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Contest: New Maxim vet1 ability

1 Apr 2017, 12:23 PM
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Bigger arc would be a huge buff. And sprint removal is nothing since its bad.
That would likely to allow no skill camping with double mortar like axis play often. Definately less APM and focus gona be needed.

I suggest earlier unlock of rocket trucks. Like stuka/t70 timing. And much higher damage for rocket trucks vs tanks to disallow camping with tanks
1 Apr 2017, 13:28 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post1 Apr 2017, 11:52 AMaaa

Extended sight for unit that is positioned behind infantry is useless.

Wrong, just look at snipers
1 Apr 2017, 14:21 PM
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Hello COH2.ORG viewers, this is my first ever post here, so here are a few ideas for discussion on Maxim Vet 1 ability change.

1: Maxim crew drops smoke grenade on retreat, similar to that of commando’s,
May help in preventing the maxim gunner death loop. (Passive ability)
2: Maxim crew can throw an explosive grenade / or anti-tank grenade if researched, and this ability
Can be used at the full 360’ spectrum and also can be used whilst set up or moving, must require
A minimum of 2 members. (Munitions based ability).
3: Maxim crew has the Hit the Dirt ability similar to that of the Guard Rifle Combined Tactics
Commander. Whereas the crew members will hit the dirt to receive less incoming fire.
(Free ability time based with cool down)
4: Maxim crew has To The Last Man ability, as where the squad becomes more resilient as the squad
Is reduced in numbers. (Passive ability, or alternatively could possibly be a munitions based ability
That increases in duration proportional to vet levels)
5: Maxim crew has Hold the Line ability, Will this ability is active. Maxim crew has an increased rate
Of fire and a small durability buff. (Munitions based ability, timed with cooldown).

1 Apr 2017, 14:34 PM
1 Apr 2017, 14:56 PM
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Give it the ability to skip one or two reload cycles for an ammo cost of 25. Call it suppressive fire.
1 Apr 2017, 16:24 PM
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I really like this idea
If I may suggest a Vet 1 ability:

Sustained Fire (Timed): The Maxim makes use of it's water-cooled nature to fire automatically until the belt is expended or the enemy is gone.
1 Apr 2017, 16:34 PM
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Do they need a vet 1 ability? I know you don't want them to not have a unique vet 1 ability like other MGs, but the maxim is its own special snowflake to begin with.

Something as simple as spreading out their existing vet across all three levels could work just fine.

If anything, I'd suggest cover-specific vet ability. (This could potentially sidestep the bugginess of teardown and setup times as it would only be triggered in cover.) They could get a passive 'ability' that improve their performance while in cover. (Which also sidesteps much of the A-move power, and wouldn't necessarily apply to garrisons.)
1 Apr 2017, 16:51 PM
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Maxim is a water cooled HMG thus it can fire for prolonged time.

I would suggest that the ability represent that by allowing the weapon to fire all of its bullets non stop but then suffer a double reload penalty. A damage penalty during the ability might also be needed.

Another option or simultaneously it could do a sweep similar to Centaur vet 1 ability.
1 Apr 2017, 17:42 PM
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Vet 0 ability for unit to scream USE YOUR TIGAHHHHHHHH! !!! provides 500% rage attribute
1 Apr 2017, 17:55 PM
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Gains passive aura that buffs nearby conscripts reducing their cool down or something. This would gently boost cons after the first few engagements whilst requiring combined arms and not buff them in aggressive attack i.e. Con-spam

This would partly compensate for the new flankable maxim if supported
1 Apr 2017, 18:04 PM
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Once vet 1 the maxim for 60 mu can turn into an hmg nest similar to USF fighting positions.

The HMG has a POP cost but can be delete/tear down (if full HP) for half price refund.


Maxim start working a bit like the old kubel gaining more suppression the longer it stay stationary.
1 Apr 2017, 20:16 PM
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Faster gun traverse at vet 1?
1 Apr 2017, 20:24 PM
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Lay down suppressiv fire in its entire arc of fire.
This suppress all infantry units within its arc.
It cost munitions
the maxims will be overheating and needs to cool down before the maxim can fire again
It cannot move/retreat, only after the maxim has cooled down

While the ability is active, the maxims accuracy will be drastically lowered
1 Apr 2017, 20:33 PM
1 Apr 2017, 21:59 PM
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Not One Step Back

For 20 munitions Maxim can't be suppressed for 8~ seconds, but is immobile and can't rotate its arc. If in suppression it breaks suppression and fires normally.

It would come in useful in MG wars, when both are setting up, rushing to suppress the other or when they are already set up and you want to return fire. It's a fairly situational ability, which I'm guessing is what you want, as you you don't want to buff the Maxim by giving it an ability it uses all the time. It's also skillful, as you have to gauge before using it whether:

1. It's worth 20 munitions to suppress their MG at this moment in time and
2. If you'll be able to suppress their MG and manage not to get flanked, or worse decrewed, during the 8 second immobility.

1 Apr 2017, 22:09 PM
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1st was ability to send one of their weapon crew to survey the path within range

2nd is smoke round to cover their own retreat if they manage fast enough to prevent them from getting killed while retreat or even repostion after getting surpressed either by another MG or MG bunker

Wrong, just look at snipers

it is your days m'lord mission compleated but none can't be done after the act of your dark strat :sibHyena:
1 Apr 2017, 23:06 PM
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i would suggest a supression buff as ability (only when set-up), but not instantly, but a buff that is building up. that way, the maxim can stop a brainless blob, if you plan ahead and activate this ability before the blob runs in your arc. and it fits the theme of the water-cooledm such fire, much wow platform
1 Apr 2017, 23:07 PM
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Give it "To the Last Man"
2 Apr 2017, 00:59 AM
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at vet 1 maxim gains an ability that give them extra evasion from incoming fire for the same amount of time that the sprint ability had. im just thinking of a ability that will have mg42 armor piercing and this new maxim ability counter eachother if both used so its balanced. i think its the only balanced thing we can add from everything i thought of
2 Apr 2017, 01:09 AM
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Order 227

NKVD gunners gently encourage movement of their comrades towards the enemy with a hail of bullets

Maxim can now target friendly infantry squads and apply negative suppression. May or may not cause damage or death to targeted comrade.

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