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5 Nov 2021, 06:30 AM
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If you want legit big cat battles and tank on tank clashes, petition relic to add some North Africa DLC. Tobruk or El Alamein, with comets and tigers and fireflies...oh my.
5 Nov 2021, 09:56 AM
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Afrika is confirmed. :thumb:
6 Nov 2021, 11:30 AM
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Honestly, I don't mind. There is very little I can say other than maybe it fits with the series. I mean, you have factions dedicated to the WunderWaffe or the most obscure collection of vehicles within the German military, the Pershing fighting alongside infantry in Normandy, and the Pre-Alpha having you go tank hunting a general who just so happens to be driving around in a Tiger.

I could go on about the historical accuracy of the franchise, but I don't see the point in that when the previous two titles are video game versions of Saving Private Ryan and Enemy at the Gates. The developers sure have a few snippets of history here and there, but it seems to be gameplay over accuracy.

Perhaps it might be someone who just saw the tank somewhere and somehow managed to sneak it onto the list of new units and vehicles they intend to add into the third installment? Maybe they thought it looked enough like a World War Two tank? Who knows?

Fortunately, it is a Pre-Alpha and like all Pre-Alphas, it could be switched out and dumped into their cut content bin. Now given that the preview is mainly on the campaign, it could be exclusive to just be campaign stuff.

The one I really want to touch on is the detachments, but that is for another place.

To be completely honest, I don't play CoH for historical accuracy. Just about everything is inaccurate or game-ified (which is just fine, because if it wasn't it would be less fun), from team sizes to weapons issued to etc. etc. CoH is a video game, first and foremost. I'm fine with having a WW2-themed RTS game. As long as it looks good and is fun to play with friends, I'm happy. If I really want to play a realistic RTS game, I'll play Gates of Hell.
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