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Pershing vs Tiger. Shouldn't Pershing be buffed?

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30 Jun 2021, 21:17 PM
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Now we're talking!

You brought good points and I can get behind most of it, so only two things:

1) Towards the comparison of OKW/OST panthers, there is one important detail: They dont face each other. Them not competing directly allows for those tiny inequalities I believe.

i agree its a bit over priced, id not oppose to seeing what it looks like at 200ish fuel, but the tiger has no bearing whatsoever.

Actually we are not asking for more than that. The comparison with the tiger is not geared towards getting a tiger clone for USF but adjusting the price to better reflect what you get with the tank, and the current price is too high to do that. That is my whole point.
30 Jun 2021, 21:17 PM
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So who play regularly with the Pershing like selecting the commander for it?
30 Jun 2021, 22:37 PM
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So who play regularly with the Pershing like selecting the commander for it?

I almost exclusively play the Pershing commander in 3v3. Although, I think I have 80%+ winrate with Calliope. Pershing only ever becomes useless vs JP4s, mass stugs, AT walls, Elefant, Tiger, Jagd, Sturmtiger, raketen. Vs people that can't play axis, Pershing is a free win.

Pershing either needs armour to 290 or 300 or a price reduction. The current "buff" in repair speed shaved off on average 15 seconds of repair time. Biggest problem is still the same AI as the Tiger. I've tested it myself, both vet0 and vet3 Tiger/Pershing vs blobs. Only time the Pershing won was when I really clumped up the units (AOE on it then wrecked the blob). On average, the better ROF, scatter and whatnot makes for a distinct win in the AI department for the Tiger.
31 Aug 2021, 10:19 AM
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So after all Pershing gets the armor of 290. Not sure why they can't just give a 300 as same as Tiger. Or a range +5 with vet or a RoF to match with Tiger.

But anyway, they gave something.
31 Aug 2021, 15:50 PM
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Well, we demanded 290-300 armor Peshing 2 months ago.Now we have it :D
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