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Dealing with light vechies

18 Dec 2017, 20:38 PM
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I've got an issue when fighting luchs and 222 as soviet t1 and just luchs when going usf lieutenant.

What is the best way to deal with these vechies?
As soviet I try to get a t70 asap to counter it, but it comes out to late. My BO is 2nd engineer scout car sniper penal penal penal t70 healing, is this ideal? or is there a better time to get snipers. Is it better to get ptrs/bazookas or mines in the early game.

As usf ill get m20 and try to bait into mines, however due to the nature of mines this is unreliable. Can the 50.cal and AA half-track kill the luchs?

Thanks guys!
18 Dec 2017, 20:50 PM
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With USA, this little trick featured in my guide might help you ;)


With Soviets, do remember that 222 is squishy and dies to small arms as well.
Planting mines, baiting it into Penals squad with sticky charge, using dushka AP rounds (which vaporise 222), bying single Guards squad, upgrading them with DP28 and buttoning the 222 or even upgrading single Penals with PTRS, garrisoning them into M3 and finishing off 222 this way after it is already damaged by other sources of fire.

All of these methods work very well to me, sometimes even a penal squad in green cover/garrison is enough to stall 222 until you get quad or t70.

If you abused your clowncar with soviets well, you shouldn't be really having problems to field t70 max 1 minute after the luchs. All soft-counters mentioned against 222 which include some kind of AT can hold Luchs in a meanwhile.

Your ultimate goal is to slow those vehicles before you get t70 to "hardcounter" them.
18 Dec 2017, 20:59 PM
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The. 50 Cal can hurt the Luches with AP ammo and force it off if it's in a garrison (maybe kill if your opponent is braindead and not paying attention to the Luches). The AA Halftrack *can* kill the Luches but need to make sure it's standing still so it's main gun is firing and probably need some support like an AT nade or a bazooka or two. Generally speaking if I go LT against OKW I try to unlock weapon racks early and have enough Munis floated to get Zooks on my Rear Echelons if Luches shows up.

Soviet Tier 1 I find is all about maximizing early Penal and Clown Car pressure to delay Luches enough that you can get a T70 or SU-76 out in time. If you don't hit their fuel or cut off enough then you can fall behind when Luches shows up. Personally I go 2nd Engi, Penal, Clown, Penal, Penal. I think the problem with your build order is that you don't have enough capping power early by going Scout Car -> Sniper and OKW just outcaps you with Kubel and gets resources for Luches much faster than your T70. Try going Penals earlier and using them early to pressure your opponent more.
18 Dec 2017, 23:40 PM
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With USA, this little trick featured in my guide might help you ;)


Thanks had a look though using 2 zooks on the m20 looked nice
18 Dec 2017, 23:48 PM
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As usf, okw players often tend to get very greedy about trying to kill your flaktrack with their luchs, as it will straight up beat the flaktrack in a normal fight. I usually skip the m20 and save the muni that would be spent on skirts and mines for zooks on my REs, which I then babysit my fast flaktrack with. If I can, I'll hide them behind a shotblocker or something and bait the luchs into it, and the zooks combined with the 37mm will finish it off fairly fast if he doesn't run away immediately. .50 cal can also do a bit of damage if it's in a building and uses ap rounds.
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