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Suggestion on Retreat!

19 Jan 2016, 13:52 PM
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Can we add like 10 MP cost for unit retreat? Then owner of rifle/shreck blob who needs to retreat his blob need to pay extra MP for it. Good player won't do mass retreat anyway.
19 Jan 2016, 13:54 PM
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Mass retreat=losing map control, unless you play OKW or USF(late game here).

The idea is bad and you should feel bad.
19 Jan 2016, 13:57 PM
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I'd say that cost can be adjusted.
19 Jan 2016, 13:59 PM
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No thanks.
19 Jan 2016, 13:59 PM
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Maybe now I should feel good not bad.
19 Jan 2016, 14:55 PM
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i think mp cost would be too much
i suggest a speed debuff
-injured squads need to heal/restock anyway
- blobs are slowed down an can be hit by *stuff*

but all offmap arty needs to be banned in base sector otherwise 50kg bomb will be insanly op
19 Jan 2016, 15:19 PM
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How is 10 MP per squad is too much? You retreat them to reinforce, the cheapest reinforce price AFAIK is 15 MP for 1 soldier and I ask for 10 MP per squad
19 Jan 2016, 15:37 PM
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Blob mass retreating to FRP is a problem, but it isn't way how it should be fixed. Retreat is a core mechanic and shouldn't be touched.
19 Jan 2016, 15:40 PM
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There is already plenty of tools to handle Blobs, what is your problem ?

Why is this thread in Balance section ?
19 Jan 2016, 15:41 PM
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Losing territory is the punishment for mass-retreat... why do you want to add extra manpower cost to something that is already a bad tactical step?

I would rather add -50% reduced dmg against explosives for retreating units in order to compensate for the horrible retreating paths.
19 Jan 2016, 16:17 PM
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19 Jan 2016, 16:46 PM
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1- It should be moved to gameplay (no power here)
2- Idea is bad and you should feel bad (\/) (°,,,°) (\/)
There's no difference between retreating 5 squads at once, or retreating five 1 by 1.
19 Jan 2016, 17:05 PM
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The idea does not do what you think it does, it just punishes players for fielding armies of infantry. Blobbers still gonna blob.
19 Jan 2016, 17:11 PM
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Terrible idea, it would ruin infantry play.

20-25% Of the games is full of units retreating from a fight to repeat the cycle again and again. Not only would it be counter-productive to stop blobbing. This also will lead to less possible strategies since some of them are manpower-based strategies.
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