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Countering USF Mechanized?

5 Oct 2018, 02:54 AM
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Does anyone know how to counter Mechanized USF in 2v2s and 1v1s?
Iv been encountering this alot lately and I lose every time
first the usf jeep garrisoned with a riflesquad. prevents any early sniper or mg play, then they follow up with a m3 halftrack or a LT vehicle. Even if I take out a jeep, they just eject the engineer pilots inside and keep attacking. Bazzokad RE's prevent any counter with armored car, and they can put them in the m3 halftrack or jeeps and end up killing armored cars. I tried getting panzergrens with shreks,and at guns, but these at units seem to just come too late, and I cant secure any vehicle kills, and if i do they just eject.

Does anyone have a build order that best counters this commander?
5 Oct 2018, 03:05 AM
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Mobile defense (for the puma) and a pak counter pretty much all of mechanized for the midgame. You might even consider getting 2 mg42s on maps with good garrisons as that will force him to get a mortar HT that’ll be a great target for the puma later on (or just suffer without any garrison clearing for a while). Take advantage of the fact that the rifles, while they’re hard to kill in the Jeep, just don’t have as much dps in total as manpower is spent on the dodge instead. Having him attack you with vehicle crews as infantry is actually beneficial to you because they have horrible dps and weapon crew sized RAs, and are like 30 mp to reinforce, so they’ll just bleed him a lot without actually doing anything. Take advantage of this; it’s almost free manpower bleed on him if he tries to use it like a combat squad. If he goes lt he won’t have atguns so your puma and tanks should have a pretty easy time stomping his units till he gets tanks (which will be delayed by halftracks and stuff) and if he goes captain he won’t have any suppression tools, so infantry heavy play will be hard for him to deal with for the most part. I mention this because mechanized doesn’t offer anything to remedy that perennial flaw in usf’s teching; no suppression and no proper at until the 76mm sherman, and no elite infantry to help his riflemen deal with yours.
6 Oct 2018, 03:59 AM
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Mechanized is definately not that effective of a doctrine. Instead of just bleeding manpower all the time you bleed man power and fuel.
6 Oct 2018, 07:41 AM
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Lay mines EVERYWHERE. Seriously EVERYWHERE in the map. If he starts losing his mechanized units, he will eventually stay behind in the resource race and you will get tanks sooner than him.
8 Dec 2018, 22:24 PM
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Use the extended faust range bulletin, use lots of Grens, get good at knowing the range, the circle does not show the extra range so you have to know it by eye.

Faust works best when you activate it in range, it WILL go off perfectly if you do it in range, happily seeking them down as they reverse way out of range.

If you order it out of range they will tend to hopelessly keep chasing after the vehicle even if they actually get into range.

You can take a doctrine which includes infantry camo, this will give you sprint which makes it super easy to sprint into faust range, provided you get your positioning and timing right.

Consider using true sight to lay hidden gren traps so that their light vehicles blunder straight into faust range (but be ready!)

MGs and scout cars are still good tools, just support really well with Grens to give you security, and play quite defensively with them due to increased vulnerability and the fact the USA player is going to be hyper aggresive!
20 Dec 2018, 12:06 PM
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It depend on two cases:

first case: without jeep (step on it) ability and bazooka bus (2 RE with minesweeper + 4 bazooka + v1-2 HT)

For this style, as Brick Top and other said, use extended faust range and plant a lot of mines. Then it can solve the problem, or you can go mobile defense to get a better AT option.

second case: include jeep (step on it) abiliy and bazooka bus

For this one: faust range will not solve the case, since the new revamped commander just make this jeep more horrible. Combining step on it(speed bonus), road bonus, jeep with cav.rf can wipe inf. squad in secs. This need some trick to tackle it:

if you know hotkey very well, before jeep crush your troop, you can build ghost sandbag(unfinish sandbag) to block the path, then AI will choose another path, jeep will suddenly stop. Then put another one behind it, then it can wipe the jeep. You can use he match 'twistedtoosty vs refero' in propagandacast channel in youtube as reference.

For less micro one, two Grenadier a group, don't pack together or jeep can still crush your troops and exit crew. 1 squad attract the jeep, another one faust it.

For least micro, the solution is blob(of course not the blob that include loads of inf. squad, since m4 Sherman with dozer blade and HE can wipe your squads easily, dozer blade not just increase hp, but also increase the area of Sherman front, which means better on crushing inf.). all squads go in one direction. While making 2 PG with shrecks to protect tanks vs bazooka bus.

Planting mines also a good solution, but it cannot solve the problem since RE minesweeper can detect mine inside HT and jeep.

For armor engagement, pg and grenadier protect armor, don't go too far from it.

If you are OKW player, make 3 AT and cover its back, since it can invisible and have first strike bonus, usually can wipe bazooka bus in 2-3 shots.

If that player go bazooka bus again and again, that means you are winning, because he will have less veteran units.

This style require US player to play super aggressively, therefore if you can withstand the early and mid game attack, then you can win the match.

How to detect the above case

Very easy to detect, if that player use jeep crush you, not shot in long range. 80% is 2nd case

P.S: if they exit crew to attack, just attack another squad such as rf or cav.rf. Since vehicle crew has less damage. Attacking them just make the situation worse.
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