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Basic Concepts and Glossary Part II

28 Nov 2015, 15:51 PM
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Very nice guide, keep up the good work.
28 Nov 2015, 16:02 PM
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Nice sum-up! :)

For J:

- JT for Jagdtiger.
- JP4 for Jagdpanzer 4

Also;. Brommandoes for Commandoes.
RAF for Carpet Bombing
Sturms for Sturmpios.
Sauron for 251/Eagle Eye "Uhu"
28 Nov 2015, 16:07 PM
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Hehe, nice list indeed!

What about garden, pudding and nice person? :romeoPls:
28 Nov 2015, 17:03 PM
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Good glossary but what about RNG?
28 Nov 2015, 17:08 PM
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28 Nov 2015, 17:09 PM
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28 Nov 2015, 17:10 PM
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I have never seen most of those shortcuts on forum nor in game. But still, good job
28 Nov 2015, 17:11 PM
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Permanently Banned
Why i dont see anything about RedWings
28 Nov 2015, 18:05 PM
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NO smokenflank. at least is here infamous ADAPT

please add at least howie(howitzer) for H.
or HQ - hedquarters (you can create pios or engi in HQ)

Also some thinks that are not hre and shold be .


RNG (how the hell its not here) its on first one. I think they should get compiled , right now new player can have a headache to found it (2 in one guide but after first one end give there second one)

suchka - mean su76 often used by someone wo does not have numericalkeyboard (netbood players)
Devm snipers should be here.

floting - having lot of resources

sniper wars - refers to batlle between britsh and ostheer mainly. Both player play hide and seek with sniprs both try to get headshot on anther sniper or dont loose sniper and score as much mp bleed as muchposiblle.

cancer pit - funny referencu to mortar pit from coh1 to coh2

l2p s´n´f -learn to play smoke and flank - refference to a) that you suck
b) it is OpieOP and need weaking (how can I- OKW counter prenerfed churchill crocodile ? - l2p s´n´f )

flame wars- wars between best forums warriors - often leads to bans

Spios - sturmpioneers

Lelic - type this when relic does something bad , like vickers bug

canceroo - refers to kangoroo carrier in coh1

(sorry some thinsk should be here im just lame and cant find them , dont get it wrong guys)

I think it is all i can put right now here myself
28 Nov 2015, 18:09 PM
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It nowadays posible to do capwalkin ?

do what you did before but now you tell one to go to next cicrcle and 5 to cap first point ?
29 Nov 2015, 00:51 AM
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N to the I to the C to the E
29 Nov 2015, 12:30 PM
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2 Dec 2015, 15:03 PM
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It nowadays posible to do capwalkin ?

do what you did before but now you tell one to go to next cicrcle and 5 to cap first point ?

Not in the same way but possible. I've discovered this as a secondary result of trying to barbwire, tanktrap or sandbag building near a point, there are times on which my squad will spread out. Could further test to see how to reproduce it.
3 Dec 2015, 14:53 PM
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Where is MVGame definition at? #MVGame
6 Dec 2015, 11:21 AM
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add TTOT= Tiny Tank Of Terror aka T-70
10 Dec 2015, 03:24 AM
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OST - Ostheer
OP/OpieOP - Overpowered


Rush - Like KT rush or Stuart rush




JT - Jagdtiger
JP/JP4 - Jagdpanzer IV


Falls - Fallschirmjagers
FU - Fuel resource


Hotfix - Emergency Relic patch to fix bugs


Nerf - weaken a unit


Buff - strengthen a unit


Lelic - Self explanatory


AEC - UKF armored car


MU - Munitions resource
15 Feb 2017, 20:31 PM
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Where is MVGame definition at? #MVGame

We are working at MVGame definition right now

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