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vasa1719 complains after streamsnipe me

by FaHu 6th July 2017, 21:21 PM
Angoville (2)
  • [00:00:16] vasa1719: streamsnipe PogChamp
  • [00:00:23] FaHu: no respect :P
  • [00:00:29] vasa1719: wait
  • [00:00:32] vasa1719: i build penals
  • [00:31:57] vasa1719: what a scum blober you are
  • [00:32:10] FaHu: scum sniper wiht no skill :P
  • [00:32:16] vasa1719: haha
  • [00:32:17] vasa1719: haha
  • [00:32:23] vasa1719: you dont win 0 game s me
  • [00:32:40] FaHu: weird that i win this game than :P
  • [00:32:44] vasa1719: pls man
  • [00:32:48] vasa1719: I hae 15 fps
  • [00:32:52] vasa1719: you blob like hell
  • [00:32:55] vasa1719: and you writ ethis
  • [00:33:48] vasa1719: lets when i snipe you and wil be abuse
  • [00:33:51] vasa1719: what you wil be write
  • [00:35:30] vasa1719: i so disspointed in you
  • [00:35:40] FaHu: just because you lose and complain
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6 Jul 2017, 21:21 PM
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Normaly i didnt upload anymore replays, but this is just for the streamsniping vasa1719 who complains at the end of the game like a little girl, that he would normaly win, but....

Whats your opinion about this game, someone streamsnipe you and is still the complete game in the stream (cant say if he watched or heard the stream), but than complains about his lose and dont take it like a men.
6 Jul 2017, 23:11 PM
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Honored, hope next time you will be post games where you lose :snfPeter:.
So lets see now in my situations. I dont play like month, find good opponent is hard now, coz many people leave 1v1, coz bad patch. So how find good opponet and dont waist 20 min, only stream snipe, i snipe Noggano, Price, Pope no problems, but only Fahu have problems with it :megusta:. Sniping is blood of this community.

I'm calling you Fahu, BO3. Lets decide in what date we can play ? If you refuse, we all will be know that you scary like little girl :snfPeter:. I think this end all this poor drama and you attempt to public relations in my glory name :snfPeter:. I hope community will be supports this duel :snfPeter:.
Like i say i am really disappointed.
7 Jul 2017, 00:01 AM
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If he doesn't intentionally cheat then I see no issue in having a fun game with a streamer. :) Vasa talking smack during/after the game is his own buisness more or less. If you lose the game it's more your skill than the games balance. Balance isn't perfect, but neither is anyones skill, and it can always improve.

TL : DR Git gud Vasa :thumb:
7 Jul 2017, 02:16 AM
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LOL, vasa behaviour was extraordinary but pridepost was really needed? What was the purpose of showing superior micro over the oponent
Ps.I think not everyone have beasty pc to handle coh2 on ultra, some of the guys just want to have fun with more or less fluent experience, and i think vasa doesnt own a terminator rig :sibTux:
7 Jul 2017, 04:19 AM
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7 Jul 2017, 09:56 AM
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Greatness is not often found in the replay section, but here we struck gold.
7 Jul 2017, 10:18 AM
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Stop complaining fahu. go outside, enjoy life.

Streamsniping = trying to queue into a streamer
Ghosting = watching stream while playing vs said player (vodka company #1 example of this)
7 Jul 2017, 13:20 PM
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vasa is noob, everybody knows lol
in russia we call him vasanoob
fahu superior german player, L2P vasa, stop crying about patch and other shit
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