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Basic Concepts and Glossary Part II

Company of Heroes is a well established franchise which has been around since 2006. As expected, the franchise has developed its own slang and shortenings. This updated guide should help newcomers to the series learn some of the expressions and concepts, so they are not completely lost when trying to follow the typical COH2.ORG balance discussion.
Stages of the Game in Team Games
A little wisdom from Van Voort.

Early Game - The start of the game, where players capture as much territory as they can and play with infantry, heavy machine guns and one or two light vehicles. It lasts until lines have been drawn, doctrinal abilities unlocked and more vehicles are fielded.

Mid Game - Mortars and elite doctrinal infantry enter the field. Anti-Vehicle/Tank resources increase, driving cars and half-tracks into obsolescence. Players lay mines and demo charges. Light tanks and then medium tanks appear.

Late Game - Begins at around 7-8 Command Points when off-map strikes and heavy call-in tank start to unlock. Any infantry surviving from the start will be veterans and heavily equipped. Heavy tanks and potent off-map strikes are prevalent.

Super-late game - Only seen in team games with multiple fuel caches. If a stalemate develops in the late game and both sides maintain high fuel or munitions income, then mass armor or artillery strikes usually wipe out most infantry squads. With less and less infantry, capturing lost or enemy territory becomes problematic.
Glossary of Terms and Expressions
Here is a list of things we thought you might want to know. It only took a few days to gather. Please, let us know if you see anything missing from here or Part 1, otherwise we may not be able to sleep at night.


AA - Anti Air(craft) guns: things that try to shoot down aircraft. Sometimes, they seem to be using pebbles, for the plane simply refuses to go down!
AB - Airborne Paratroopers of the United States Forces.
AC - Armored Car. Can refer to multiple units from different factions.
ALO - United Kingdom Forces glider-borne Air Landing Officer.
Ammo - Ammunition/Munis, synonyms for Munitions. one of the three resources in the game along with Fuel and Manpower.
AssGrens/AGrens - Assault Grenadiers, a Call In unit available to the Ostheer. They... assault things. Big surprise!
AT/ATG - Anti-Tank Gun. Could swear the United States Forces 57mm Anti Tank Gun borrows ammunition from their Anti Aircraft guns. Their rounds tend to just bounce off German armor! (Occasionally also known as "ATK")
#ADAPT - To "adapt" changes in playstyle, based on balance changes in the game. It is often used sarcastically. For example: "How to destroy an USF Ambulance from almost your base #adapt", by Jesulin. He might also be the father of this little expression, although we are not certain.


Backcapping - To capture points behind the front-line. For example, you may send your first squad to an important point near the centre of the map, then 'back-cap' with your second unit up to that point.
BC - Bren Carrier, a Universal Armoured Carrier upgraded with a Bren Gun.
Blobbing - Moving all your units together in a formation as tight as packed sardines. Superb targets for heavy machine guns, artillery shells, flamethrowers and grenades. Please, avoid doing it! You may lose your entire army otherwise.


Call-ins - Units or abilities that can be "called in" by a commander from the commander's ability bar.
Cap-walking - Happened in Company of Heroes 1. One man from a squad capturing a point, decided to go ahead without his squad mates to explore the world. Considered a bug by some, and a feature by others. In Company of Heroes 2, units occasionally run away from a cap to sweep a mine or dive into cover.
Crocs - Churchill Crocodile Tank.


Demo - Demolition Charge. Engineer units lay remotely detonated charges. Some other units lay timed charges.
DLC - Downloadable Content, content for which you must pay to access, in addition to the cost of the base game. Has the capacity to cause much gnashing of teeth.
DPS - Damage per second.
Drophacking - A method of cheating which 'drops' players' connections to the Company of Heroes' servers. Carried out in order to avoid losing, or to cause the winning player to lose. This can be directly reported to Relic, using the email supplied in our Site Rules.


E - The Soviet, American or British Engineers.
Ele - Elefant Tank Destroyer, the hunk of metal that turns every four months.
ELO - A rating system named after Arpad Elo. Used for skill calculation and matching. It also ranks you on the Leaderboards with a number, or letter. An "H" means that your rank is hidden, playing a match will reveal it. A "P" means that you are in placement for that game mode and you will receive your rank after 10 matches.
Emotes - Images for faces or things showing emotions or expressions. Some examples: :foreveralone:, :), :gimpy:, and :hansGG:.
Engies - Engineers.


Fausts - Panzerfausts - the weapon used by Grenadiers to snare vehicles. Can also refer to similar abilities used by other units.


Gardening - Relic uses a language filter for the ingame chat. It replaces certain swear words with either gardening or pudding.
GG - Good Game, said as a formality at the end of a game.
Glass cannon - A squad or tank which deals a lot of damage, but is easily killed or destroyed.
GL HF - Good Luck and Have Fun, said at the beginning of a game.
Ghost wiring/sandbags - Placing an incomplete barbed wire or sandbag segment to block movement.


The H is alone. He was so very lonely that we had to write something for him here, apart from the reference in ELO. Give him a cheer, will you?


Instagib - The act of instantly killing a squad or tank. Used as a noun or verb.
IS - Infantry Section, the standard British Infantry.


The J does not feel alone, for she hangs out with the Jolts and Bolts.


