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The COH2 Ability Guide Mark 2.0

Much like veterancy, abilities are a huge part of COH2 gameplay. Each ability plays a significant role in how units are used. Knowing these abilities and how they function is one of the keys to victory, but sometimes, the in-game descriptions don't provide all the information you need. Doing just that is the purpose of this guide. However, the guide only include abilities that modify unit performance or resources - grenade and off-map artillery abilities, for example, are not included.
Notes and FAQ
USF's Combined Arms and the British Command Vehicle accuracy bonus are unique in being the only exclusive modifiers in this guide. In the case of Combined Arms, exclusive means that when Combined Arms is active, only the Combined Arms reload and accuracy benefits would apply to the unit, not the veterancy bonuses or any others. This means that a veterancy 3 Pershing, along with many other veteran USF units, will fire slower if you use Combined Arms with them.

For the British Command Vehicle, only the +35% accuracy bonus is exclusive, so if used with a veterancy 3 Sherman Firefly or a veterancy 2 Comet, for example, the veterancy and accuracy bonuses would not stack with each other. Only the +35% Command Vehicle accuracy bonus would apply to these units.

All of the other auras and abilities in this guide stack with veterancy and other bonuses.

?User:Does this aura/ability apply to my team-mates unit?

Look here on your UI. If you see the ability icon on top left corner of this portrait then the modifiers are applying to that unit. If you don't see it, then they are not applying.

?User: How long does this ability last??

!Check in-game for yourself, this isn't a list of ability durations. Unless I feel it's important to the ability.Cookiez

?User: What is received accuracy, accuracy, etc?

!If you are new and do not understand these bonuses, please ask or search in the forums before you try to digest the content of this guide, as it assumes you understand basic COH2 terminology. Most of the bonuses are self explanatory, either way.Cookiez

?User:Some abilities are effected by Veterancy. The artillery officer gets an improved aura at vet 3, why you no mention, cookiez?

!Check the Veterancy Guide.Cookiez

Without further ado.......Welcome to the Ability Guide!

Fire Incendiary Explosive Round
Targeted infantry model dies. Adjacent infantry models in a radius of 3 either have their weapons disabled for 4 seconds (95%) or burn to death (5%).
Targeted light vehicle is dealt 50 damage if the shot penetrates.

Fire Incendiary Armor Piercing Rounds
+100% damage and +9 penetration. A reload cycle is initiated when the ability activates. This reload is 50% faster than normal.

Field First Aid
Targeted infantry squad will fully heal in 20 seconds if it stays out of combat.

Tactical Advance
For 10 seconds, the squad moves slowly. They gain +150% burst length while moving, +50% accuracy, and +50% received accuracy. Not cancelled by retreating.

Combined Arms
Passive ability. Panzergrenadiers gain -10% received accuracy and +20% speed when near vehicles.

Mark Infantry
Panzergrenadiers can mark hostile infantry; enemy will take +30% received accuracy while the Panzergrenadiers will take +15% received accuracy.


The squad will move faster for 5 seconds.


For 15 seconds, the Officer squad fires 25% more accurately on the move. They also gain -20% received accuracy.

Spotting Scopes
222 Scout car: +40% sight radius while stationary.
All other vehicles: +100% sight radius while stationary.
Vehicles and Team Weapons

Infantry Awareness

Reveals all enemy infantry units in a radius of 70 on the mini-map for 20 seconds.


Immobilizes the half-track, but reduces damage by 50%, increases range by 10, and grants moderate weapon suppression.

Hull Down
The vehicle becomes immobile, but receives -25% damage and gains +25% range.

Blitzkrieg Assault

-25% received accuracy, +35% speed, and +60% acceleration while moving for 15 seconds.

-25% received accuracy, +15% speed, and +30% acceleration while moving for 15 seconds.

Target Weak Point

+100% penetration, will stun enemy vehicle.

+900% penetration for 10 seconds. Hits disable weapons and movement for 5 seconds.

Penetrating shells will stun enemy vehicle, disabling its gun and vision for 5 seconds. Will always penetrate. -40 damage.

+100% penetration, will lock enemy vehicles turret temporarily and disable its main gun.

Penetrating shells will stun enemy vehicle, disabling its gun and vision for 5 seconds. Will always penetrate. -60 damage.

