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120mm mortars underperform!

4 Nov 2019, 19:11 PM
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playing allies is no fun. Where is the strength?

Very weird sentence to read from the fuhrer himself
4 Nov 2019, 19:19 PM
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playing allies is no fun. Where is the strength?
. They come from the player mostly. Sorry you can't see them.
4 Nov 2019, 19:55 PM
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To be honest the 120mm use to be OP and abusive in 4 v 4 games where soviet player can spam MGs and hide behind USF/UKF early - mid game. I think maybe decreasing its popcap or price would suffice. To be honest this mortar has been nerfed so much that I would rather build just regular soviet mortar every time, cheap and a 6 man squad to get the job done.
4 Nov 2019, 21:27 PM
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allies lack in strength and technology. Not enough toys to play with if u ask me!
Yesterday, 06:38 AM
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when will they get a reduce in pop?:
Yesterday, 06:53 AM
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take 2 normal mortars and 2 120mm mortars, you'll see that in the end resulots they always get outperformaed by regular mortars. Thats quite sad, since they cost a lot more mp.
The same problem I've noticed with dhsk machine guns.

What do you mean out perform?? in 1v1 fight. the 120mm (at least for me) does a better job than the regular sov mortar, higher damage/aoe + range. It's just that the 120 can still fight ost mortar/mht and and LeIG and still do it's job of being a mortar.
Hmm... As for the Dhsk v maxim I only use the on on sov airborn doctrine so it's quite cheap there. I my experience both are eqaully decent.
Yesterday, 06:56 AM
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Have u realized that 120mm costs almost double the pop of a regular mortar?
Yesterday, 08:08 AM
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Another thing is the damage. Its way too low. It already has poor accuracy and if it hits u expect it to wipe a squad but no.... It only does dmg to health.
Its really sad how bad the unit performs/
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