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Site downtime July 26-28

28 Jul 2016, 15:44 PM
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Sorry everyone for the site being down the last couple of days. We were getting a bunch of 504 errors. A server reboot brought it back for a short time but then they happened again. We've been working w the server company to try to figure out if it was a software or a hardware issue. In the end we've done a full back-up and OS re-install (all thanks to Seb <444>3). Hopefully that will fix things. I'm still not sure if we know what the problem was in the first place. Maybe Seb can fill in some more details.

Thanks for your patience and welcome back!! :D

long live coh2.org B-)
28 Jul 2016, 15:46 PM
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You seem to have overburned from the sun Ami.
28 Jul 2016, 15:52 PM
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28 Jul 2016, 15:55 PM
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:) I had allready nostalgia for coh2.org

Finally we are online again :clap:
28 Jul 2016, 16:05 PM
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Thanks Seb and Ami for bringing coh2 back!
28 Jul 2016, 16:20 PM
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Seb explain what happened to the common ppl Kappa!
Ppl said was a DDOS attck MVGame
28 Jul 2016, 16:22 PM
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Relic tried to take down the site. The cries for balance were threatening to interfere with their USF sales :bananadance:
28 Jul 2016, 16:40 PM
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Kyle trolling on COH2.org downtime. :lolol: Still waiting on that mortar fix Relic....
Only Relic postRelic 28 Jul 2016, 16:44 PM
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Kyle trolling on COH2.org downtime. :lolol: Still waiting on that mortar fix Relic....

Its coming today! Totally worth the wait too.
28 Jul 2016, 16:48 PM
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"fixed it quicker than you can fix your bugs"

28 Jul 2016, 17:09 PM
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Do us a favor relic. And fire your coder and balance designer. Hell even your HR staff. Because none of them have a remote clue of what they are doing..

This is a customer review. Not a threat or harassment. So I don't see anyou wrong doing in this post... just sayin..
28 Jul 2016, 17:23 PM
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"fixed it quicker than you can fix your bugs"


28 Jul 2016, 17:43 PM
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Thanks Ami thanks Seb :)
28 Jul 2016, 17:45 PM
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Hip hip hooooray coh2.ORG in on.

thank you seb for fixing it. I almost died without coh2.org
28 Jul 2016, 17:45 PM
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I suddenly realised how often I use the coh2.org bookmark :snfAmi:
28 Jul 2016, 17:58 PM
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28 Jul 2016, 18:50 PM
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Who is Seb?

Seb is the man.


COH1 1v1 & 2v2 tourney winner, and he coded this website from scratch.
28 Jul 2016, 19:01 PM
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You're welcome guys, I actually just wanted to make sure addicted members had a chance to get away from the site for a few days! I'm pretty sure it did good to everyone.

More seriously, those 2 days were not fun. Tons of work to kinda just get back to square one after what I believe (I'm sure) was a disastrous update that I did in the hope of solving the original issue. We went through it though and no data was lost (that we know) which was the main concern. We're talking around 40GB, you guys upload a lot of replays and post a lot of shouts!

The original issue could be related to so many things, an unreliable program that we use, hardware but mostly not, bad configuration probably, and the server being overloaded could also be an option. Regarding that last point I don't think we actually got DDOSed but I believe it could have a similar effect if it were to happen. Not 2 days straight, that was really just the time it took to investigate and move data around, but some service outage because of it, like the original issue.

We didn't want this to happen and we didn't plan for it. It's no guaranteed that it's all fixed either, though I did have to review the whole thing and do a clean OS install in the process which might help.

Please let us know if there is anything still not working (compared to before). What we know already:
  • mumble (not yet reinstalled)
  • livestream list (bug to fix)

Who is Seb?

The one crashing the site so that he can then fix it and get all the praise!
28 Jul 2016, 19:10 PM
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:welcome: back coh2.org :D

:clap::clap::clap: to the admins!
28 Jul 2016, 19:16 PM
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Amazing how you guys are still working on this site, I'm sure that if coh2.org didn't exist company of heroes 2 would be in a much worse state.
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