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UC Vickers-K Downgrade?

3 Feb 2019, 19:33 PM
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From Cruzz's DPS file, accurate to the previous patch.

The Vickers-K upgrade to the UC does the following:
  • Gives the UC +5 range.
  • Gives the UC a timed suppression ability.
  • Improves the UC's penetration.
  • Flips the damage profile over (the Bren UC does more damage at longer ranges)

However, it seems to be substantial damage downgrade. The UC's usually fighting at max range because a snared UC is a dead UC. But if I've understood this graph correctly, the Vickers K upgrade cuts its long-range DPS in half.

Am I missing something here, or is the Vickers upgrade a bad call if you're using the UC to inflict damage?
3 Feb 2019, 19:58 PM
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IIRC the bren gun still functions ALONG WITH the vickers K upgrade. So it's literally just a damage buff + abilities.
3 Feb 2019, 20:00 PM
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That makes sense. I'll go test it.


Confirmed: it's an additional weapon, so a flat out upgrade. That's some serious firepower too: at 20 range up it's got better anti-infantry damage than the Luchs.

Optimal range for it is about 20 metres, but below Range 35 it's got pretty flat DPS.
3 Feb 2019, 22:17 PM
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Does the UC fire out to 40 meters? Or is that just some sort of bug/oversight on that graph up there?
3 Feb 2019, 22:58 PM
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Does the UC fire out to 40 meters? Or is that just some sort of bug/oversight on that graph up there?

I'll go test it.

EDIT: The Vickers does fire at 40 range. However, the unit responds to attack commands based on the Bren gun, so if you issue it an attack or A-Move order it'll close to 35.

This is probably for a best, given the Bren provides the bulk of the unit's DPS.
4 Feb 2019, 02:29 AM
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I mean I know you tested it and have it confirmed now but just looking at it you can tell its dps is a lot greater than just the bren XD
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