Bunker Busting Barrage
Barrage ability: three shots with +20 range, +20 minimum range, and half the reload time.
Auras and Commander Abilities

Concentrated Fire
Friendly infantry in a radius of 20 around the officer receive +15% accuracy. When the officer reaches Veterancy Level 3, infantry receive +25% accuracy instead.
Friendly vehicles in the same radius reload 13% faster. When the officer reaches Veterancy Level 3, vehicles reload 25% faster instead.

Tactical Movement
All owned infantry squads and team weapons, execept AT guns and artillery pieces, will sprint for 20 seconds.

Counterattack Tactics
For 60 seconds, all owned units will capture neutral territory three times as fast.

Luftwaffe Supplies
3 supply boxes are dropped from a plane. When a supply box is picked up, infantry in a radius of 25 gain healing when out of combat, +15% accuracy, and -13% received accuracy for 30 seconds.

For 45 seconds, all owned vehicles move 25% faster and can capture territory.

Relief Infantry
For 60 seconds, an Osttruppen squad will spawn for every five infantry models you lose. You may receive up to three squads.

Assault and Hold
Increases the accuracy of all infantry by 25%. (de)/Capture rate is increased by 100% for infantry squads.

Ambush Camouflage
The squad gains the camouflage ability. +50% accuracy for 5 seconds out of camouflage.

Panzer IV Command Tank

Friendly units in a radius of 45 around the tank take -20% damage.
The United States Forces

Smoke Grenade

Enemy vehicle will have 0 sight and -50% speed for 8 seconds. This will last even when the vehicle backs out of the smoke.

Tactical Movement

Squad moves at reduced speed, +150% burst length, +50% accuracy, and +50% received accuracy. Lasts on retreat.

Fire Up
Buff: Squad sprints for 10 seconds.
De-buff: Squad moves slower for 8 seconds afterwards.

Suppressive Fire

-75% cool-down, +1% suppression, and +200% burst length.


+300% production speed on targeted building.

Armor Piercing Rounds(50 Cal HMG)

+25% damage and +10 penetration. A reload cycle is initiated when the ability activates. This reload is 50% faster than normal.

Critical Repair

The squad will quickly fix a single critical and heal 15 hit points.
They will have +200% received damage and +200% received accuracy during the process.

On Me

Designated squad will retreat to the Captain and lose suppression. The targeted infantry unit also receives a +20% accuracy and -20% received accuracy bonus for 8 seconds.

Covering Fire

The Cavalry Riflemen squad will have -90% accuracy, -90% cool-down, +20% burst length, and -75% weapon reload time. The targeted infantry unit receives a 55% accuracy penalty and are reduced to walking speed for 11 seconds or until the ability ends. Ability disengages when the unit moves.

75mm Barrage
+100% range. Target barrage ability.
+20 range. Target barrage ability. Can be used on the move, but only if the target remain inside the range.

Volley Fire
+40% received accuracy, -50% accuracy, and +1% suppression. Squad move extra slowly.

After 5 seconds of being active: additional +1% suppression and +3% accuracy.

After 10 seconds of being active: additional +3% suppression, +4% accuracy, and -87.5% cool-down.
Vehicles and Team Weapons

AP Rounds for M1 AT-Gun
+50% penetration.

Take Aim!
Sight increased by 75% in a forward cone only, +10 Range.

HVAP Rounds for M36 "Jackson"
+40 Damage, +14% accuracy, and +~15% penetration.

AP Rounds for M10 "Wolverine"
+~40% penetration and +~30% accuracy.

Radio Net

35 radius aura. -10% reload, and +5% sight per Allied vehicle in the aura. These additional vehicles can be any allied unit, but at least one of them must be a VET 1 Sherman.

Flanking Speed
-25% received accuracy, +10% max speed, and +60% (de)/acceleration.

Heat Rounds
+100% damage, +250% penetration, and +100% range.

HVAP Round
Skill-shot. +~40% penetration, +80 damage, and can be fired in succession with normal attacks.

Stun Shot
Penetrating shells block target vehicles' vision and prevent them from firing for 5 seconds. -40 damage and -50% reload time on Stuart's main gun.

Point Blank Engine Shot
This ability will always penetrate and cause normal engine damage. -40 damage on Stuart's main gun.

Step On It!
+75% maximum speed and +50% acceleration. Vehicle weapon unavailable.

-25% received accuracy and +60% acceleration. Occupants have -50% received accuracy.

