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Replay Review Request: Difficulties fighting USF Airborne.

2 Oct 2022, 03:33 AM
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Link to the replay here

I wrote a pretty lengthy post on the replay detailing my thoughts on what I should have done, but I could use someone else's input I think.

Basically me and my teammates got trounced by USF blobbing airborne infantry and tanks. I personally don't have anything against blobbing, I always say "if it works and it's stupid, it's not stupid", and it's of course my fault for not countering it properly. But I tried my best and I was at a loss.

So if you could, please help me out here.
15 Nov 2022, 01:59 AM
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You have to swarm early with Grenadiers and MG42s. USF opening game sucks and it is easy to counter. Find the choke points and cut them off with MGs. The Pathfinder + Paratrooper + Jackson combo is tough to beat, in fact it's probably the only really viable strat for USF. The weakness is the early game. Paratroopers are a 3 CP unit so that gives you an early window to exploit. If they build Riflemen just counter with Grens and HMG42s, Riflemen do pretty poorly against those units and if they make Riflemen that's less Paratroopers they can call in.
15 Nov 2022, 18:56 PM
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first few minutes:

Your teammate on your side (OST) lost 4 squads in 4 minutes. Don't care what you do, against anyone applying pressure you basically lose your side. Not your fault. Good on the OKW though for rotating and securing 2 wipes out of that bad situation though.

Flametrack micro initially was poor. Rotating a lot so it wasn't using both flame projectors etc.

8:55: First major mistake I saw was when opponents captain smokes your allies MG42 to steal the decrewed 42. You had flametrack there ready to defend but responded slowly with attack ground and only after he was basically on the gun taking it. Should've either recrewed it before him with your repairing pio or just sprayed the 42 and captain before he could get to the gun.

10 seconds later: Ok so they actually didn't get the MG but it gets decrewed closer to their lines and just sits there for minutes. Take it or destroy it because you don't want allied MG42s.

13:00: Flame track eventually destroys opponents building, this should've been done as soon as the 50cal gets pushed away.

Planting schu-mines with HT. Personally I'd rather have the S-mines since they're more cost efficient and the tellers are better vs tanks by a mile. But mines are mines and they work so they're alright.

14:00: Teammate in forest has a p4 and you have no AT. Should have some for of AT by this point or you could get run off the field. Yes teammate has schrecks and stole an AT gun, but that's all you've got for 3 players in the city.

15:00 as I just said, 2 tanks just appeared and you have 1000 mp, T2 up and not building an AT gun. Waiting on panther. You can get away with it probably, could lose some ground though.

17:30 Panther diving for minimal reward. Had you gotten snared or hit a mine you would've probably died.

18:00 I like the werfer decision, was thinking exactly that. Hopefully does more than your teammates stuka

21:50 I saw that werfer attempt. :faint:

22:40 So at this point you're down 300vps at 135. Now given the game goes far longer I will assume there's a decent holdout or turnaround coming. Ideally though you're not giving up triple caps this much though. I see the forest player kinda got battered out of the forest, but OKW was supporting you two after your teammate basically flopped the opening and as you can see that has a detremental effect on the teams ability to hold territory and vps. Not exactly your fault, but at some point somone needs to step up and contest another VP if you're devoting 2.5 players and struggling to hold 1 vp.

23:00 also this is the 2nd time p47s have been used. Don't care who it is, someone needs anti-air to counter it. You can't wait 60 seconds for the duration to run out every time they click a button, especially when you see 3 different players using paths.

25:45: decent push. Got a jackson, TA pushed through (teammate). P47 called, no AA and lost the werfer as a result.

29:00ish Lost KT and panther for 2x jacksons. Not worth it. I've noticed this a lot for you is that you seem to want to continue moving forward through an area even showing your rear armor as opposed to reversing. I suggest reversing in most cases unless there's a clear faster way out by continuing forward. It 100% guaranteed your panthers death at this point. Maybe it wouldn't have gotten out anyways but it definitely wasn't going to with a sherman behind it.

Also just a tip for this map: I believe the KT is near impossible to dislodge from the city VP when properly supported. I would've liked to see the KT over there as opposed to mid getting destroyed by 2 jacksons. Yes it wasn't your KT but to give the tip to your teammates next time if it arises.

33:15: Only reason you guys haven't lost by this point is the forest player seemed to have stolen a 105 sherman and kicked out their opponent. Bunkered up nice (toxic) and maintains that VP.

OKW lost 2 stukas a few minutes ago. Tellers may have stopped that jackson but more importantly I'd say you need that werfer again. Not necessarily because OKW lost a stuka but because you need to stop the infantry, blobs, and the AT guns.

35:00: You're currently getting extremely lucky not losing anything to the triple p47s. No AA from anyone yet.

42:00: Ok so your team just got slammed by probably 6 jacksons and lost probably 80% of your armor teamwide. You're making 2 more pgrens. I would say you either need pscrecks for defense in a bad situation or you need fausts from grens. I'd say grens are the way to go for the entire game. Pgrens are nice, but I find they fall off a bit much and no snares makes me sad.

43:25: Again teammate loses KT, has AA again. I think an issue here is that none of you can counter the 60 range TD hordes. Need a heavy TD or more OKW JP4s, but 1 OKW can't counter 4 USF players making jacksons.

So beyond this point team just got rolled by jacksons. 3x panther doesn't really do much here. Not exactly the wrong choice since there was either this or stugs if you wanted armor. Think the play probably would've been take the city and mine up before the jacksons could amass and push back. Biggest issues on your end was micro, specifically armor micro, and then just macro and decision making. Needed AA for most of the match, pgrens weren't the call imo. Needed pios to cap and probably repair/sweep. Only so much you can do when teammates losing heavies every 5 minutes. Commander choice was subpar imo, but if you want to use a commander that's the cost I guess.

Hope this helped.
16 Nov 2022, 02:02 AM
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Thank you for the tips. I'll watch the replay again soon to get a reminder of the situation etc.
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