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Steam vs Epic games

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17 Nov 2019, 06:45 AM
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lol Epic CEO trying to take credits for breaking the nonexistent "steam monopoly":


Epic Games takes Studio of the Year gold joystick EXCUSE ME WTF?:

The Shenmue 3 review embargo lifts on November 21 - two days after the game launches:

The studio that released Rune II exclusive to the crap store yesterday(Human Head Studios), shut its doors today, absorbed by Bethesda and renamed as RoundHouse studios, nice spending there, Sweeney!:

Gearbox web designer tweeted this:
17 Nov 2019, 06:50 AM
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Rod Ferguson: Epic put Gears "on the shelf to essentially die":
"We began this journey with Gears of War 4 and now I feel that we’ve hit our stride with Gears 5," he says. "Part of my mission since 2014 has been, how do I grow the franchise and bring it back? Epic put it on the shelf to essentially die, so Microsoft brought it back. Not only are we trying to bring it back, we want to grow and flourish."

Gears 5 has debuted to critical praise, currently sporting an 86 percent on review aggregator site Metacritic. Meanwhile, the mobile game Gears Pop! hit one million players in its first week of release in late August. There is also the upcoming spinoff title Gears Tactics, a real-time strategy game based in the series' universe; a series of comics; a second novel; and, of course, a feature film in the works at Universal Studios, which Fergusson says he meets with producers on to discuss the script.
17 Nov 2019, 06:52 AM
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EA Partner With Valve:

EA Origin and Steam Will Work in Tandem, EA Working on Cross Save and Progression Sharing:

“This is a good day for gamers,” says Valve’s Gabe Newell. “We’re excited to partner with EA to not only bring their great games and subscription service to Steam, but also to open up our communities to each other in an unprecedented way that will benefit players and developers around the world.”
17 Nov 2019, 07:05 AM
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Epic Games Store exploit allows you to play and keep a game forever, without even buying it:
As Worrall noted, this is mainly due to the lack of a DRM. In order to demonstrate this exploit, Worrall used Borderlands 3 as an example. This exploit can be easily reproduced on newer EGS accounts, and it most likely affects all games on the store. Now while Borderlands 3 uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, it does not – apparently – lock your copy to your Epic Games Store account.

I bet Gearbox CEO is not happy about this EGS failure.
17 Nov 2019, 07:13 AM
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Valve is working on "Steam Cloud Gaming" according to partner site code update. Partners will need to sign an addendum to their terms:
17 Nov 2019, 07:34 AM
17 Nov 2019, 07:49 AM
17 Nov 2019, 18:13 PM
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Thank you for the awesome up to date news :)
22 Nov 2019, 00:05 AM
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Tim Sweeney continues to try manipulate state of games stores:
Posted byu/acAltair
It's very rare for someone to infuriate me so much with their garbage propaganda that I have to voice myself. A little background: Tim Sweeney seems to play the role of "I want everything to be open and available, all platforms" bla bla. Yet his actions say otherwise.

Recently it was announced DX12 will come to FortNite. This is not a big issue but consider this...Vulkan API, which is the API that doesn't lock you into an OS, is more in spirit of PC platform but is not prioritized. It was also revealed that development for Vulkan for Unreal Engine has been archived. To reiterate, Vulkan works across many platforms (MacOS through MoltenVK, Switch, Linux, Windows, Stadia). A future where games are easier to port and available on all platforms will happen if Vulkan is adopted. So it's slightly odd that a person who wants "openess" and all that great stuff would at the very least not give Vulkan the same care as DX12. He also expressed interest in games running on Linux through a launcher/compatibility layer manager called Lutris. You know what helps games run on Linux tremendously well through a compatibility layer? Vulkan.

Previously he has used vague statements to imply games that went exclusive for their store are having great success. Like the 2x sales statement for Metro Exodus. Ignoring factors like sequels of established franchises often do better than previous entries. Trying to sell people the idea that sequels to Borderlands sold well on EGS because the store is great when the truth is two fold, sequels sell more and game is only available on that store. Deception.

But if there is one thing that makes him absoutely repulsive person to me is something else. Let's completely discard EGS controversy with it's exclusivity and simply stand behind Sweney and say "That's a shitty practice for consumers but as a businessman your aggressive approach is a good call". Let's say taht and discard that we detest exclusivity. What is unforgettable is this snake is trying to sell PC gamers the idea of "Multi store future!". Gaming has been for a long time multi store. We have GOG, Itchio, Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc. Yet he continues to try sell the idea that this hasn't been around until EGS was established in similar fashion to Brie Laurson gloating about how Captain Marvel is such a ground breaking movie because it features a woman in lead when Wonder Woman and many other movies before had done that. Worse is that the exclusivity deals affects not only Steam but also GOG. Yet the games are made available on all other stores. Multi-store future ladies and gentlemen, except if the stores are GOG or Steam...which are two of the best stores currently!

Another tweet he made, which was about GOG's new iniative to unify all platforms, is more than it appears to be. On surface it may seem like he is just happy for what GOG is trying to do. But if you ask me it is with a motive. One of reasons many people prefer Steam only, in contrast to me (I use all good stores), is because all of the games are conveniently located there. Having to buy games on other platforms treatens that convenience. You have to install another store and also register, and your friends may not use that platform and so on. Convenience is key here. It holds a portion of people back from buying from other stores, which favors Steam. Not that it's a good or bad thing, afterall they were the early bird and so they reaped the benefits. If GOG eliminates the inconvenience that comes with having many launchers and stores, which is what they aim to do, it open peoples mind up to buy on other stores. Which favors? EGS among others.

I hope people will see how two faced this man is. I reiterate even if we dismiss all our objections to EGS exclusivity, the fact he is trying to sell us the idea of a "multi store future" is deceptive and rubbish behaviour.

23 Nov 2019, 08:13 AM
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4 Dec 2019, 05:04 AM
12 Dec 2019, 04:08 AM
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Game Awards partnership with Steam.

Geoff Keighley introduces "The Game Festival" where you'll get to play 12 new game demos for the first time on Steam:
Introducing The Game Festival:
12 Dec 2019, 04:25 AM
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"Epic buying Rocket League could be good," they said.

Rocket League Players Furious, Loot Boxes Replaced With Worse Monetization & Ridiculous Pricing:

The End of Rocket League (Epic Games is coming...):
12 Dec 2019, 18:50 PM
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I downloaded epic game store and OMG it was SOO ugly and UI was dull and uninviting. I couldnt deal with it so I waited until Dec to buy Red Dead 2.
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