-repair
- Identical to other doctrines.

12 Command points - IL-2 Air Support
- Cost - 250 ammunition.
- Spawn two attackers IL-2, which will provide support in designated area.
- One of them use it's 23-mm canons, second one using it's RS-132 unguided rockets.
- 3D-Model has these rockets.

13 Command points - IS-2 Heavy Tank
- Get new veterancy ability - fire single HE shell (idea from miragefla iirc).
- Get increased damage to 200, to make it more effective with premium mediums.
- Regualr mediums still require 4 shots to be destroyed.
- Possibly fuel price increased, but only on 10-20 fuel.

Strategies and Rational
Current doctrines with IS-2 not optimal, because IS-2 with shocks doesn't give anything against armor, but IS-2 itself. Also, it mostly designed to be played on close or urban maps. Second doctrine doesn't have anything special against infanrt, except IL-2 loiter, and supposed to be played mainly on open maps. Moreover, it requires a lot of fuel to be played, and T-34-85 really better.

Additional Context
There is no real commander, designed like soviet guard heavy armor battalions. And there is no commander, with most well known way of using IL-2 as a carrier of unguided rockets. This commander will be representation of soviet late war guards army. Also, guard playstyle (in oppisition to shocks and conscripts) will finally get commander with IS-2.

11 Jan 2019, 17:10 PM
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Advanced Penal Regiments
Theme: Veteran Penal troops in combination with a command squad, flamethrower tanks and anti-tank arty.

1. Kv8 Flamethrower tank (0cp)
- Identical to NKVD Disruption Tactics Kv8

2. Defensive Fortifications (1CP)
- Allows Penals to build sandbags, barbed wire and mines. (maybe brit trenches too)

3. Commissar command squad (2CP)
- Identical to NKVD Disruption Tactics Commissar command squad

4. Advanced weaponry (5CP)
- Allows Penal Squads to get 2 dp-28 light machine guns for 100 muni
- When you upgrade penals with ptrs now, the satchel will be replaced with anti tank nades (the ones from the tank hunter commander)

5. IL-2 PTAB Anti-tank bombing run (10CP)
- Identical to Tank Hunter IL-2 PTAB Anti-tank bombing run

Idea: With this commander you dont have to call in some elite infantry squads like guards or shocks. Now Penals scale better into late game. And they have some utility now. The commander is mostly infantry focused, so the anti-tank bombing run makes more sense than a normal il-2. I refrained from using a is-2 callin tank instead of a kv8, cause thats too powerful in my opinion.
11 Jan 2019, 18:32 PM
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Faction Soviet - Allied Support Tactics

Theme: Lend Lease with a mobile assault emphasis. Allied code-breaking gives you vital intel to exploit enemy weaknesses. Use elite SVT wielding Guards and mobile M10s to break through the enemy with the extra morale provided by the provision of allied equipment. Tactical Air Support provides additional means to create avenues of attack.

Unit and Ability Roster

Slot 1: 0 CP Radio Intercept

Slot 2: Assault Guards (Lend Lease)
1-2 CP. Can start with 6 SVT with option to upgrade to 2 Thompsons or 2 Bazookas similar to Calvary Riflemen or Recon Paratroopers.

Slot 3: For Mother Russia!

Slot 4: M10 - Unlocked from T4

Slot 5: IL2 Strafe (Advanced Warfare)
- Fixed so that it actually works - currently it does not line up properly.

Strategies and Rational Soviets have a glaring weakness of relying solely on non-turreted TDs. The M10 fills that gap while Lend Lease Guards gives you the option to be flexible with mobile AT or Assault Troops. Bonus of fixing 2 forgotten abilities (IL2 strafe and Lend Lease guards) - though any offmap can be used for Slot 5 really but I want to fix the strafe lol. Thematically this fits because Guards units got the best equipment and historically M10s were provided via Lend Lease
11 Jan 2019, 19:02 PM
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LimaOscarMike's Tactic

Theme: let me make it up with some words later :rofl:

Unit and Ability Roster

CP 0-4 : Warcry

- Urah from conscript now provide weapon cooldown debuff (any debuff that dont encourage blobing)to the enemy within range. Could cost more than regular urah as you see fit.

CP 2 : 2 AVT-40 upgrade for conscript or CP 3-5 : 4 men Guard Assault with 4 mosin by default and 2 upgradeable AVT-40

- models for the weapon is not really a problem since we can use SVT-40 for that but the weapon profiles itself I'm more worried about if we able to make a change on that part. the gun should be used burst fire behavoir with long cooldown at all range so they won't be trigger happy and turn it into another STG44.

CP 2-3 : Anti-personal mine

-combat engineer can lay tiny anti-personal mine for 7 munition

CP 5-8 : Scorched earth policy

- allow engineer to use Scorched earth policy

CP 8-10 : Elite armor reserved

- an ability to withdraw any vet 3 medium tank then return them back as Red Banner T-34/85 which should perform better than regular vet 3 T-34/85 in someway

11 Jan 2019, 23:43 PM
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Soviet - Infiltration Tactics

Slot 1: Razvedka Squad
Call in unit, available from 1CP.
Costs 300 MP, 30 Mp reinforce cost
3 man squad, soviet sniper model
2 Shock's PPSh-41, 1 Scoped Mosin (copy of Jaeger Light Infantry Recon Squad's G43 sniper rifle)
Satchel charge, identical to penals' satchel charge
Can activate camouflage (Identical to CoH1 sniper)
Vet1 ability: Ambush, available when squad is camouflaged (mostly identical to Volley Fire but more effective and short-range)

Slot 2: Conscript Anti-Tank Package

Slot 3: Trip wire flare minefield
Similar to S-mine minefield

Slot 4: For Mother Russia!

Slot 5: Tank Assault
Available for T-34 and T-70
Mostly identical to Sherman Radio Net, increasing speed and reducing received accuracy

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