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Request for some new voice Acting

14 Jun 2018, 21:56 PM
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I believe that there should be new voicelines, mainly for the British forces, but some for other factions.

British Announcer:
"Be advised, we got a report of a blizzard incoming. Standby for updates."
"Blizzard conditions are now in effect."
"The cold front is passing by. Prepare to return to normal operations."
"The blizzard is gone."

Soldier freezes to death:
"A man is gone. We should get his squad to a heat source quickly."
"We lost an infantryman to these cold conditions."
"Bad news. A lad froze to death."

Churchill Mk VII Infantry Tank Deployed:
"Churchill infantry tank ready for action."
"Churchill heavy tank deployed."

Mortar team lost:
"We got a report of a mortar crew being wiped out."
"Mortar squad is lost."

Halftrack lost:
"Halftrack knocked out."
"The enemy destroyed one of our halftracks."

British Heavy Armor:
Attack Move in combat:
"If it moves, kill it!"
"If it's Jerry's, wipe it out!"
"Driver, move it! Gunner, kill anything that's German!"
"Combat patrol! Search and destroy!"

Oberkommando West Announcer:
Battlegroup or Mechanized HQ Attacked:
"Forward HQ under attack!"
"The enemy is attacking one of our forward headquarters."
"Hostiles firing on one of forward structures."
"Our frontline HQ is under attack."

Capture point being taken:
"A capture point is being overrun."
"Achtung, we are losing a sector."
"The enemy is taking one of our points."
"Our territory is under attack."
"Hostiles encroaching on our sector."
"Allied pigs attempting to steal our sector!"
"Achtung, tactical point being captured!"

New Victory Quotes:
"Oberkommando West brings glory to Germany!"
"Stand down! The enemy has been defeated."

Oberkommando West Light Vehicle:
Kubelwagen taking neutral sector not in combat:
"Understood. Capture the sector."
"Scout vehicle taking the point."
"This territory will be ours."

Kubelwagen capture complete not in combat:
"We have expanded German territory."
"This point is now secure."
"Scout vehicle has claimed another sector."

Walking Stuka Selected not in combat:
"You have a 28 centimeter target?"
"Walking Stuka, heavy cavalry here."

Walking Stuka firing creeping barrage in combat:
"Walking Stuka barrage will devastate the area!"
"28 centimeter creeping barrage! FIRE!!"
"High explosive rockets loaded! FIRE!!"

Oberkommando West Other units
Volkgrenadiers ordered to pick up Panzerchreck not in combat:
"We could use that panzerchreck."
"Good. Free panzerchreck upgrade."
"Schnell. Pick up that panzerchreck."

King Tiger selected in combat:
"You need a King Tiger?!"

King Tiger/OKW Heavy Armor under AT rifle attack:
"Infantry! They have AT rifles!"
"Under Anti-Tank rifle attack!"
"Engaged by anti-tank riflemen!"

Soviet Heavy Armor:
"We are the pride of the cavalry!"
"A stripe from comrade Stalin!"
"Heavy cavalry grows more elite!"
"Field Promotion! About time too!"
"Our glorious service to Russia has been rewarded!"
"Heavy armor has been decorated for valor!"
"We've been honored for our courage, comrades!"

USF Announcer:
Pershing Available:
"M26 Pershing ready to deploy!"
"We have heavy cavalry on reserve!"

Pershing Deployed:
"M26 Pershing heavy tank on the field!"
"Pershing heavy cavalry has arrived!"

Stuart Light Tank deployed:
"Light tank, ready for action."
"Stuart light tank deployed."

Rear Echelon troops flamethrower available:
"Rear Echelon troops can equip flamethrowers!"
"Flamethrowers available for Rear Echelon troops!"

Rangers Available:
"Elite infantry ready to deploy!"
"We have ranger reserves available!"

Rangers Deployed:
"Rangers lead the way! They're awaiting your orders!"
"Ranger squad on the front lines!"
14 Jun 2018, 21:59 PM
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It'd be nice, but it won't happen at this point in the game's lifetime. Voice actors need to be paid and lines need to be coded in.
15 Jun 2018, 07:11 AM
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I always feel sorry for people putting so much work in request that will absolutely never happen at all.
The game 5 years old. Besides balance patches and bug fixes, nothing else will happen.
15 Jun 2018, 07:49 AM
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For a CoH3 they should go back to CoH1's voice lines. They were the fucking best, especially the Brits.
15 Jun 2018, 09:19 AM
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tbh miragefla's voice could fit the entire USF faction perfectly and i'd pay 10 buck to replace the old announcer dude
15 Jun 2018, 09:35 AM
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I had the privilege of listening to Miragefla irl. He's so good :thumb:
15 Jun 2018, 09:49 AM
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Invised a post for lack of respect towards staff members.
16 Jun 2018, 00:54 AM
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Invised a post for lack of respect towards staff members.

What lack of respect? I fucking love miragefla. I was complementing his voice and promoting his ability to be a voice actor while making fun of his Asian heritage and da fact he lives in Canada?
16 Jun 2018, 01:27 AM
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#MVGame underpowered. He might had not gotten the joke or considered it racist dunno.
16 Jun 2018, 01:51 AM
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Might give some of these a crack :snfPeter:
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