Mark Target
Deploys a recon plane while target vehicles receive -25% armour and +25% received accuracy.
Auras and Commander Abilities

Raid Tactics
Infantry gain + 7 sight during the ability.
Allows all light vehicles to capture points.
Increases light vehicle capture rate to 2.5.

Combined Arms
Infantry in proximity to friendly vehicles will gain -20% Reload, +30% Accuracy, and +35% sight.
Vehicles in proximity to friendly infantry will gain +35% sight, -30% Reload, and +5 range.
The Soviet Union

Squad will sprint.

To the Last Man
4% accuracy, -2% weapon cooldown, and -3% received accuracy per member lost.

Button Vehicle
Reduces target vehicle sight to almost 0. Reduces speed and rotation rate by 67%, -50% deceleration, disables weapons, and +25% reload time.

Hit the Dirt
-10% received damage, -20% accuracy, squad can't be supressed, and can't move
0.75 weapon cooldown, +2.5 range, and squad can't move

Sustained Fire
+100% burst length duration, -50% reload time, -50% weapon cooldown,
and forces a reload at the beginning of the ability. Cancels, with no refund, if the Maxim moves

DSHK-38 Armor Piercing Rounds
+200% penetration.

Fight to the Death

Targeted squad is given +20% weapon accuracy and 0.5 cooldown. Increases received accuracy by 20%.

Stand Your Ground

Targeted squad will have -30% received accuracy and -10% received damage. The squad's movement speed is reduced.
Vehicles and Team Weapons

ZiS-3 Barrage
-80 damage, +20 range, and +15 minimum range. Target barrage ability.
-40 damage, +30 range, and +15 minimum range. Target barrage ability.

AT Gun Ambush

-80% speed, -25% reload, +20% accuracy, and +20% penetration for first shot.

Tank Hunter Ambush Tactics

Slows rotation by 80% when active. First strike bonus: +20% accuracy, + 20% penetration, and +25% reload.

Recon Mode
+50% sight radius. T-70 will capture territory as if it reached veterancy 1.

Focus Sight
-50% maximum speed. All sight is focused forward, increasing sight by 40 range.


+40% sight radius, will reveal enemy vehicles and infantry out to 70 range in the fog of war on the mini-map.

M-42 Tracking

Now provide vision of hit vehicles for 10 seconds, even in the fog of war.


-25% received accuracy, +60% acceleration, and occupants have -50% received accuracy.

Piercing Shot

Skillshot. +50% penetration. Keep in mind that this ability uses the ISU-152's HE round weapon profile, not the AP weapon profile, so it can be used against infantry to good effect. This is assuming you hit as the ability has a tendency to overshoot.

Crew Repair

Crew will stop their vehicle and repair until health is full. Weapons are unavailable.

Set up KV-2

-25% reload, +30 range, and +25 minimum range. KV-2 is immobile in siege mode.

T-34 Ramming Manuever
If successful: A 90% chance of engine damage, 5% chance of heavy engine damage, 3% chance of immobilization, or a 2% chance of main gun destroyed.
If failure: 5 second crew shock.
Auras and Commander Abilities

Mark Target
+35% damage to target vehicle. Spawns an IL-2 recon plane that gives line of sight to the marked unit and that unit only. The plane can be shot down, denying the LOS, but the increased damage will still apply until the duration ends.

Forward HQ Inspiration

+0.25 armor, +50% accuracy to infantry and machine guns.

+25% damage to AT guns, mortars, and howitzers.

For Mother Russia
+50% accuracy, squads will sprint.

+50% accuracy to HMG's.

+25% accuracy to AT guns, mortars, and howitzers.

Inspire: Infantry

Infantry will move faster and have their weapon cooldowns reduced by 20%.

Rapid Conscription
For every 6 infantry models lost during this ability, you will gain a conscript squad. You may only gain 2 squads from this ability.

Vehicle Detection
All infantry, but not team-weapons, can detect vehicles out to 70 range.

Fear Propaganda Artillery
Squads hit will have a:
25% chance of nothing
35% chance of being slowed and taking +100% received accuracy
30% chance of suppressed/pinned
10% chance of being forced to retreat

This is on a per-shell basis, so the first shell of the barrage may not do anything, while the second may make the squad retreat. This ability works on all infantry types, even Anti Tank Guns, but only if they are in tow-mode while they are hit.
The Oberkommando West

Medical Supplys
Squad will heal for 30 seconds out of combat. This is enough to heal any squad to full health.

