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why arranged team ladder can meet solo ladder player!

4 Dec 2020, 17:19 PM
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4 Dec 2020, 17:22 PM
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Cuz lelic, also the already long search time would be even longer.
4 Dec 2020, 18:57 PM
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Cause this game doesn't have at any time +100K players online for it to be a viable solution.

As far as i know, games with 2x/3x times our pop (AOE2) doesn't have this option.

Heck SC2 which IIRC had at some time +2million players each month, you still faced arranged teams with randoms if you went higher in the ladder.

4 Dec 2020, 20:07 PM
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So you don't spend 68 minutes in que, waiting for a game.
4 Dec 2020, 23:53 PM
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There should be less of an elo/rank hit if you lose to an actually good stack, and on the otherside a AT beating low ranked mismatch randoms all the time *should* take alot of effort to rank themselves up; but im pretty sure thats already the case in both regards.

Plus a trait of being an actually good high ranked random player is being flat out better or equal to most AT's you'd come across

If you're just complaning about a difficult game and dont care about rank, might i recommend the public game list mode instead theres alot of free wins ready to be collected there
5 Dec 2020, 00:35 AM
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None issue, frustrating but not as BS as people that drop constantly. Needs to be a cooldown system like in CSGO, 30 min ban or until the game you left ends, which ever is longer.

Yes we all drop due to net from time to time but thats few and far between idiots.
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