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Should be there a 3rd axis faction? If yes who?

15 Jun 2016, 21:11 PM
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I would like Japan as the next faction,but more than that i dont want it to be another German faction.
I understand people would like it,and understand why they do so,but i find it would be boring to have three different german factions,with mostly similar equipment.
15 Jun 2016, 21:21 PM
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vCoH Panzerelite please since there are many PE units missing in this game (Hotchkiss, Marder III, Hummel, Bergetiger, Wirbelwind, Light Anti Tank Halftrack, Flak 88 (<-- would be too OP maybe like in vCoH^^), Kettenkrad (<-- k, would be like a Kubel without MG :P), Hetzer with anti tank gun etc.)
15 Jun 2016, 21:21 PM
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OKW is a great example for why we shouldn't have another German faction. It'll just end up a crazy mess of new shit that doesn't really work and things we already have. And in the end they won't truly represent the way the Germans fought in any way.

Axis really need some cosmetic variety anyway. I'd be more then happy with either the Italians or Japanese.
15 Jun 2016, 21:21 PM
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16 Jun 2016, 07:23 AM
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I would like to see a late war Italian faction with German support units. We shouldn't forget that from mid-1943 parts of the Italian army continued to fight side by side with the Wehrmacht until May 1945. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_Social_Republic
16 Jun 2016, 07:56 AM
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Afrika Korps with atleast 3 "italian" Commamders would be best option in my eyes.
Could be an army similiar to the US forces.
Many (fast) vehicles, different P3 versions, Flak88, doctrinal command tiger, wespe (could not figure out if it was used in africa), ...
16 Jun 2016, 09:21 AM
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I'm really surprised (and somewhat angry) how the idea of sub-factions for OST/WEHR hasn't caught on yet. Like, holy fuck, the Japanese don't fit, Germany's continental allies didn't make any significant impact, and a 3rd German would be dumb.
Literally a perfect solution to all of the most common problems people have with X full faction proposal: a nationality based subfaction system for OST that replaces some base units with alternatives, switches mechanics up slightly or whatever.
Say, Grenadiers be replaced with Italian infantry and the P4 be replaced with their medium tank etc., or the Brummbar be replaced with similar Hungarian assault gun that comes out earlier, and so on.

That was my original expectation and hope before we knew about WFA :foreveralone:

I expected differently themed ost and soviet armies, given the wide variety of units used on that front.
16 Jun 2016, 09:42 AM
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no pls stop new faction
16 Jun 2016, 10:05 AM
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no pls stop new faction

Don't count on any new factions.
Resources were moved to DoW3, there is basically no one who would be able to do it.
16 Jun 2016, 12:35 PM
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Don't count on any new factions.
Resources were moved to DoW3, there is basically no one who would be able to do it.

If they let modders modify .sga and host private servers... :snfPeter:
16 Jun 2016, 18:11 PM
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I voted 'No' cause it would just throw a spanner in the works in regard to balance etc. However I would like to see other European Axis countries (Hungary, Italy & Romania) and would love to see the Jagdpanther & Flak 88 make an appearance too. However balance balance balance.
17 Jun 2016, 10:04 AM
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Yes, there should be a 3rd axis faction,

It could be called "Reserve-Army" It could bring Italys, Hungarians, Finnish, Romanian troops on the battlefield and core units of the Wehrmacht.
17 Jun 2016, 12:26 PM
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18 Jun 2016, 12:35 PM
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A German-Italian Army WOULD BE viable, an Italian only Army, not so much, it would rival and even underperform compared to the Afrika Korps.

I sure hope it was already proposed...
18 Jun 2016, 22:58 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post18 Jun 2016, 12:35 PMGrittle

I sure hope it was already proposed...

Jesus dude I know already lol, I know you, me and one or 2 more people on here would love to see it, but there's really no need to post it on everywhere there's a mention of an Italian-German Army, or even just Italian, I mean, alright we get it, it'd be cool and all but it's getting a bit annoying.
23 Jun 2016, 08:26 AM
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More factions = more fun and more imbalance, yes please!
23 Jun 2016, 11:45 AM
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Relic can't even properly balance the existing two German factions. Ostheer has apparently been put completely on the "forgotten"-rail, there's no hope of them ever becoming competitive again, so why would we need another faction that is going to take focus away from the existing ones?

Give us more commanders with more interesting call-ins. And no, not some stupid rehash of commanders we already have ten times. Those commanders can be sold for all I care (although Relic needs to rework their pricing models, nobody buys commanders at their current pricing, and they would actually make more money by selling them for 50 cents to 1€ a piece), to regain the money spend on developing them somewhat...
23 Jun 2016, 20:20 PM
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Italy is the only real choice if we exclude Japan. The other options would all just end up being a mixture of existing Wehr, Soviet, and prewar units that would be both boring and crap. Only the Italians have a diverse arsenal of largely homegrown equipment to fill a faction roster, and as bonus, could even incorporate a few German pieces in the same way the Soviets have Lend-Lease equipment. I imagine them playing like a hybrid of the US and Soviets, with a strong early game and solid mid game but a weak late game. Of course, with Dawn of War III's announcement, this is all a moot point.
23 Jun 2016, 20:27 PM
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There is a noticeable lack of motivation, resources and expertise on the developer's part to expand this franchisee.

They have moved on.
23 Jun 2016, 20:47 PM
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They cant even balance Brits yet, if they introduce another faction we'd be facing extreme cancer yet again

and instead of making a new faction they should honestly work on making Ost less shiet
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