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You Heard The Captain! - US Forces Guide

20 Jul 2014, 10:40 AM
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Thx for the guide.

Funfact almost the some build order which i use.
20 Jul 2014, 12:12 PM
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Wonderfully written, clear and concise layout. Great job Milk & Ohme <444>3 Now to take it for a spin...
20 Jul 2014, 12:31 PM
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Thank you for that great guide. Well done.
20 Jul 2014, 19:27 PM
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I like the guide; the Battalion Command info was very helpful... it can be a hard decision with the medium armor.
The only issue with going airborne 1: no AT mines and 2: M1919 .30cal is limited only to Paratrooper squads.
I have recently gone to the infantry doctrine... 3 CPs for M1919s (same as paratroopers) and rifles and REs can equip M1919s. I've beat Obersoldaten with M1919s in equal cover (with vetted rifles, of course).
The cheap mines that the infantry doctrine provide are good when in clusters. It helps mid and late game against vehicle flanks; enough of them damage engines (not sure how many) and can save a very low health vehicle from being destroyed. Of course, the M20 utility car has a better mine ability for 60 mu, but that requires 70 fuel (50 for LT).
The best thing about airborne is the rocket strafe, however, a OKW flak truck in the middle of the map can easily shoot down the P47... Be careful.
21 Jul 2014, 04:12 AM
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Airborne is an excellent choice for its support weapons drops so you can focus on gas/tanks. Though M1919's on army inf squads will be sorely missed ;_;

Fantastic guide!
21 Jul 2014, 10:59 AM
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Great job guys !
21 Jul 2014, 11:27 AM
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Activate "On Me!" - Initiate faceroll on keyboard.
21 Jul 2014, 16:50 PM
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Great job, thanks!
22 Jul 2014, 14:04 PM
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Nice, I've been thinking about early BARS, but I haven't tried it. Mostly because I though it'd make me commited to rifles too much. I guess it's worth some testing though. Especially that BAR upgrade still leaves you with enough time to change your strategy if your opponent goes fast vehicles, because of the high ammo cost (which is ironically a blessing in this case :) ).

I have one critique to the guide. You use the form "Obersoldatens", which is incorrect. "Obersoldaten" is plural, so adding an "-s" there is a mistake. It's pretty much the same as wrtiting "Riflemens" in case of Riflemen :).
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