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M8A1 Scott Counter

22 Sep 2018, 06:12 AM
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The problem is you don't comprehend my posts, and then offer solutions that don't make sense, and then tell me I don't understand your post. How well does "Just keep moving until you fire" work for bazookas vs brumbar? Experienced players use attack ground for howitzers because you can make the shots more precise and predict movement. Furthermore, how the hell are you supposed to expect pschrecks to go through their full reload of 7.5 seconds while being both slower and lower range than a scott, AND have 100% accuracy for all 4 shots, AND go through smoke canister? If that is the best option to counter a scott then there is a problem with the unit, not "asymmetric design XD".

Man, if you compare Scott splash damage with the Brumbar, of course we're never going to understand each other... Scott shell need to hit models to kill them unlike the Brumbar.

Other than that, a Pzshreck squad is enough to force back any USF vehicle even if they are AI specialist for a time. Now Pzshreck in support of a pair of Pz4 (with the rest of the player army) have all their chance vs a Jackson and Scott (with the rest of the player army as well). That's what is called balance.
27 Sep 2018, 17:36 PM
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they are a nightmare, The M8 and the jackson., i just use some paks, an elephant and a good ostwind for the airplanes, in teamgames rocks, i dont play 1vs1 because i am a coward., But soon maybe try
3 Oct 2018, 23:53 PM
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This lame little paper tank is giving you problems? Really? Do you not remember you have blob freindly double panzerschrek Panzergrens?
24 Oct 2018, 14:39 PM
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last game i just hide my granadiers in some wall and get ambushed with pz faust and PAK40 fire., die in nontime., ( they are annoying in open).
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