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Rain of M8A1 Howitzer

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2 Jan 2019, 14:17 PM
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Tactic Name : Rain of M8A1 Howitzer
Suggested Commander : [Recon Support Company]
Advantage: M83 Cluster bomb , cheap, clean out enemy static cluster defense . Not effective for moving units cause of red smoke will alert enemies to retreat.

1.[Riflemen] > [Mortar] > [Riflemen]

2.[Unlock Bars]> Equip Riflemen with bars

3. If situation is good , [Lieutenant] and go for [MG], if bad [Ambulance], heal units at base.

4.When you have map control advantage , use [Rear Echelon] build light vehicle mines on roads , and [MG] cover frontline stragic points.

5.If situation is bad, 1 AT gun (Airdrop ability for fast deployment)for safety measure

6. [Captain] > [Major] > If enemy have lots of infantries : [M8A1] x2

Double M8A1 if you micro good enough, you can mow down clusters enemy infantries elite blob ,also ruin enemies mortar and mg emplacement and immune to enemy light artillery shots.

I must say it is very effective in this version of coh2 build, more effective than the very short range and fragile sherman. Combine your [M8A1] with your AT , riflemen with Bar and M83 Cluster Bomb you could push enemies back and ruin their defences.

7.Late game: If you cannot stop enemies produce armour units , then the last resort is [M36 Jackson] to protect your [M8A1]

Replay :
12 Jan 2019, 11:45 AM
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This is certainly good isn't it.
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