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2v2 OST vs. Brits - Can't figure it out

15 Jun 2019, 19:33 PM
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Really not sure what I'm doing wrong here. It seems I just can't win in 2v2 against brits.

Early game, vickers pin down my grens and can counter garrisoned MGs, due to higher damage vs. structures,and mid/late game their infantry sections just completely outscale grens. Then later on I get into 'counter the churchill' situations, which I simply can't due to lack of resources from early/mid game.

Meanwhile, I'm being constantly hit by artillery from infantry section flares, making defensive setups essentially impossible.

This replay is a pretty good example; especially the first ~20 minutes. It goes on for a lot longer (and ends with a base pin), but it sums up my issues pretty well.
19 Jun 2019, 16:25 PM
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I'll offer what advice I can.

Your initial ingagement, you rushed the MG42 into a building, where it took heavy damage like you say. Its strength is suppressing, not damaging units in buildings. You could have set it up further back to prevent them capping the fuel, while using your infantry to try deny buildings, however this might have ended up with the same outcome due to him pushing up with two MGs.

That area of the map is really good for flanking with assault troops given all the walls and gaps between buildings, the new assault grens would have been ideal for getting behind those MGs and pretty easily forcing them off, or even wiping them. If they were in buildings, you can use the assault nade ability. At which point you could have dug into that area. You even went this doctrine, so it was really a missed opportunity early on.

Your early build: 3 Grens, MG, mortar.... pak ??

Dont over do the grens, you dont need to any more, you can easily grab at least one PanzerGren, excellent because you dont need to upgrade LMGs on them, so you have your engie flamer, an LMG gren or two, and some PG, with a brilliant grenade, making you way more punchier.

When you got T2 up, why build a pak first, he didnt even have a troublesome bren carrier, so the worst you can expect is an AEC, which isnt going to cripple you too fast.

You should really get something with impact, basically a LV, flame HT, scout car, or perhaps a mortar HT if you want and its a campy brit.

Lets say you get a flame HT which is really punishing vs them, great now get a pak and guard your flame HT with it and keep a gren around for faust. Just be careful with it, but its worth it, its one of those units that can win you the game early (watch out for an early ATG from them too).

By 6 min, your pushed off the map, with no punchy units, a lone mortar isnt going to be enough to dig him out of that area. Your both fuel starved at this point too, so its not looking good. If you both failing, might need to join up together and push to hopefully at least get one fuel.

Given they had most of the fuel for first 15 mins, its not a good idea to bring an ostwind out, you know they will have good tanks soon, in that situation, probably 2 stugs would have been best able to help you cope with the churchill. You probably got the Ostwind because your grens couldnt deal with their infatry, something that PGs/Assault grens would have helped with.

Your unit control looks ok to me.. just a case of building the wrong things, so try and work on thinking about the map, and faction you are facing, and think "how am I going to cause him some pain asap"

Towards the end, your opponents had 300 and 500 fuel, which tells you you've not had the correct units to control the map for a lot of the game.

Hope thats helpful, I think you were scratching your head as to why it went so wrong, but you set yourself up to struggle simply with your unit composition.

One of the easier Ost doctrines to play and very forgiving and easy to micro, is Mechanised. Scopes on tanks, combined with paks is one of the best things Ost has, means you can dish out damage while keeping armour at a safe range. Howie means you can pummel any defensive lines, repairing tanks, or simply their base, and panther + command tank with scopes is really fast and durable, easy to keep alive, which is huge for Ost. You can chase damaged tanks, dive for Katushkas and and even have enough anti inf power to see squads off, backed up by a couple paks for your real AT power. Its a slight shame not to have an arty offmap with this commander, but just spam nades and mines instead.
19 Jun 2019, 17:28 PM
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Hey, thanks for the advice. It's nice seeing a fresh perspective on things.

This game was right after the patch, so I don't think I had experimented with the new docs/unit changes (PGs, AGrens) all that much at this point; but you're completely right about adding in a PG instead of a 3rd gren.

As for the early pak, I think that's just habit from being hit so often by a fast LV, especially since they were holding both fuels for so long at that point. But again, I guess the PGs would also fix that problem.
19 Jun 2019, 18:24 PM
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Yeah I can understand that thought process, but a pak isnt going to add any impact for that fuel and manpower you spent, if anything just keep you hanging on.

It is dicey, cos in that situation, you need to get some worth out of a flame HT, but it could get you the fuel back.

Ive been playing mostly Ost, and slowly clawing my way back up ranks somewhat, Ive gone through sitting back and building defensive lines, but really you need to try be aggresive. Also really helps if at some points you can put a little pressure on your team mates side.
28 Jun 2019, 14:18 PM
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Good Comments Brick Top, thank you. I have been having the same struggles with OST.
28 Jun 2019, 17:37 PM
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Another thing to note is that you don't necessarily have to be super wary of light vehicles against the brits. If an AEC shows up and you don't have a pak it's not ever gonna be a serious issue like a t70 would, and even an AAHT with the new commander won't end you if you don't force it off immediately.
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