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Vs Falls as Soviets

10 Oct 2019, 03:50 AM
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At around four minutes in the First Falls is dropped. The second one follows shortly after that. Thank god my opponent didn't go panthers or else I would actually be in trouble.

There's three things I probably should have done off the top of my head.
1: invested in an MG to suppress that blob
2: Protected the B4 better
3: not locked down my Kv-1 vs the KT

Would have it been worth to just buy a maxim when I see the falls coming down? Although I felt like the Falls blob would have been able to frontal kill the Maxim easily.

Should I have invested in a Sniper maybe? I had T1 but was afraid of the Falls blob running around wiping all of my squads.

What does a Soviet player have to do counter all of this vetted falls?

10 Oct 2019, 04:27 AM
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upload replay to the replay section, then you can use the "insert replay" function with the replay URL.

I haven't watched the replay however, the sniper is "ok" vs falls. I'd avoid them though. They have vet 0 stationary camo which can potentially kill your sniper, and get commando camo at vet 2 which is even scarier. Potential valiant assualt rush and just immediatly lose it. On the upside though 4 men squads vs sniper is good stuff.

Doctrinally I'd suggest LMG guards to counter falls. Otherwise avoid direct engagements with them infantry v infantry. MGs, mortars, katys, tanks are the way to go. Special emphasis on katy and tanks, t34s are great vs infantry and are cheap, and katys are always devastating and very effective at close range.
10 Oct 2019, 04:48 AM
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A couple points

1. Focus on capping order, map control
You cap munitions and the victory point on the right first. You need to prioritize the fuel and particularly getting units there quickly. Additionally if he ran his sturmpioneers to the right fuel and your engineers were forced off you may get no fuel. In a t1 soviet build You should play defensively until you get a scout car out. Keeping the engineer and con units fairly close so you can soft retreat and help out vs sturms or volks that show up.

2. Build order
Key timings
3:30 Flamer M3
4:00 OKW Tier 1 after 3 volks
~5:00 Potential for OKW T2 after 4 volks
OKW has no counter to the m3 I recommend getting it as your 4th unit latest.
For example I prefer 2 engies penal m3. Cap until the m3, Then penal, 1 engie and m3 attack together.

Also focus on keeping it alive. You could have had much better map control and probably forced a raketen if you did so. There is also potential to put a squad in it and drive to the okw cutoff immediately to make up for your lack of capping power, there's not much they can do unless they build a raketen before t1.

The t70 came out at 10 minutes. He had no AT at all except fausts, having a better capping order and map control would let you bleed the falls badly for a longer period of time. W/o a puma he has more munitions as he doesn't need to heal but light vehicles are very effective.

3. General
Keep multiple units closer together, often times they were isoloated where as your opponent would have 2/3 squads together easily forcing off units without much damage taken.
It's not a great map for cutoff moves but focus on cutting off your opponent more especially when you force retreats, do damage or have a light vehicle advantage.

10 Oct 2019, 06:53 AM
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I recently started experimenting with counter attack tactics Vs falls too and I would like to add my findings. The built I use is con max max mortar/zis shock shock tech heals some where in-between. At the point where he gets the falls you are supposed get 2 shocks and have them cooperate closely with the maxims. The maxims should suppress while u close in with shocks and guard the maxim flanks. I found that one shock should be able to stand up against 1 fall in most of the cases if I play cards right. With this I mean u should use any sight blocker u can to lurk behind with your shocks and then flank and shank (like ed would say) the falls. Use your smoke nades. U should not mindlessly send in shocks from distance unless u got your maxim backing up the shocks. Keep the maxims and shocks always near so they can help eachother. Now if all goes well u should be able to make it to 6 co where the fun starts. At 6cp both u and the enemy will have vetted elites when assaulting or being assaulted use the for mother Russia ability. This will give your units increased speed and accuracy on top of the accuracy bonuses from vet. Since falls have 5 vet levels and u have 3 u Will get relatively fasster to full potential of your units accuracy wise now add fmr on top of that and u have a solid anti infantry force. U just rush him and suppress the falls and if he sticks around to long he dies.(throw nades always slightly behind the fall so when he runs he runs into it). The one thing u should watch out for are blendcorphers when u rush then so look for throw animations. With this is should be able to hold off the falls and even wipe some if I play your engagement well. Preferably from close range ambush from a shot blocker. Late game falls get stronger with there vet and upgrades yet u have 6 man against there 4 which means that there does will drop down by 25% for each model drop u get. So keep the armour that u have by the time near to bring down fall models while keep executing ambushes or max/shock pushes.sent in recon planes to spot for falls in camo so they can't use their accuracy ambush bonus and prepare your pushes.

If all hope is lost built a b4 and hope to wipe them that way xD best is to let the fall blobs get close so u have a better chance to hit.or make sure u get enough b4s so that u hit the blob eventually. It maybe worth to plant b4 further forward then u would with other howis. But still in a safe zone with a mine field around it. However if u dont wanna gamble get a katyusha. But if found if im low on mp and haven't TechEd I get 2 b4s for immediatet arty cuz then my Katy might come out to late. And b4 is always fun xD


Hope I fixed most errors in post was typing from phone
10 Oct 2019, 08:52 AM
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The sniper is "ok" vs falls. I'd avoid them though. They have vet 0 stationary camo which can potentially kill your sniper, and get commando camo at vet 2 which is even scarier.

Fyi, they don't exactly get Commando camouflage:

Cloaking types
There are 3 different types of cloaking:
- Cloak if majority of models are standing still in cover (vet 0-2 Paths, AT Cons, vet 0-1 Falls).
- Cloak if majority of models are in cover (Ostheer Ambush Training, vet 2 Falls, JLI).
- Cloak that lingers awhile out of cover (Commando’s, Partisans, Storms, vet 3 Paths, Snipers).

Comes pretty close to it though, once the map is covered with yellow cover craters.
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