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27 Nov 2018, 21:12 PM
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The following is a list of useful and interesting threads relating to CoH2 tools and gameplay mechanics.

This is the revision for 2018. As we all know, as patches keep releasing, certain things might be outdated. While these threads and sites may provide easy access to information, remember that the only 100% accurate information is the one provided by the mod tools.

Any legacy information can be found in the spoiler below, if anyone wants to take a look at stats or state of the game in the past.


First of all, here is our basic faq. A bit of here n there. If you read it you'll notice several of the links below are already mentioned here.

-How to make old replays work
Not everything can be salvaged, but if the updates been released are merely hotfix to unrelated things regarding your replay, there might be some hope.

-Veterancy Guide
-Ability Guide
Some bits are outdated (WIP, there's a revision coming soon™)

Open-Source multi-purpose tool for the Company of Heroes franchise (CoH1 & CoH2) that allows you to have more information about your game and keep it more managed/organized.

-COH2 unit stats
Site provided by Janne252 and unit stats file by Cruzz. Updated up to 24/11/2018

Updated as of 09/05/2020

While there might be some bug/ms

If you know of any other up to date site, please send a PM.

For when you are looking for cost of units, popcap and commanders abilities.

-Bulletin index
When you want to improve your performance by 3%.

-Faction and mode statistics

What factions get played the most by ranking per mode.

-Explaining 1v1 Ladder matchmaking
Good insight about how the matchmaking works and why you shouldn't blame game balance most of the time.

-CoH2 Official Changelog and addendum for the December 2017 commander revamp changelog

-Peter Qumsieh's blog
A short insight on balancing CoH2's units.

-Cruzzies game knowledge databank
Honorable mention to this thread, from which many secrets of the game were taught, and obscure and breaking bugs were discovered.

-Finding your replays:
C:User\xxx\Documents\MyGames\company of heroes 2\playback

Last replay is always saved as temp.rec if you don't specifically saved the file with another name.

-Updating your playercard
Go to your profile. Look for "Update profile". On the steam tab, introduce your steam id. Your steam id is a string of numbers which look like these "76xxxxxxxxxxx". A user can change as much as he wants there nick on steam, their number ID would always remain the same.
If you want others to take a look at it, set the steam visiblity to public.

-Avoiding Bugsplat

Option 1:Deleting background videos

Option 2: Restarting the game after 1/2 matches. Restarting after heavy/long games, specially if 3v3 or 4v4.

Option 3: Delete replay files.

-Where/How to report people
Official guidelines for reporting discrupting behaviour.

-How to change hotkeys on CoH2 - Third party program
Most if not all veterans and pro players use some kind of hotkey programs to rebind some keys which are in most cases in annoying positions in the keyboard (looking at you tactical map).

-Series of Tips n Tricks done by Tightrope
-Series of tips by ImperialDane
Note: remember to check the date as some of these might be a bit old and patched.



If you have a suggestion for a thread that should be added to this list, please PM a moderator.
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