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Commanders revamp - December patch

3 Nov 2017, 16:33 PM
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Lend-Lease Commander: remove the Guard, add access to the Allied arms rack.

Guard: replace the PTRS with a double lend-lease bazooka or one trophy panzerschreck (too many PTRS)

- come with bazooka/panzerschreck- a veteran ability: "shoot at vulnerable places".
- can buy DP-27 - become a solid long-range unit replaces bazooka/panzerschreck, veterans ability: "hit the dirt"- reduces damage, increases accuracy.

shock troop - remove the delay of throwing a grenade, they must throw a grenade right away as I order them, and not after 5-10 seconds
4 Nov 2017, 08:33 AM
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I had this crazy idea for Lend Lease:
-2CP Assault Guards (300MP): 2x SVT 4x Thompson, Guards grenade. The poor-man's Shocks.
-2CP Heavy AT Guards (300MP): 4x Cons Mosin 2x M9 Bazooka, Tank Detection. Better stopgap AT infantry
-3CP 3CP Conscript Bren Gun (60MU): unlocks 1x Bren upgrade for Cons
-4CP Allied Supply Drop
-10CP M4C Command Tank (380MP 250FU): M4C, 50m LoS, main gun 6/7.5 sec reload, +20% damage dealt 35m radius aura (doesn't affect itself)
4 Nov 2017, 11:30 AM
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This only two thing seems kind of stupid to me. Obviously recon and mechanized are the notable offenders, but dear god does armor's "advanced vehicle crews" need to be fixed. It's a abomination of an ability that shouldn't be allowed to exist.
4 Nov 2017, 15:22 PM
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I'd rather fix two useless doctrinal abilities per faction, rather than two commanders.
4 Nov 2017, 15:31 PM
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I'd rather fix two useless doctrinal abilities per faction, rather than two commanders.

That is close to what I suggested. Fix the 2 commanders but also fix any ability that is obviously broken and can easily be fixed.

(Cost for Soviet salvage kits for instance.)
4 Nov 2017, 17:43 PM
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I have just somewhat swiped through the thread but haven't found the Elite Troops doctrine yet.

I think the Tiger Ace should be redesigned. A heavy tank should cost fuel and keeping it intact shouldn't punish you with a resource penalty.
5 Nov 2017, 11:38 AM
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Luftwaffe Ground Forces
- Airborne assault is totally useless. It shall be replaced with a cool air support ability worthy to the Luftwaffe, just like the Overwatch stuka strike or like hensels in coh 1.
- Flak enplacement is also useless. It can be decrewed with only one sniper shot or can be easily charged with one conscript squad. It would be more useful if the crew couldn't be killed, just like the ones in the base. And a little HP buff would also be usefull. (This change should also affect the Fortification Doctrine)

Overwatch Doctrine
The other almost useless doctrine at OKW. It makes no sense to have 2 recon abilities. Forward receivers should be replaced with a more usefull ability, e.g. Folkgrenadiers could build bunkers and mines like at Fortification Doctrine, or Sturmpioneers could lay teller/riegel mines etc.

Royal Artillery Regiment
- It is OP that the artilery barrage can be fired to unrevealed targets for 100 ammo. It makes defensive doctrines complitelly useless, since 88 guns, and 105 artilerys can be destroyed easily with one barrage. Its price should be rised to 150 ammo and it should be only fired to revaeled targets.
- On the other hand, the sexton is useless. Its AOE damage should be increased. Even the OKW leig is more effective.

Advanced Emplacement Regiment
The other OP doctrine at UKF. It doesn't even need an engineer to make a sims city and also repair it.
- Infantry sections shall repair more slowly (or maybe not at all) to make sense to buy engineers.
- Repair stations shouldn't repair buildings in combat, or at least when enemies nearby. Other similar abilities like medics, OKW repair truk etc. don't work in combat neither.

Recon Support Company
Greyhound is currently useless. An AA halftrack worth its price much more. Its damage shall be increased against infantry and/or it shall have a .50 cal throught upgrade or veterancy. Its canister shot is also useless. It kills only 1-2 soldier even in a crowd.

Mechanized Company
This doctrine is maybe the worst in the whole game. Its main ability is the call back of the vehicles, but why would you call back a light vehicle for lower refund? They can be usefull even in late game against infantry.
- Instead of the call back ability it should have a more usefull one. E.g. vehicles are producted faster like at Armor doctrine in coh 1.
- Instead of M3 halftrack it should have M5 halftrack with quad .50 cal upgrade. M3 is almost usless when it comes in for 3 CP.

Tank Hunters
Since Penals have ptrs, its doctrine is almost useless. The best solution would be to remove the ptrs from Penals, because it makes them OP, just like Folkgrenadiers before, when they had panzerschrecks. Even guards don't make any sense now.
But since the Community can only modify the doctrines, the Tank Hunter should be strengthen up somehow.

Counterattack Tactics
- The KV-1 shall have more damage. Currently its too weak for its price. Its HP is OK, but it is slow and have a small penetration and damage, even a well manoeuvred PZ4 can easily destroy it. It also ineffective against infantry.
- 203mm gun neither worth its price. It should be more accurate with maybe lesser damage, to be more reliable. Currently its effectivity is depends on luck. Its pop cap should also be reduced. 20 is too much for a weapon that is based on luck.

Mobile Defense Doctrine
- 2 Ostruppens for 3 CP and 425 MP is totally worthless. They should come in with random weapons or the ablitiy should be replaced with a more useful one, e.g. sector artilery or 88 pack.
- 5 CP for Puma is too much. Puma is against light vehicles, but other light vehicles come at 3 CP, and tanks come at 8 CP. Puma shall come at 4 CP to be useful against light vehicles in time, and not when almost tanks are coming.

German Infantry Doctrine
The other Ostheer doctrine I see almost never. The main problem with it, that other doctrines with similar abilities are stronger overall e.g. Assult Support or Lighting War. It should have 1 or 2 new abilities that makes it uniqe and worthy to choose it. E.g. infantry buffing ability like Valiant Assult or For Mother Russia, and/or a passive Zeal like ability from coh 1, and/or stun grenades like at Elite Troops etc.
9 Nov 2017, 05:03 AM
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OST officer - improving this unit would help a few OST doctrines

OST Sector Artillery - replacing this ability with Zero Artillery from OKW would help a few doctrines as well or simply make sector Artillery non sector dependent

OST Close the pocket Doctrine - I'd personally would like to see a complete rework of this doctrine since.... lets be honest this is a fucking troll doctrine for 4v4s (in my opinion), but more importantly is incredibly map dependent and still incredibly difficult to pull off, especially in 1v1s and 2v2s.

Good suggestions!

Close the pocket is definitely map dependant.
The one where there's mines as you are coming to one of the CP (forgot the name), and Red Ball are the best maps to use this ability.

IMO, map makers need to focus more on implementing critical capture points for this commander to be viable
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