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AI behavior MEGAList

25 Sep 2015, 07:51 AM
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+AI behavior MEGAList+

AI spends many unnecessary resources and without any definite objective.
Many units on the map madly and capturing hazard to be attacking alone and without support from other support units
Many suggestions happen in all factions

General concepts
-Scouts: Are units AI loiter capturing or pursue units of the same team, TANK/VEHI that need to be repaired pursue engineers/pios.
-Only Inf units capture points. No Atgun or HT
-If the human player has many nearby enemy units to a important point,
AI should help to more near Player.
-Squads with few entities or poor health must go retreat and refoirced/healing
-Priority MU;
+1st priority: Small abilities(2 or 3 uses early game); Ouhraa,Grenade, Smoke, ect
+2nd priority: Upgrade with small weapons; Penal+flame, Cons+PPSH, Grena+LMG, Volks+schreck
+3rd priority: Upgrade with small weapons of starting units; Engineers/Pio/sturmpio/RearEchelon upgrade with flame/minesweeper
+4rt priority: Upgrade with small weapons US in second slot
+5th priority: Small abilities; blitz,VET1, Smoke, ect
+6th priority: Arty/recon abilities must used on stationary units (bunkers, trucks, mg, mortars, ect)
-Priority FUEL; Light vehicles only need 1 or 2 max to build (reserving resources for medium/heavy tanks)
-Priority MP; If there are retreating units or receiving damage. Not build more new units.
-Repair TANK/VEHI; Units should not repair their vehicles/tanks near enemy units.
This should be done one area further back as a security measure.
-Front combat TANK/VEHI: Should remain in front when they encounter another tank/vehi and pivot or reverse. When have low health, frontal fighting between tanks, must are better facing
-Ultimate 50VPs or less SCRIPT; when there are few points and players are very close to the VPs.
There is a crazy situation of VPs capture, very fast changing owner. It is when the AI should prioritize in helping capture/defend VP. Leaving aside other tasks.
-Bases Under Attack SCRIPT; Where hq is destroyed. AI repairHQ with 2 engineers near the enemy.
The correct; spawning engineers in a more remote area and build T2 for build ATguns
-Small weapons drops. In early game all weapons are useful, in the Middle/late mortars are less necessary.
-AI leave atguns with crewed parked on bridges
-AI very fast steals supplies/mgs/ATguns that have been airdropped

ostheerostheer WER ostheerostheer
-AI Always build one HT and used as scout and when it is destroyed, AI build another HT
-AI build HTmortar 12:00 minutes (It is not necessary in the middle game)
-AI Scoot cars built in the 30th minute (It is not necessary in the middle game)
-AI spent MU on recon 13:00min, when there are units in the field Pgrena/grenadiers without updates.
-AI throw wall smoke (ability commander) on enemy units that do not interact with any own or allied unit.
-AI Not immediately updates its small weapons Pgrena/grenadiers
-AI Repairs abandoned mortar with pio at 16:00 minutes (mortars are useless in the middle game)
-AI pick up mortars with 3 entities grenadiers and loses the squad.
-AI builds mortars at 10:00min, when there arent mgs garrisoned in houses.
-AI build sniper at 23:00minutes (It is not necessary in the middle/late game)
-AI behavior Atgun, acts as a scout (capturing far and isolate)
-AI upgrade flame when this whole base destroyed (instead of repairing the base)
-AI build T2 with near enemies and if T2 is destroy, they build T1
All this happens with the HQ destroyed (instead of repairing the base)
-AI Bunker Healing SCRIPT; That needs a script:
+There isn't a script to build a bunker near the HQ for healing units

okwokw OKW okwokw
-AI supply trucks have long time unbuilt. And parking outside the bases many minutes unbuilt
(supply truck parking in the maps at 4:40 minutes, instead of 3/4 build units and upgrade medictruck at 2,30min)
(The trucks delays all the technology because the truck takes 180sg in out)
(while not upgrade must supplytruck parking in the sector of the base)
-AI takes too long to use conversion muni to fuel.
-AI build kubel at 23:00min (It is not necessary in the middle/late game)
-AI build Officer at 23:00min as scout (capturing far and isolate)
-AI Not immediately updates volks with pschreks
-AI middle/late game make many light vehicles (puma, panzerII, AA-HT, ect)
No lay away fuel for medium/heavy tanks