Kappa - A Twitch.tv expression, meaning the sentence before/after is sarcastic, a joke, ironic, and/or a pun. Also a type of Sushi. Obscure reference to the number 20. Used by the ancient Ionians. We got a little bored writing this and Google is our friend.
Kar98 - Karabiner 98k, the service rifle for the German Army, 1935–45. The Ostheer Grenadiers are equipped with them.
KingKubel - Königskubel, refers to the Kübelwagen's extreme power and domination in the early game. Derived from Königstiger. (Probably not a currently valid description of the Kübelwagen).
Kiting - To push, circle around, or pull back to gain an advantage in the field. Like a Shock Trooper squad chasing an enemy. Like a tank circling around a heavier tank, whose turret and gun rotates to keep up, trying to shoot but unable to sight the circling tank. Like a sniper who takes a shot, and then moves back.


LoS - Line of Sight. How far a unit can see. LoS can be extended, by placing a scouting unit ahead of stuff like MGs or ATGs
L2P - Learn to/2 Play. Often used as an dismissive insult. Use on the forums is discouraged and may prompt moderation.


MG - Machine Gun.
Modders - People who make modifications for games.
Model - A soldier within a squad.
Mods - A modification to a game. Think Skyrim or Oblivion.
Mollies - Molotov Cocktails. They will keep your enemies warm and comfy on their express train to Hell.


Nade - Grenade, a basic explosive available to many types of infantry.
Noob - A term for a new player, often used as an insult. A softer form is "Newbie". A term not liked by Site Moderators.


OCF - Operation Charlie Fox, a recent tournament hosted by COH2.ORG with crowdfunded prizes.
OH - The Wehrmacht Ostheer.
Oranges - The orange badge wearing higher ups of COH2.ORG: The Three Directors: Social Media, Tournament, and Moderation. The Three Leads: Artist, Strategy, and Caster. The Two Masters: Mapmaker and Modmaker. Finally, The Editor in Chief.


PGrens/PG - Panzergrenadiers. Infantry unit available to the Ostheer Faction. They can be upgraded with Panzershreks, or downgraded with G43 Rifles. (Hint: Don't buy G43s for PGrens.)
Penals - Penal Troops, the guys responsible for the satchel in your morning tea.
Popped - When an upgrade comes just in time, or during, a vital engagement.
P2W Commander - Pay to 2 Win commander. A commander supposedly strong enough to win you the game with the press of a button. Bought from the in-game Store.
Pudding - Relic's attempt to clean up swearing ingame, by substituting this word, or gardening, for certain swear words.


We do not have any expressions which starts with the Master of Whiners: Q.


Rekt - Wrecked, crushed.
REs - Rear Echelon Troops, the engineer unit for the United States Forces.
RR - Recoilless Rifles. A rifle upgrade for the Paratroopers in Company of Heroes 1.


Salty - To be sad or angry. To be negative.
Satchel - A bag of explosives throw by the Penal Troops. Give that bunker heavy machine gunner something to think about, as he turns to red dust. Bloody brilliant!
SemAnLang - The standard tournament maps Semois, Angoville, and Langres from Company of Heroes 1. They have been remade for Company of Heroes 2.
Shermie - Medium Tank M4, also known as the Sherman.
Skins - Can be equipped. The unit uniforms and the paint of vehicles, artillery pieces and anti tank guns. Sold in the Steam Store.
Skillshot - An ability which needs to be aimed.
Skillzplanez - A plane that loiters and destroys a lot of things. Used sarcastically to refer to the 'skill' of pressing a button to call in such a monstrosity.
Spam - Producing large numbers of one unit. The exact number which constitutes 'spam' tends to vary, since people have different opinions on the matter.
Splash damage - Damage caused by an explosion's area of effect (AoE).
Snare - Infantry anti tank abilities which can slow a vehicle by damaging its engine.
Snips - Sniper.
SNF - Sunday Night Fights, a tournament and a twitch channel for Company of Heroes.
Squadwipe - To kill every member in a squad.
Stream snipe - Trying to get matched with a player who streams the game, while watching them on Twitch TV. Often repeatedly.
Stuka - The Junkers Ju 87 Dive Bomber plane. It can drop a 50kg bomb right on your head. Ouch!


T - Tommies, a nickname for the British Infantry.
Tl;dr - Too Long; Didn't Read. Written before a conclusion or summary to a long post
Tourney - Tournament, a competition between players.
Trucks - sWS Supply Half-track, the Oberkommando West's base builders.
T0-4 - Tiers 0 through 4. base buildings, numbered as they appear on their buttons in the ingame interface, left to right. People disagree on the numbering.


UC - The British Universal Carrier.
UI - User Interface, your buttons and menus.
UP - Underpowered, something which is weaker than its cost would suggest.


Vickers - Vickers Machine Gun.
Vickerscope - Once upon a time, there was a bug with the British Vickers Heavy Machine Gun which gave it infinite range, if you repeatedly took it in and out of a house.
VOD - Video On Demand, the saved file from a live stream.


WASP - A Universal Armoured Carrier upgraded with a flamethrower.


X marks the spot, but the pirates forgot to give us the map. What a bummer!


Nothing to see here, just the old Y in his armchair. He plots world domination per usual.


Zooks - Bazookas, handheld Anti Tank weapons available to the United States Forces.

The End?
Did we get them all? Of course not. Despite our days looking over this, despite our hours spent editing, despite our efforts, we know, and you know, that there is a thing or two that we missed. Which ones did we forget? Was it your favorite? If you think a term could be added to this list, feel free to contact the Yukiko or dpfarce.
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