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Relic Announcement in 24 hours! GTF IN HERE!

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12 Jul 2021, 23:06 PM
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They should do the opposite. Would make more sense

Are they really gonna make the Italians the only axis faction at launch?

Would be even better if they launched with 4 factions, added 2 more later

It would be great if Italy was the only Axis faction. Give the Wehraboos some perspective and broaden their horizons! :P
12 Jul 2021, 23:17 PM
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If anything, I hightly doubt that we will have Italian faction purely made from Italian forces.

After Rommel arival all Italian forces remaning in Africa were under his command + germany played much bigger role in africa aswell as in the defence of Italy then italians themselfs.

So mostlikely it will be combined faction of german\italian forces.
12 Jul 2021, 23:20 PM
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My money is on COH 3, no way they are making a new DLC for a 8 year old game, i mean i really love if it was a italian/afrika korps dlc for Coh2 but i really doubt it.
12 Jul 2021, 23:26 PM
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It can be german faction with doctrinal Italian units. The Italian may dont have enough unit for a whole faction but they do have quite a lot of famous uint.
12 Jul 2021, 23:43 PM
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This could be a DLC add-on, a new Axis faction for CoH2 AND the announcement of CoH3.
13 Jul 2021, 00:05 AM
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This could be a DLC add-on, a new Axis faction for CoH2 AND the announcement of CoH3.

This could be it.

Soulstorm was released 4 years after DOW1 was made, then DOW2 was released a year after Soulstorm.

Afterall, you dont just convert an entire game to have 64 bit support and just stop working on it.
13 Jul 2021, 00:07 AM
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I'd like to change my response. The stream tomorrow is going to be a CoH 3 announcement. https://www.companyofheroes3.com/ was registered 2021-07-09 by a domain/intellectual property firm (Domains by proxy LLC). The timing is too suspicious for tomorrow's event to JUST be a CoH 2 DLC announcement.
13 Jul 2021, 00:18 AM
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IGN just posted a livestream reminder for this event. The description says "Join IGN as we announce a highly anticipated new game"

"new game"
13 Jul 2021, 00:30 AM
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company of Heroes 3 :D :D :D
nah, give me Italian bois mama mia
13 Jul 2021, 01:54 AM
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My bet is it's gonna be either DoW4 or CoH2 Immortal...

But I'd be far from displeased to be proven wrong :D
13 Jul 2021, 01:57 AM
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jump backJump back to quoted post13 Jul 2021, 01:54 AMMMX
My bet is it's gonna be either DoW4 or CoH2 Immortal...

But I'd be far from displeased to be proven wrong :D

I wouldn't put it past Relic to pull a Blizzard and announce Company of Heroes Immortal and piss everyone off.
13 Jul 2021, 02:56 AM
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13 Jul 2021, 03:16 AM
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You know despite CoH and iron harvest have similar concept. I prefer CoH much more. Not because its real life & fantasy.

Its because CoH infantry movement animations are much more realistic and natural, Iron harvest infantry moves like a robot.

I hope they dont mess up with the animation, but since both CoH1 and CoH2 did a great job at it, I have faith.
13 Jul 2021, 04:27 AM
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Well, this is certainly exciting. Time for some speculation based on very little:

1. It's CoH3. IGN said it's a "highly anticipated new game", and it's far too late to be releasing DLC for CoH2 (UKF was nearly 6 years ago).

2. "July 13th". On that day in 1943, the German Kursk Offensive was ended (which would make an interesting transition from CoH2). In 1944 the allied raid on Symi began (from Wiki), but that was in eastern Greece, which isn't visible on the map. It's also right in the middle of the Allied invasion of Sicily (July 9th - 17th, 1943), which was right at the start of the Italian Campaign.

3. The video footage we've seen so far (or at least, that I've seen) has mentioned North Africa, Montgomery (UK) , Rommel (Ger), Italian, US and Canadian forces. It has also mentioned Dakar (Senegal), which while it was involved in WW2, isn't on the map we're looking at. As a result, I don't think the footage is covering events that will be in the game, but is instead a 'prelude' to the invasion of Italy, which will end up being the focus of the game.

4. The focus of the map (in the video) seem to be on southern Italy. The location of the timer is actually interesting, as it's covering both Tunisia and Algeria, which were both large theaters in the Africa Campaign. To me that indicates we won't actually be playing there. Additionally, the edges of northern Italy are far too close to the top of the screen, which also takes focus away from it. Based on Wiki's Atlas of the world battle fronts map (scroll down slightly), only the areas up until July or September 1944 are really part of the focal point, so I'm guessing the game "ends" in July-Sept 1944. This would match the Allies advance towards the "Gothic Line", and their halt in August 1944 when 'Operation Olive' (late Aug 1944) didn't succeed.

TL;DR - CoH3, Italian Campaign, July 1943 to Sept 1944.
13 Jul 2021, 04:49 AM
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Hopefully this will also lead into some extra support for CoH2 in the meantime.
13 Jul 2021, 06:10 AM
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If it will be an Italian DLC for CoH2, I'm glad. If CoH3 with the purchase of another Third US and British Faction, then I'm upset. For starters, it was necessary to fix screw up with the Eastern Front single player campaign.
13 Jul 2021, 06:38 AM
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i hope they add some colored soldiers in the usa army also usa army had mixed races
13 Jul 2021, 06:50 AM
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it's time to move on from 2xusf to 2xITA :foreveralone:
13 Jul 2021, 06:56 AM
13 Jul 2021, 07:23 AM
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I'm hoping for CoH3 with an africa/italy setting. Back at gamescom when ardennes assault Was announced Mr Duffy told me that He would lile to Do this Front setting one Day.

Why not now?
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