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Rzhev Winter 3v3

23 Sep 2018, 16:05 PM
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Just to clarify: have the purple areas been removed/fixed? Besides not being able to build, these areas cause vehicles to 'ice-skate' while on land. Very annoying. Lost a Jagdtiger there once because it couldn't back up because of the skating.

Yes the water areas(purple) have been optimized.

LONG ANSWER (My weak understanding of it)
COH has a water object that is placed on a map. This will 'fill' the areas with water up to a height that you declare. In most games drawing water can be a very costly operation as you need to draw the entire world upside down to create the reflection on the water. It is usually rendered to a low resolution texture in memory and then a shader program is used to draw the blurred reflection with a modulated ripple effect. There are of course many other operations such as fogging,etc to give it a realistic look.

It has always been a good practice to not have too many water objects on a map. So on a map like this where you need a lot of disconnected water sources you need to have multiple water objects which could kill your FPS in game (does it really anymore?).

Or you can use one water object and have the separate water areas connected by a very low terrain area. The COH engine will continue water under terrain if its height is very close to the water level. So you can make bumps and rocky areas on your beachs, river banks, etc.

Here it is used to connect all of these small lakes. Originally the low terrain connections were very large and created issues where the game engine says "If its purple it is not land. It is water". So you had vehicles acting weird and you cant build objects on that territory (MGs, wire, sandbags, etc).

The large purple 'water' areas have been stripped down to small lines where possible.
23 Sep 2018, 17:39 PM
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I basically have no idea what you just said, but I'm gonna trust your word on it lol! I just wanted to make sure you were aware that it effects vehicles too.

The changes (to both this and all other 3v3/4v4 maps) look great. Some will be great quality of life improvements and others will be a nice breath of fresh air. Thanks to you and Sturmpanther for putting all this effort into this upcoming map patch!

Wish I had noticed this part of the forum in August so I could've provided feedback and suggestions. :oops:
23 Sep 2018, 18:07 PM
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This map still has a few DEEP SNOW areas on it :oops:

The house by the new TP point was moved a few meters and under the house was deep snow. There is also a small dot of deep snow left of the house somewhere.

Both ares are small. Units do not seem the slow but I have seen small vehicles pause when they enter the areas.

well too late ;)
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