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Tired of this guy's sync error and ladder climb

1 Jul 2024, 22:37 PM
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I have emailed relic about it, nothing happened. This guy keeps farming wins using sync error. I have myself seen my streak go -1. Can I please have some help on other peeps report?
2 Jul 2024, 14:26 PM
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Forget about it, Relic doesn't moderate this game anymore. All Email reports are completely ignored.

Like I said before, Relic stopped banning people in CoH2 entirely. You can imagine the [CoH2] e-mail reports like a piece of paper that goes from the printer straight into the trash bin
2 Jul 2024, 17:38 PM
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Yes, the geniuses at Relic want Coh to fail as a whole. They are tired of making games and want to trans into being human centipedes.

They want everyone to move to Coh3. But Coh3 is Anal Gravy. So people are still on Coh2 until Coh3 gets good. But Relic is not smart enough to see the situation as it is. They have no observational skills at all about their own games. Rather than keeping Coh2 alive as they get Coh3 fixed, they have opted to just piss people off and have them leave the game entirely.

Relic has the worst management of all time. Complete morons at the helm.

The top people got let go a year ago. They still suck. Wasnt them.
Sega said "Get f**ked" and split. They still suck. Wasnt them.
More people got let go. They still suck. Wasnt them.

It is clear, they have to close the doors before they get to the core of their management issues.

Somehow the people that DONT suck, have all been let go.
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