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Numeral Veterancy Descriptions - English Localization Mod

18 Dec 2018, 23:27 PM
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I don't have a locale folder, just a file?

Can you give some more details about your problem?
19 Dec 2018, 15:44 PM
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19.12.2018 Update:
-Fixed Stug III E veterancy rank 2 string being outdated
-Fixed M20 Utility Car veterancy rank 3 string being outdated
20 Dec 2018, 00:00 AM
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Its ok, someone helped me work out what was wrong.

Thanks for the mod, its amazing.

Although i think volksgrenadier is wrong, it says sight at vet 4 and healing at vet 5, but I swear my volks heal at vet 4?
31 Dec 2018, 13:19 PM
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Hi, i think that mod might be missing description of cavalry rifleman veterancy. It doesn't show up for me.
31 Dec 2018, 18:13 PM
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19.12.2018 Update:
-Fixed Stug III E veterancy rank 2 string being outdated
-Fixed M20 Utility Car veterancy rank 3 string being outdated

Thank you so much for updating this man. Much appreciated
15 Jan 2019, 13:00 PM
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I've made a research about soviet mortars and get some clarification about it:
1. PM-41 is 120-mm regimental mortar, simplified version of PM-38.
2. ПМ(PM) means Полковой Миномет (regimental mortar).
3. In-game PM-41 looks like BM-37.

4. БМ(BM) means Батальонный Миномет (batallion mortar).
5. BM-41, just in case, looks like on this image

As a result:
1. PM-41 should be renamed as BM-37 to match with 3D model.
2. HM-38 should be renamed as PM-38 according to soviet name.

28 Jan 2019, 16:08 PM
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Thank you for your contribution to the community. The mod is very useful.
1 Mar 2019, 04:06 AM
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Just saving it, good job
4 Mar 2019, 06:06 AM
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Amazing mod - thanks.
4 Mar 2019, 07:15 AM
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This is the one essential mod for coh2, thank you very much for your work.

Some questions:
- The arty officer's diversion ability uses a vanilla description. I know it reduces RA by 20%, but do you know how much it improves moving accuracy?
- The pathfinder beacon description says it improves accuracy of nearby paratroopers, can you confirm this?

Sorry for asking, I suck with mod tools :D
4 Mar 2019, 18:22 PM
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"to the last man!" penal ability also have vanilla strings, you could put the stats it gives.
17 Jun 2019, 14:34 PM
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Is there an updated version available?
19 Jun 2019, 22:40 PM
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Is there an updated version available?

20 Jun 2019, 10:06 AM
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I created a somewhat updated version.
It mashes up the numerical descriptions by Harold up to the latest date (18.12.18 I believe) and adds the normal text strings for all strings that have been created afterwards (so you should not get the $NoKeyXXXXXXXXX message)

Download here:

Updated Mash-up of Harolds numerical vet description mod

22 Jun 2019, 01:14 AM
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Fantastic! Thank you so much!
4 Jul 2019, 20:19 PM
1 Aug 2019, 15:57 PM
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Will the new updates be here in future ? @Harold
26 Oct 2019, 17:32 PM
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Any update to this mod???
26 Oct 2019, 18:03 PM
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