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6 Sep 2020, 00:01 AM
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Just started 3v3/4v4 (with friends), what is the actual meta and good strategies of the moment as axis ?

thank you.
3 Aug 2021, 23:09 PM
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heres a solid 4v4, 3v3 strat....just play 2v2 and thank me later.
4 Aug 2021, 00:30 AM
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Cover your faction weaknesses. Get good rocket arty, get some good offmap to counter on map arty, get recon, your own arty. Then you can play as you like more or less. Skill can carry pretty far.

Then there's the same toxic meta BS that plagues all teamgames. Bunkers, snipers, axis heavy spam etc.
4 Aug 2021, 01:38 AM
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Just some general tips for lower skill brackets:

Don't fight outnumbered (and you will be outnumbered very often by ppl doubling on you). You'll just bleed horribly even behind cover.

You have more muni available than the smaller modes per area of the map, so use them for mines aggressively.

Blobs. You will learn to get used to them and MGs will not be enough unless the opponents are pretty bad. USF one is obnoxious but penals will try very hard to wipe squads early on and they have the firepower to do it. Pzfusilier blob OP.

Clown car shows up extremely often vs OKW in 3v3 so watch your squads' health. They'll try to wipe them on retreat if they can.

If 2 OKW on the same side, then one gets BGroup and the other gets Mech. Never double up the same tech as opponents will punish you for it. Having both is just too powerful overall and complement each other. Maybe an exception for ultra heavy urban maps like Ettelbruck, which needs a lot of ISGs.

Double JP4 is not only more viable but very effective in larger modes.

Elefant doc is a must have for OST or you'll be crushed by Allied TDs.

LEFH doc to deal with heavy light arty spam and overall defeats ML-20s. Has a decent chance to take out Katys, which will be your no.1 arty issue.

(OST) STUKA BOMB + recon

Double Obers is very viable and sends ppl running at vet II+

Don't get schreck pzgrens, bleeds too hard.

4v4 will almost always devolve into arty spam and you'll need to find a way to deal with SPG spam.

Suggested map vetoes:
Lorch Assault (Noob trap with the 5 VPs)
Vielsam is Allied LV heaven so ban it
General Axis, just joking.

TL;DR Adapt to your enemy and the changing game, things will change much more quickly than 1v1 imho. A massive flank can end you and you will struggle to recover from 1/2 your army gone.
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