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South Orkney

19 Aug 2017, 19:14 PM
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Feedback for South Orkney
22 Aug 2017, 20:50 PM
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This map rules. The rest can suck it :p
27 Aug 2017, 18:35 PM
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I feel like the topside building cluster is a little cramped. It'd be totally manageable in a 1v1 setting, but I think in a 2v2 it's asking for problems. Widening them up or removing one or two of those buildings may be best.

I think the lefthand fuel point would work better if those train cars weren't sight blocking.

I wish the fuel points were more incorporated into the cutoff play of the map like the munitions are.

I feel like there's just a bit too many sight/shot blocking objects and buildings in the center areas. They're balanced in their arrangement, so I think there's a number of options available that should work with your intended design.

If I were to throw out arbitrary numbers I'd say to reduce the sight blockers and buildings in the center by 25% across the non-cutoff areas, OR, reduce by 33% on one half of the non-cutoff areas, split down the middle between the two player bases.
27 Aug 2017, 20:38 PM
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I feel the same about the amount of buildings the North spawn has to deal with in the center (center!!). Considering the infiltration call in infantry for almost every faction, this also becomes troublesome.

I like what has been done with the train cars and that infantry can simply walk over them (those at the central vp for example). Great job!

I agree with ZombiFrancis on the fact that there are too many sight/shot blocking objects and buildings in the center areas. Further more, the Garrisons and shotblockers in the middle provide perfect cover for any kind of heavy emplacement spam, since they protect those with their multiple layers of sight/shot blocking. This is a problem I encountered on this map (myself abusing sim city).

I agree with the left side fuel and the sight blocking train carts.

I would also like to note that I myself and a couple of other players succeeded in base pinning opponents after we pushed back an attack (works with all mgs, but best with Brit extended range bonuses). The problem is the 4 buildings directly covering almost all of the South base entrances (see picture below). The North side doesn't have this problem since there is only one building that directly covers the Eastern base entrance. I don't count it though, since it is coverd by the base mgs.

3 clustered Southern base pin buildings

4th Southern base pin building

The North side doesn't have this problem and only has this one house covering the entrances, which is itself covered by a base mg (see the picture below)

Only northern building covering base entrances (covered itself by base mgs)

If you don't want to remove these Southern buildings or alter them, you could for example create a simple pathway through the bushes and trees on the western side near the base entrance. See the picture below.

Alternate base entrance pathing to avoid base pin.

Other than this, I like it! Looks good!

Bonus pictures (overdone situation to emphasize the point about the Garrisons)

These three cover basically 3/4 of the entrances

This roof positioned mg can cover all angles as well. Don't know if the attempt at shotblockers tried to resolve this?

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