Incendiary Rounds
+100% damage and +9 penetration. A reload cycle is initiated when the ability activates. This reload is 50% faster than normal.

Suppressive Fire
Squad temporarily cause suppression during the duration of this ability.

Blendkorper Grenade

Blendkorper grenades will deal damage to infantry. It will disable weapons on any vehicle within the smoke, but only for as long as the vehicle remains there, unlike USF riflemen smoke.

Field First Aid
Targeted infantry squad will fully heal in 20 seconds if it stays out of combat.

The squad will move faster for 5 seconds.

Sturmofficer Focus Fire
+50% received accuracy to target squad. All nearby squads will prioritize their targeting to the Sturm Officer's target.

Force Retreat
The designated squad will retreat, but other squads near them fight more effectively.
Vehicles and Team Weapons

Signal Relay
Automatically detects armoured vehicles on the minimap within 85 range of the vehicle.

Cautious Movement

Vehicle camouflages itself and moves at -50% speed. It cannot take projectile based damage when cloaked.

Suppressive Fire
Reduces main gun damage by -50%, but Luchs get the ability to suppress enemy squads.

Aimed Shot
Puma fires a single shot with 1,000% accuracy, which will damage the engine of a light vehicle.
Puma fires a single shot with 1,000% accuracy, which will stun turretless vehicles.
Puma fires a single shot with 1,000% accuracy, which will turret lock the enemy's vehicle.
SU-76M will be stuned and engine damaged.

Supporting Fire

+40 range and +25 minimum range, target barrage ability. Shots three HE shells, five shells when Veterancy Level 1.

World Piercing Rounds

+25% reload time. Projectiles will penetrate all world objects.

Panzer Commander

Increases main gun accuracy by 10% and sight on 10. Unit may now use an off-map artillery ability.

HEAT Shells

+30% penetration and +30% damage. Lasts 20 seconds.

Mark Vehicle

+25% damage and +15% accuracy to marked target.

Combat Blitz

+100% accuracy, -25% received accuracy, +40% speed, and +25% rate of fire.

+100% accuracy, -25% received accuracy, +20% speed, and +25% rate of fire.

Emergency Repairs
Unit cannot move or fire its main weapon. Heals 300 health over 10 seconds after a 3-second delay and removes criticals. Cannot be cancelled.

+50% sight and -25% speed. Hull MG's will deal 2% suppression.
Locks the King Tiger's turret to a frontal 90 degrees arc.

Kubelwagen Detection

+20 camouflage detection radius, -50% speed, and will reveal units in the mini-map out to 70 range.
Auras and Commander Abilities

Sturm Officer Aura

+10% accuracy and -9% reload time. All affected squads will retreat if officer's model dies.

Breakthrough Tactics

+200% decapture speed.

Valiant Assault

+25% accuracy. Squads will sprint.

For the Fatherland

-35% received accuracy and +15% speed to infantry in friendly territory.

Scavenge Artillery

For every 100 munitions interval, you fire 5 more shells. The extra shells are more accurate for each interval.

Command Panther Aura
Default: +10% speed and +20 sight radius to nearby vehicles.
Veterancy 2: +10% speed, +20% accuracy, and +20 sight radius to nearby vehicles.
Veterancy 3: +10% speed, +20% accuracy, -20% reload, and +20 sight radius to nearby vehicles.
Veterancy 4: +10% speed, +20% accuracy, -20% reload, +20 sight radius, and +5 weapon range to nearby vehicles.
Veterancy 5: +20% accuracy and -20% reload to nearby infantry.
The British Forces

Tank Hunter Infantry Section Detection

Reveals vehicles on the minimap out to 90 range.

Cover Smoke Grenade
-50% received accuracy in smoke.

Salvage Wrecks
Values are given in Munitions/Fuel:
Ultra Lights: 10/5
Lights: 15/10
Mediums: 20/25
Advanced Mediums: 35/30
Heavies: 50/40
Super Heavies: 60/45

Critical Shot
Stuns assault guns, turret locks tanks, and causes engine damage to lighter vehicles.
Vehicles and Team Weapons

Brace Emplacement

-75% received damage, +5 armor, and -75% incoming repairs.

Improved Fortification

+20% health and +10 armor.

Piercing Shot

Projectile will penetrate all world objects.

