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The USF All Stars all you need to know

24 Dec 2015, 06:11 AM
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Hello, im Cookiez, the Resident USF Fanboy on coh2.org. And i'd like to tell you the story of the USF All-Stars.


Now you ask, why a USF only clan? What gave you the idea for this you fanboi?

Well my dear friend and fellow coh2.org staff-mate Comm_ash are well known for our love of USF, as we've written USF guides together, and play nothing but DOUBLE USF all day every day, everytime we play 2v2. You can count how many games of mixed allies we've played on 3 fingers, and we have only a handful of axis games. The Friendship we have (no homo no KappaPride) is because of our common love of USF and the hardships and hard times this faction had to face for the longest, especially vs OPKW. I figured, hmm, maybe, theres more players like us, that play and enjoy USF just for the "hard_mode/blob_mode engaged" factor. Maybe theres more people out there that like playing ridiculous amounts of USF, Double USF, Quad USF, USF and Nails for breakfast, etc.

And, sure enough, we've plenty of people that love the thrill of playing USF just as much as we do. Nothing quite like blobbing into an MG42 with 5 rifles and clearing it frontally Right?
Is this Really a USF only clan? Isnt that limiting?

No, its not neccesarily. The only requirement is to "like" USF the most and to fit the prerequisites below...(exceptions can be MADE!!)No one's saying you have to play USF all day and night, dont get it twisted. Dont play yourself. but DO KNOW we want to know that they're your favorite faction, and of course, that you #believe and #KNOW usf is OP.
Why did you decide to run a clan?

My inspiration behind this all started with a clan called Motivation I play with in a game called Combat Arms, a free to play online FPS made by Nexon. I've played Combat Arms from 2008 to the present, and i've spent the last 5 of these years in the Motivation. clan. To this day, this clan and most of the original players and admins are some of the coolest, welcoming, down to earth people I've ever freakin' met, and the memories i have with that clan is STILL the most fun i've ever had on the internet or video game ever. Of course most of the clan has disapated for the most part by now, and the memories are starting to fade, but that is why...

I decided to start my own clan on a game that i love as much as Combat Arms, with Coh2, armed with the goal of creating the same memories.



2. Be Skilled and experienced in your CRAFT! Be at least Top 200 with USF in 1v1,2v2,3v3,or 4v4. You can also be top 200 in wins.

3. Never let up. Never surrender. Negativity during losses will not be tolerated, and will be considered FEAR MONGERING, WHICH IS TREASON against the United States of America.

4. ALWAYS STRIKE FAST, COORDINATED, and WITH A PURPOSE. Many Grenades must be thrown. Smoke MUST be spammed.

5. Using your Mic is OPTIONAL, but being in a teamspeak with your fellow commanding officers is recommended for a healthy teamwork environment. Microphone is required when playing competitively however.

6. Nationality or ability to speak english does not matter, you can be an italian USF Fanboy, a Japanese USF fanboy, anything. As long as USF is your primary or 'favorite' faction and you meet the rank requirements.

7. Exceptions can be made to the rank requirement, If you are patriotic, I WANT YOU. You will be accepted under the condition of being a Mentee,

8. You cannot be in another coh2 dedicated clan.



ALWAYS #BELIEVE in USF. #KNOW that your riflemen and your fellow USF commanders, should you be in a team-game, will carry you to victory.

The STRONGLY RECOMMENDED clan tag is one simple star at the end of your steam name : ★

If you dont wear the tag, you can probably expect to be purged. these are your excuses to avoid this however:
Name Longetivity
EXAMPLE: SpaceHamster has had the steam name SpaceHamster for 3 years straight without altering it in any way at all.

In a clan thats not strictly coh2

NinjaWJ plays for The angry bears which plays many other games, and USF all stars which currently plays only coh2. So a "double loyalty" clan tag is fine in that case.

Not actively playing coh2 at the moment or playing another game more often with your steam alias
You can remove your star from your name if you play other games that use your steam ID, and if you dont want a star in your name for a game thats not relevant to coh2.

EXAMPLE: MarkedRaptor uses his star only when playing coh2, not other games

You can also remove the star if you're 'AFK' from CoH2 at the moment.
Why Is This the right fit for me? What does being in this clan offer?

- High level friends that will help you with Strategy,Tactics, Team-game partner, etc
- Clan exclusive giveaways AND EVENTS
- Support System! Dont you want to learn and play USF with the likes of this guy?
- scrimmages with other clans, troll 4v4's!
- Competitive Play opportunities! An opportunity to play with The Best USF players in the World In a tournament setting
- Not just made up of Americans! We have everything from Chinese, to Canadians, to Americans, to Dutch, to German players. From Black, to white, to blue colored people. Everyone is welcome and can feel at home in our blob.

Interested? Add me or one of the group Moderators/Officers on Steam and we'll chat about you joining the biggest blob in coh2!

29 Dec 2015, 13:44 PM
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Nothing quite like blobbing into an MG42 and clearing it frontally. Right?

Lol. The best feeling.
30 Dec 2015, 17:48 PM
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Yeeeah, buddy!
30 Dec 2015, 19:13 PM
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USF is glorious, all other factions are led by non elected heads of state. Oh what's that Mr Volks Blob? We're broken and OP? Sorry I can't hear you over the M10 drag race that's about to begin.
5 Jan 2016, 22:14 PM
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USF is glorious, all other factions are led by non elected heads of state. Oh what's that Mr Volks Blob? We're broken and OP? Sorry I can't hear you over the M10 drag race that's about to begin.

Can't hear them over the sound of my Calliope rockets and M1919's set ablaze
5 Jan 2016, 23:37 PM
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Can't hear them over the sound of my Calliope rockets and M1919's set ablaze
I can't hear my enemy since their blobs are being suppressed by three rear echelons with fire superiority.
13 Jan 2016, 17:49 PM
13 Jan 2016, 17:51 PM
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I've seen looney playing Ostheer, ban plix
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