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24 Aug 2021, 20:09 PM
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Make it so that after you call in the pakhowie with an airborne squad the first time airborne can be called as a solo option or simply built at barracks. This commander would have a lot more potential then so you can replace airborne squad if its lost or train more late game if officer or riflemen get wiped. Its pretty expensive to use just to get more paras late game or other circumstances when you just dont want or cant afford mp or pop or munition wise another pak howie but waste rss on it anyway just to get more airborne squads.
24 Aug 2021, 20:51 PM
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The call in should have been replaced by a single paradropped squad long ago
24 Aug 2021, 21:16 PM
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I thought this doc was deliberately designed to facilitate a double para, double pack howie build?
26 Aug 2021, 15:55 PM
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IMHO Recon Support is very viable choice for USF in 1v1 or 2v2.
Especially because of that pak howi. if you think about it, that drop is very cost-effective.

Yeah I get it that sometimes player wants only para, but then the commander won't be much different from airborne. Rather a pure better choice over it.
31 Aug 2021, 08:33 AM
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The combo package makes it kind of useless late game where team games usually end up.

Its great early but late game, you're wasting resources on a pack howie you probably don't need. Especially when you just need an elite infantry squad to replace the one you lost (playing in a long game).

Perhaps add Airborne as a buildable option on the HQ after the first call-in?
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