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Need help against UKF (2 vs 2 )

28 Aug 2020, 15:05 PM
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OST / OKW vs Double UKF.

We were pushing them hard early on. They lost 2 Sections, one AEC and one UC. The problem was that they manged to take control of both ammo points ( Moscow ) . From that point on it went downhill. Our infantry could not do much against them, as they were equipped with MGs and were upgraded to 5 men squads. Furthermore they built forward bases on the ammmo points which made it basically impossible to do anything with our infantry against them. Fighting them with Vehicles was also no option as they had AT guns and one guy had double Pioneers with Piats. So I tried to build a stuka to kill their infantry / destroy their forward bases, but they doged stuka and simply repaired the forward bases quickly with their sections. Then they harassed our cutoff and took the fuel. From that on it was a lost fight.

So ... yea. I guess my question is. What to do as OKW ( and maybe OST ) against 5 men sections with MGs, which camp your cutoff because they have a forward base. I guess the answer would be ISG, but that thing is locked behind T1 and I already went Mech HQ. at that point ... so yea.

28 Aug 2020, 15:17 PM
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Basically JLI is one solid answer against brits, try and not bleed to much and get 2-3 of them. JLI and Obers are basically the only infantry that csn fight tommies effectively as okw.

Another strat is to go for 221 in order to deal good mp damage early and then lockdown on fuel to gain an armor advantage.

And btw, ban Moskau it is a terrible map that promotes blobbing on cutoff even more than winnekedonk
28 Aug 2020, 15:21 PM
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And btw, ban Moskau it is a terrible map that promotes blobbing on cutoff even more than winnekedonk

Definitely will do from now on.
28 Aug 2020, 16:48 PM
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What about p fussies flare and jagdtiger while you keep stuka alive and the ostheer goes p werfer ? maybe patience?

a good question i have is wich maps to downvote in 2v2 as axis?
28 Aug 2020, 18:26 PM
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Falls do a good job against brits since they can kind of just facewipe vickers and it's not like you have any really oppressive anti infantry light vehicles to worry about against brits (so not having as many fausts is acceptable).

Also indirect is uncounterable as brits so you can abuse that too.
29 Aug 2020, 00:58 AM
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Ost really should have sniper and play with OKW supporting it and covering it. British has no answers for snipers early on and you will bleed him badly if he choses to rush 5 men sections instead of sniper.

As double OKW you really should just go for Fallshims\JLI or Fusiliers. Because volks cant handle UKF with volks, obersts arive way too late and LVs will be answered with AEC or AT guns.

With punzerfusiliers you will still bleed early on, but at least their gewehr upgrade makes them quite strong.
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