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Use of ML-20 Howie?

19 Feb 2021, 18:24 PM
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I'm just curious what other players target with this unit? I usually only build it in meme games when I want to spice things up rather than build a katy. It seems to be very hit or miss and very easy to dodge the volleys. Even against bunkers the scatter of each shell is so high that I'd rather have a close range katy volley. What's the point of this unit over a katy?
19 Feb 2021, 19:38 PM
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They basically are just more fuel friendly artillery investment. From tactical POV the idea in coh2 is that static artillery has range over mobile artillery which in theory means trading accuracy for safety.

But in practice static artillery is actually more susceptible to damage in team games because commanders such as the jaeger armor (ele doc) come with recon and off map artillery call in. For axis it is the same situation with ISU commander coming also with off map. As it stands this issue of the meta 4v4 commanders is yet to be addressed and all the meta commanders come with static artillery hard counter rendering the building of static artillery just a game of cat and mouse between the artillery players manpower vs opponents munitions.
19 Feb 2021, 19:41 PM
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Thats all
19 Feb 2021, 20:23 PM
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they are worthless. basically a downgraded lfh. I tried using them since i enjoy the LFH a lot but they are just trash.

Just get a kata

Just as a side note there was once a game i build 2 ml20 to kill a LFH, the LFH won
19 Feb 2021, 23:00 PM
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Thats all

Yup. The highest number of kills I've got on them is cornered OKW players and I already have double fuel control.
22 Feb 2021, 04:31 AM
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They're strong vs OKW because howitzers are very strong against forward HQs. Otherwise, Katy is the better option.
22 Feb 2021, 05:59 AM
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They're strong vs OKW because howitzers are very strong against forward HQs. Otherwise, Katy is the better option.

Yeah, this is the main point.

If the game is close I won't be spending resources on an ML-20 but I will if it's a meme or if there's a vulnerable forward heal or repair OKW truck.

But really you're better of just getting an ISU and using the bomb drop to do high damage and have you or a mate go in with tanks and finish it off.
22 Feb 2021, 14:42 PM
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They're strong vs OKW because howitzers are very strong against forward HQs. Otherwise, Katy is the better option.

its not even strong vs forward hqs, its dmg is minimal since they nerfed it, even on direct hits it barely does more than a pak shot. like others said bombing is much better.

and even for killing units around the base katy is just better
23 Feb 2021, 12:15 PM
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I like to have one commander with ML20, just in case OKW try aggresive truck placements in hard to attack spots. (talking 2v2 here) As you can really mess them up.

Also just having it in your roster, can be a deterant against aggresive trucks, as they know you might counter.

But I would only pick it if im pretty sure opponent hasnt taken a commander with bomb drop, otherwise its almost instant loss as soviet.

Its not worth it for barraging front line, and barraging base is too random, they can just ignore it and do a bit of repairing here and there.

B4 is better, as if you build it forward slightly, and barrage front line units it can cause havoc easily.
24 Feb 2021, 21:47 PM
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So does the distance of the gun to target affect the scatter at all for B4 or ML-20? Or is it the same scatter even if you build one close to the front line vs. right outside your base?
24 Feb 2021, 21:57 PM
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Literally just get a B4.
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