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What's the deal with tanks slipping on banana peels?

30 Oct 2021, 18:13 PM
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During my time playing CoH2, I've observed a behavior exclusive to vehicles that I like to call "slipping on a banana peel". I'm sure you've noticed it; you give a tank an order to move somewhere or attack something, but inexplicably along the way it suddenly stops and bounces backwards a few feet.

Does anyone know what exactly this is? Is it CoH2's version of latency correction (I.E. this tank is actually slower on the server than on my screen, so it gets moved to the right place) or is it a bug or what? Thanks for the replies in advance.
30 Oct 2021, 19:53 PM
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It is either latency correction and/or bugged collision. I always had the feeling some maps have it worse than others. Poltawa in my eyes was quite (in)famous for this
30 Oct 2021, 23:23 PM
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I believe this is called RUBBER BANDING and is usually blamed on bad internet connection/lag.
31 Oct 2021, 08:12 AM
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I believe this is called RUBBER BANDING and is usually blamed on bad internet connection/lag.

This can happen in single player as well. I believe the scenario is:
a) Command the vehicle to go somewhere far with lots of pathfinding
b) During the traversal, give a new order to the vehicle
c) The vehicle will register a new order, slip on a banana peel, go forwards/backwards like it has a 3000 horse power tank and weights 100 kilos

It's due to the engine, rather than the network. Usually network related incidents have an aura of lag around them and teleporting/super mega speed (eg, you lag out, then your infantry/tanks will sprint to the destination, or drive 9000 km/h)
4 Nov 2021, 19:10 PM
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It isn't network, the rules of the game are still bound, specifically with regard to acceleration, which wouldn't apply for something network related. The bug does completely violate the deceleration rules though.
5 Nov 2021, 07:51 AM
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It absolutely 100% is not rubberbanding/latency related, it is inherent to the games engine.

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