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I love CS:GO

22 Oct 2015, 15:41 PM
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Because we don't have it half as bad as doomsayers scream, we can get everything except the armies themselves out of random drops, which is incomparably more then any random p2w game around-would coh2 be p2w, we'd have bulletins in the shop and only white ones would drop or be time limited, same for commanders.

War spoils isn't a perfect system, but its also an unfinished one. It'll get there eventually, meanwhile, with heavy heart I'll refuse myself this one beer at pub that would last me 15 minutes and get commander that will last me forever.

You can discuss scales of P2W. It's not literally P2W but CoH2 enters on this group.
Note that i'm fine with expansions (WFA or UKF) or DLC that only affects single player (ToW) or cosmetics (Victory strikes/Skins).

It's not about price also. It's a matter of principles. I refuse to buy any single DLC commander (i'm still missing Rifle, Scavenge, AssG and Osstruppen as the important ones) due to:
-Releasing them at day0 after game launch or expansion (both EFA, WFA and UKF)
-Price correlation with content
-Been top tier, op or broken
As they say, vote with your wallet. Eventually, hopefully, war spoils will end up been finished.
22 Oct 2015, 15:50 PM
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I don't think Relic ever intended to focus on competitive gaming. They wanted a singleplayer game with strong multiplayer elements and lots of room for DLC.

It's an outdated view but it's what they stuck with. It's particularly frustrating because we all see the potential this game has.

Good for you that you enjoy CS:GO. I admire their monetization model and certainly wish that Relic would adopt it, but I know it's too late for that.

As to the rest of us who still stick with CoH2, I believe I speak for most here when I say that there simply isn't a good enough alternative. I don't like the gameplay in CS:GO, personally. But you can bet your ass that if a good competitor comes along and gets the multiplayer right, this game will empty out faster than you can say panzerkampfwagen fünf!
22 Oct 2015, 16:02 PM
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I enjoy FPS's but as I am almost 30 I have passed my prime reflex/reaction time to be an ultra competitive gamer in that arena like I used to be. Plus it takes even more of your time to be good than a game like COH2 IMO and I have a wife and kid so I'm going to spend my energy and some of my money supporting this game because it rewards me more than any FPS ever has and I can hope to be decent at it for a lot longer.
22 Oct 2015, 16:26 PM
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I enjoy FPS's but as I am almost 30 I have passed my prime reflex/reaction time to be an ultra competitive gamer

Considering the playerbase, I think there's a lot of us that are a long way past prime for competitive FPS - I too am 35 y.o., with a kid and a wife. Still, the best players from the various tourneys that CoH2.org and others (?) supported are mainly disputed by individuals that seem to be at their mid 20's, tops. Correct me if I'm wrong (please!).
22 Oct 2015, 16:28 PM
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am i the only one who read this to fast and was thinking (and hoping) this was the Kyle of relic? (if he actually was it then i didn't care but) sad so see you go bro have fun in what ever game you're gonna join now:wave:
22 Oct 2015, 16:56 PM
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Title Fixed

I don't imagine we will see you here again, OP. However, if you should return, kindly stop churning old threads. It gets a bit 'samey'.

And if you feel like having a crack at Relic, doubtless you will create an account over on the the Official Forums and state your views face-to-face, rather than abusing the hospitality of this board
22 Oct 2015, 17:54 PM
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wow...now i know where you went...i am right there with ya...i have pretty much stopped playing...really just waiting for star wars battlefront to come out...i just got tired of the OP new commanders and taking a month to fix units that clearly needed adjustments...tired of feeling like a donkey with a carrot always in front of me to keep me going...i finally realized that relic would never let me have that yummy carrot (balanced game)...
23 Oct 2015, 06:31 AM
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Look, you're a clever guy, so if you just calm down a little I'm sure you can see some upsides with the British?

1) It's new content - good
2) They play differently - good
3) They have cool new units - good
4) Relic gets Money and the game keeps going that way - good

I feel grens are now getting shot up too easily and other stuff too, axis are now somewhat weaker, and imbalances have always been there, so if only that get touched up (I know it feels like a neverending story) the game would be cooler with the Brits than without.

Well troyquigley nailed it in the post above. That example with the donkey and the carrot was verry true. Related to what you said about the upsides in buying the british faction, I would totaly agree with you if it was a single-player game or a compstomp fest, but see, this is also a competitive game, because it has multiplayer modes. To be precise, 4 mutliplayer modes, each one being played in a different way and 5 factions that feel like learning the game again everytime you change one for another (as it was in COH1 with the 4 factions there). So there is alot of work that a player should do to stay competitive (because nobody can tell me that he doesn't like to win). So such a game, that involves such an amount of work and time invested must be properly balanced or else it will be a big shit in fact and give you a highly unfairness sensation. If a better player beated you it's ok, but if someone worst than you won against you just because his faction is easier to play and has stronger units, that is frustrating in some extent. And this is what a fair game producer should avoid. It's ok to atract new players but it's deffinetly bad to lose players who played the game since its first variant - COH1. That's a signal that you are doing something realy wrong.
DLC commanders and factions is a splendid idea, but the way they are implemented in the game, by creating frustration among competitive players that love the game so much, it's a mistake. And all it's done for commercial reasons. If not for that, for what reason would Relic launch OP factions/commanders ? The logic is so simple: they make you buy it (all scrubs that solely play allied for instance want to "revenge" on "OP" axis, buy the new faction and defend its OPness to the death) , then Relic begin to nerf it in order not to lose to much of the playerbase. That might work one-two times, but people like Kyle or troyquigley for instance become to see what's happening and refuse to play anymore....

I respect these guys, they have a spine, as simple as that.
23 Oct 2015, 09:46 AM
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So there is alot of work that a player should do to stay competitive...unfairness sensation.

It's the same for everyone and competitive events have people playing different factions for a reason.

jump backJump back to quoted post23 Oct 2015, 06:31 AMJohnnyB
I respect these guys, they have a spine, as simple as that.

I believe myself to have a spine at the same time as I love the game. Balance issues matter, but people like the threadmaker take it to dramaqueen levels. They overreact. Or possibly they are simply in the wrong game if competitiveness and winning is all that matters. Because CoH2 never set out to be the ultimate e-sports game. And I'm here because of those elements then allowed make the game better, in my opinion. That's why I didn't approve of cold tech being removed. Hardly a matter of spine or no spine.
23 Oct 2015, 12:47 PM
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Too bad ... CS:GO is FPS ... oranges and apples. GL HF.
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