Airburst Shells

Airburst shells will blind vehicles for 8 seconds, roughly doubled AOE radius and distance.

UC Vickers K Suppression

+0.015% suppression, +25% burst length, -20% accuracy, and +100% scatter.

Target Tread

First Shot: -60% speed, -70% rotation speed, and -70% maximum speed.
Second Shot: Immobilizes for 7 seconds.

Tank Commander

+10 sight and +10% accuracy.

Emergency War Speed

-25% received accuracy, +15% speed, and +30% acceleration.
Royal Sappers may tune up the vehicle's engine for usage.

Phosporous Round

Like other phosporous rounds, these rounds will only reduce the Health of a model to a minimum of 1. Infantry will not die from the smoke alone. Unlike similar abilities, however, it does not disable tank guns, it only blocks line of sight, forcing the enemy to use attack ground in order to use their gun.

Valentine Observation

Increases base unit sight by 50% and the main gun is disabled until the Valentine is back to its normal mode.

Hammer Tracking

Enemy vehicles will stay revealed for 9.5 seconds after being hit by a British vehicle. This only applies to British vehicles after researching Hammer.

Tulip Rocket Strike

First rocket blinds vehicle for 8 seconds.
Second rocket stuns vehicle for 2.5 seconds.

Churchill Covering Smoke

Churchill creats a big smoke cloud behind itself for 10 seconds. Until the ability ends, the Churchill will be a magnet for attack ground.

Crew Repair Operation

Crew, under cover of smoke shells, will stop their vehicle and repair until the ability ends. Weapons are unavailable.

Medical Supplies

Squad will heal itself and all units within a radius of 10 for 30 seconds. If all healing recipients stay out of combat, and close enough to the medical squad throughout the ability, this is enough time to heal any amount of health from any amount of units.

Rapid Maneuvers

+25% rotation, +25% speed, and +25% (de)/acceleration.
Auras and Commander Abilities

Heroic Charge

Affected squads, within 20 meters, will sprint. -25% received accuracy, -20% cooldown, and +40% accuracy.

Advanced Cover Combat

Out of cover bonus: -20% reload and normal cooldown.
In cover bonus: -40% reload and -20% cooldown.

Command Vehicle

Penalties to commanding vehicle: -50% accuracy, +100% cooldown, and +100% reload penalty.
Churchill AVRE's ability reload also affected.
Infantry bonus: +20% accuracy, -20% cooldown, and -20% reload.
Vehicle bonus: -30% reload, -30% cooldown, +30% accuracy, and +15% penetration.

Hold the Line

-20% received accuracy to all squads in a friendly sector. After about 20-30 seconds, the RAF will send a plane to attack each individual enemy unit. For example, if you enemy has 10 units in your front-line sector's territory, then 10 typhoons will come to attack each individual enemy unit. If the enemy units remain and continue to loiter around in your sectors, then more typhoons will continue to make single passes at individual units until the sector is clear, your front-line territory is lost/contested, or the ability duration runs out.

Assault Operation

+15% accuracy. All squads will have +25% speed and can fire on the move. Typhoon aircraft will recon across the adjacent, or front-line, sectors to your territory points. The amount of aircraft depends on how many front-line sectors you own.

Air Resupply Operation

-50% reinforce time. Squad will sprint in and out of combat.
Supplies: squads that take these medical supply boxes will gain +15% accuracy and -13% received accuracy. The squad that picked it up will also heal for 30 seconds. If they enter combat, then the healing will cease.

Raid Operation

+100% (de)/capture rate.
Vehicles can capture points.

Smoke Raid Operation

Delivers smoke at the target location.
During this ability, all infantry can camouflage when in cover. Light smoke drops in the general vicinity of infantry every 15 seconds.
+100% decapture rate.
Kudos! Thank you for reading this second edition, which like the first edition is full of information. I hope we have helped you on your way to become a more complete player. Knowledge of Abilities does help, whether you are planning a strategy or battling it out under pressure.

The revised guide is a product of all the Modders who are listed as Editors below, who have worked hard with me to provide the Guide in its revised form. Any credit is as much theirs as mine.

There may be bonuses which are bugged, slightly misinterpreted, or do not work properly, but it is the current intention that this Guide will be reviewed after patches. If you see any more updates which you think are helpful, please let the team know.

If you want to see the pure files for yourself, check out COH2 Modding: Getting started with the official tools.

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