sovietssoviets SOV sovietssoviets
-AI no priority in upgrades; engineers upgrades first flamer instead of penals with flame
-AI upgrade Molotov and ATnade in early game. (Molotov in the game early and Atnades in the middle game)
-AI build M3A1 at 06:00min (It is not necessary in the middle game)
-AI M3A1/M5 SCRIPT; These vehicle needs a script:
+ It used as a standalone unit, his MG is used to attack the enemy.
+ The correct profile: engi+flame or penal+flame into.
+ To attack burn bunkers or garrisoned units or trucks no AA

-AI When an enemy tank is damaged engine the IA should pursui the tank to kill him.
(except there are more enemy tanks on their way close)
-AI build sniper at 24:00minutes (It is not necessary in the middle/late game)
-AI TankDestruyer su85, this tank should take away with the other tanks
opponents. It is NOT a T34.
-AI build M5 with Quads, and if is destroyed build other (It is not necessary because there are
reserving resources for medium/heavy tanks)
-AI build T70 at 24:00minutes (It is not necessary in the middle/late game)
-AI SU76 use barrage againts medium/heavy tanks
-AI FHQ ability; It should be used near a VP/MU/FU. Not in a distant house
-AI Katy/Priest; These units must take space with world objects as houses. Because they are
an obstacle in the path of shells

usfusf USF usfusf
-AI upgrade BARs at firsts seconds [1st echelon,BAR,...] (BAR are necessary in the middle game)
-AI upgrade BAZZ at firsts seconds [1st echelon,Rifle,Rifle,BAZZO,...] (BAZZO are necessary in the middle/late game)
-AI build 2 or 3 echelon squads throughout the game (Enough 1 echelon)
-AI build MG at 08:00min (It is not necessary in the middle game)
-AI uncrew vehicles/tanks to repair near or very near enemy.
-Al not properly reinforced assault engineers
-AI use volley-fire echelon, when they were suppressed or numerical disadvantage
-AI build Pack Hotwizer at 15:00min (It is not necessary in the middle/late game)
-AI build Major at 13:00min (too late)
-AI build captain at 28:00min (too late)
-AI use Major arty (120MU) for nothing, ability is a waste.
-AI build M20 instead of reinforcing the units are back in retreat and these squads
return to the front line without reforced/healing entities.
-AI Rear Echelon building cache and die by the enemy. AI returns to do the same and build rear echelon to finish building the cache. (This is repeated up to 3 times)
-AI Ambulance SCRIPT; That vehicle needs a script:
+Ambulance in early/middle game must be near the base. (Healing entities on retreat)

+They work as independent units, Major no must capturing and fighting as a single unit
+Ambulance and Major must work together in Late game

britsbrits BRIT britsbrits
-AI upgrade Booster squads at 01:00min (It is necessary in the middle game)
-AI upgrade bren/Piats at 02:36min (It is necessary in the middle game)
-AI use AutoRepair on UC with 90 percent of health
25 Sep 2015, 13:25 PM
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For British, you can add:
- AI sometimes makes far too many emplacements (especially Bofors), tying up most of its population
25 Sep 2015, 15:04 PM
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VS AI primary player can confirm.
They're so dumb in so many ways. D:
Pls improve, Relic, as Capiqua suggests.
Only Relic postRelic 30 Sep 2015, 23:02 PM
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Great list Capiqua, I have a very similar list that calls out a lot of the issues you've listed. This is definitely something I want to look into improving.

The main thing that I am thinking that would fix a chunk is to base unit value on game time on top of basing it on enemy units and units produced.
30 Sep 2015, 23:57 PM
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The AI can be really strange at times, sometimes I see the Soviet AI putting out Scout Cars and Half-Tracks, while the German AI is pumping out Panthers and Sturmpanzers.
1 Oct 2015, 00:58 AM
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AI needs to learn some vehicle preservation.

Like if my ally drops in a 2v2, the AI suicides everything in 5 mins. -.-
1 Oct 2015, 01:16 AM
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It needs to learn unit preservation in general, it will just suicide units into your lines.

So many great suggestions and observations! Well done, Capiqua.
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