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COH Steam gonna get fixed?

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11 Oct 2013, 11:46 AM
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Noun; how is the update with coh1 going ??
11 Oct 2013, 14:09 PM
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Im with every faction lvl20 now. Seems as they did reset the ladder
11 Oct 2013, 15:36 PM
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I played a couple of games last night. Haven't played in maybe 2 weeks. It seemed laggier than normal.
11 Oct 2013, 21:07 PM
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Hi Noun, first of all thanks for your time and you interest of tracking the new issues and old ones, hope that finally will be fixed soon. Here is a new thing after the week's patch, while playing with a friend in a hosted match the game starts to lag. Both as we discussed we find out that we had received warning that the opponent lags so to kick him out we did not so we both lost connection and seemed like my friend dropped but he did not. All this while we chatting through steam!!! So no internet connection problem. I think something is going on with NAT maybe???Or connection problem with server, this was never before the patch. We played 4 games the two of them did not finish, as someone else mention above something about routers I have worries about mine or my friends, this thing was not before the patch. I'm pretty unable to play a whole match! Please take care of this.

This is not NEW..., it happens all the time randomly. 2-3 Month ago 90% of all 2v2+ games were just unplayable. Then it got better for some reason. Then again 3 weeks ago i tried to launch 1v1 automatch - and 8 games in a row ended such way as u mentioned...
12 Oct 2013, 17:41 PM
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can Relic just shut down COH1??

coh1 is a lot better than coh 2
i want a coh1 leadder!!!
12 Oct 2013, 21:47 PM
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i've bought coh,of,tov,coh2.
in my opinion coh2 is a good game,but vcoh is still the baws.
pls dont let it die.
btw.im lvl.15.
13 Oct 2013, 17:28 PM
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I think a really serious Problems are the fucked up ranks!

Sorry to say that, but even skirmish-ranking does not work without issues! Leveling takes a bunch of time more than in Quazal CoH plus the Leaderboards are still filled with Drophackers!
13 Oct 2013, 19:32 PM
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i think coh online "relaunch" might be better than coh 1 steam patches
please set it up again
i would pay for it ;)
13 Oct 2013, 20:10 PM
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I didnt play coho, but from what i saw in videos it was hardly something you would call "balanced"
14 Oct 2013, 06:23 AM
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i´d play Coh1 for Years, coh2 only for weeks.
Please relaunch coh1 (I mean make it playable like before, with stats, at games, and like it was before)and improve it, so that cheats doesnt works anymore.

Coh-online was fine, but coh2 sucks really, i dont mean the "pay to win" you managed with the game (in my opinion, the commanders are just the beginning), i mean the gameplay, no lobby, no real ranking system, no at games like before (with team stats). I mean the winter thing is nice to play if you want it, but most time i dont want to play on a winter map.

As long as both games are the way like they are now, relic will use me as a customer - ok, i have already payed for the games, so i think they doesnt realy care :-(

If coh1 would be playable like before, i am sure i would pay for the game support.
Good bye Coh, was a nice time
14 Oct 2013, 09:52 AM
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Just for the rest of the day can you only post new issues that have appeared since the patch this week?

Right now, for the rest of the day, that is all I care about. Because if these aren't reported by the end of the day they may never be fixed.

Any other issues, and we know there are other issues which we plan on fixing in the future, can wait until tomorrow.


waiting literally forever to get a match...if I pick an army or if I pick random...
16 Oct 2013, 00:30 AM
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hey guys ... thx for care about coh 1 .... awesome game ... would be sad if it keeps like now ...hehe ps: that everyone looks like a 2v2 britplayer ... hmm hope u can change this ... so cya .... holy words ... gl hf :D
16 Oct 2013, 12:55 PM
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Noun; how is the update with coh1 going ??

Hello?? Som uppdate would be nice, cheers
16 Oct 2013, 22:05 PM
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You want an update? Here you go:

Ladies, pls contain your orgasms, this is our last patch for company of heroes. (New Steam Version) :)

quoted from the community hub of company of heroes steam. Seems this is meant as a joke, though i don´t think its funny, since alot of people are complaining about the patch.
16 Oct 2013, 22:33 PM
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You should quote the smiley too...
16 Oct 2013, 23:11 PM
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its a troll from cohexpertssss, not a relic employee. (ascientologist, blacknegropete or whatever he goes by)
17 Oct 2013, 10:49 AM
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Sorry for my Bad English...its a Long time ago.


I must try to write it down:


Relic/Sega, why is CoH 1 so so so bad on Steam???

CoH 1 was a very good Game, one of the best Games for me. Now it is Worts, Terrible, Ugly!

Hello? Why? Why? Why!!! How can it be?

Give me back the CoH 1 bevor it came on Steam!


Give me back the CoH 1 bevor it came on Steam!

Its a Great Work to Destroy a good Game an make this Dump.

Fix it, Patch it!

17 Oct 2013, 19:39 PM
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Some sort of news update would look professional.
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