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Interactivity Stage tool

20 Nov 2013, 09:59 AM
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I have no idea what this tool is supposed to do.. it can paint the map in different colors, but what do they mean? :D
20 Nov 2013, 11:50 AM
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It creates unplayable area. For example the curved mapedge on Rostov is created with this tool
20 Nov 2013, 19:00 PM
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Yeah, but what interactivity stage is required for "unplayable" and what for "call-in area"? Is there a difference?
20 Nov 2013, 19:11 PM
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interactivity stage 0 is the usual playable area... interactivity stage 50 is the area surrounding the core playable area. In an area painted with stage 50 you will not be able to give moveorders, but units may enter this area for off-map retreat or when they appear from off-map.
20 Nov 2013, 19:54 PM
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Aha ok, thank you! :) So everything outside the core area must be painted with stage 50.
21 Nov 2013, 16:40 PM
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Generally the full capabilities of this tool are demonstrated in single-player (campaign) missions, in which different interactivity stages (map boundaries) are set, and released after, for example, an objective or goal has been completed. They can be referenced, as well as activated/deactivated at will, in SCAR scripts. Example World Builder image of the first campaign mission (using the interactivity tool to reveal the interactivity stage passes):

Hope this helped. Cheers! :)


EDIT: It seems that Relic uses the World_IncreaseInteractionStage() function to modify the interactivity (=interaction) stages. I will test this in a real-world mission scenario in-game once we get that option in a future patch.
21 Nov 2013, 19:02 PM
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Wow nice!

I hope we'll get more readily-available info on this, and other not-so-obvious things, some time ;)
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