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Company of Heroes 3 with WhiteFlash Addendum

11 May 2019, 02:03 AM
17 May 2019, 16:37 PM
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I would LOVE a Japanese Faction/Pacific Theater! Other than that very well done guide i feel like Coh3 has to hit home with the leaderboard aswell.
2 Aug 2019, 00:01 AM
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Solid article white flash. Totally agree with most points. But do you honestly think there is hope for a CoH3 to be made? I say that hoping that you do. For me CoH 1 and 2 really tick alot of boxes, they are such enjoyable games, but I am definitely worried that relic will pull a Valve or a Blizzard on us. RTS as a genre isn't as popular as it used to be.
8 Sep 2019, 04:04 AM
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Thanks you for bringing up the important points of the game that can be improved for a potential great CoH3. Another aspect that I hope to see more improvement is the replay system. Currently, I cannot back track the replay at a critical moment I might have missed. I also cannot access the file if there's any update happened after the game.

Also, there can be a lot more information, number displayed for the information sake. CoH Stat is also something that a lot of us are interested in. As of now, CoH2 severely lack numbers for us to understand the unit's strength.

Should Relic wish to make CoH3, I hope they will listen closely to the player base, pro players to come up with a great game that we all anticipate. My thanks to all the dev, balance team who have great passion about the game!
22 Jan 2020, 03:43 AM
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I only have unique idea for Doctrine. Which is

All faction must have Engineer to build(or all faction have it by default) a building "Commander HQ" where all doc units have to build from there. No more call in. Both infantry & vehicle must have build time.

Bring back Coh1 2 branch tech tree. Where Players can completely custom their Commander abilities. Instead of buying a new Doctrine, players can buy Commander Abilities, then they can put them into the Commander tech tree slots.
6 types of tech tree, where you can put Commander abilities as you want in

1st floor can only put tactical abilities
infantry weapon ungrade/elite infantry must be from 2nd floor and above
premium medium must be from 3rd floor and above
heavy can only put into 4th floor.
=> Each ability has its own Commander point. So to make a Commander not too op. Limit the Commander point so they just can NOT put in 2 types of Premium medium and 2 types of Heavies in the same Commander (tech tree 1)

To make the game play roll around core units. All doc units are abit more price effective but limited to 1 Heavy tank, 2 Premium medium, 2 elite infantry (except units like Partisan and Ostruppen). Im tired of Fusilier & Fall blob that force me to use Ranger & Para blob.
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